It's not fair.

It's not fair that Kanan found her first.

It's not fair that their child is so special.

It's not fair that Michael took her.

She doesn't deserve it.

She's too good to have to go through this.

She never did anything wrong.


Why did he take her?

Why didn't I stay with her?

Why did she pick Kanan?

Why didn't I tell her how much I love her?

I won't.

I won't stop until I find her.

I won't let this be the end.

I won't let her die.

Her walk is filled with grace.

Her life is filled with love.

Her smile is filled with joy.

Her words are filled with kindness.

Her eyes are filled with beauty.

I can't.

I can't let myself think that this is the end.

I can't leave her out there.

I can't live without her.