Summary: Hinata was disowned by her father. She is given away to the Uchiha family, where her whole life is changed. Instead of sorrow and hurt, it is replaced with kindness and love.

Fugaku, Itachi and Sasuke's father, led Hinata to their house. The small 6 year old girl followed obediently and silently. The Uchiha boys were already asleep, seeing as it was dark, at midnight. Mikoto had walked out of the living room to greet them. She received word that the Hyuuga heir was disowned and given to them. Fugaku whispered some words in Mikoto's ear and headed to bed. Mikoto walked toward Hinata and smiled at her. It seemed as if Hinata was crying her eyes out, they were all red. "Let's get you to bed, okay Hinata?" Mikoto told Hinata.

Hinata only nodded and followed Mikoto. She held her hand and took her to an extra bedroom, which would now be hers. Mikoto helped her into bed and covered the blanket, just like she did for Sasuke. A quick while after, the precious little Hinata was sound asleep.

Hinata awoke from sleep, eyes at the ceiling. She looked around at her surroundings. She sat upward; these walls were not familiar to her. A short while after, a painful memory came to her. What happened last night. She was abandoned by her father and given to the Uchihas. Filled with deep sadness, she sunk herself in bed again. Hinata knew why her father did not want her; she was weak and not fitting for the Hyuuga heir. Her eyes started to water as she thought more about it. Very soon, she cried, with her arms crossed on top of her legs. Her muffled tears were able to be heard through the door.

As she continued crying, thinking about the horrible truth, she came to the conclusion that she was worthless.

Sasuke Uchiha could hear her muffled tears coming from her room. He had not yet known that she would be living with them. With curiosity, he followed the muffled sounds toward Hinata's room. Pressing his ears onto the door, he could tell that it was a girl. His hand reached for the doorknob, and he opened the door.

The door opened wide, swiftly and silently. Sasuke saw a small girl crying with her head buried in her hand. Now Sasuke was extremely curious. Why was this girl here? Why is she in the house? Who let her in? Did she break in? Who was she? Questions ran through his head. However, he really wanted to know… Why she was crying? Sasuke walked closer toward the bed.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Instantly, Sasuke turned around to see his mother.

"O-kaa-san… Why is she—"

Sasuke, please go downstairs. Breakfast is ready." Mikoto smiled, interrupting him.

Hinata jerked up when she had first heard Sasuke's voice. Questions formed in her head as well. Why is this boy here? Who is he? Is he her son? That's probably why he called her Okaasan. She thought to herself. Why is he in here?

Sasuke wanted to stay longer, but he obeyed his mothers orders. "Hai, Okaasan." He nodded. His eyes glanced at Hinata with curiosity. He turned around and left the room, running toward his older brother, Itachi, to tell him of the girl. Maybe Itachi knows who he is.

Mikoto walked toward Hinata and sat on her bed. Hinata's bright lavender eyes stared back at her. She looked so innocent. Mikoto felt sorry for this poor girl. She didn't deserve to be abandoned.

"Hinata…" Mikoto started. Her eyes looked at Hinata in sorrow. "How are you doing?"

Hinata's six year old self looked back at her innocently. Tears formed once again as they did before.

Mikoto's arms opened up to comfort her. She embraced Hinata in a hug. Hinata only continued to cry.

Mikoto did not know how to help this poor girl. She didn't know how to make her feel better. She let Hinata go and her hands held Hinata's shoulders. "Hinata…" she gave a small smile. "I want you to think of us as your new family."

Hinata's head lifted up. They... they're accepting me.. just like that... she thought.

Mikoto continued, "All of us.. I want you to think of all of us as your family. Sasuke and Itachi, and me and my husband. You'll have two brothers.. and us.. a mother and father. Is that ... okay?"

Hinata looked back at her. "But, what about.. my real father." she said slowly. Once she started talking about him, tears formed in her eyes once again.

Mikoto did not know the answer to this. She didn't want Hinata to forget about her father, but she was always hurt by him. "I think.. it is best if you do not think about him since.. it hurts for you to think about him."

Hinata's tears stopped. She nodded. The two once again hugged.In Mikoto's hands, Hinata looked up toward her face. "Does that mean.. I call you Okaasan also.."

Mikoto's lips formed a smile and she nodded. Hinata gave her a smile back. "So.. lets go downstairs to get some breakfast.. okay?"

Hinata nodded, happily now. She held Mikoto's hand and walked downstairs.

Sasuke was discussing about Hinata with Itachi. "But Oniisan. I saw a girl in the room."

"Hai hai. Okaasan will probably tell you more about her when she comes down." Itachi responded calmly. He could really care less about her , and Sasuke was irritating him.

Sasuke sighed. His brother never told him anything and could care less about Sasuke's needs.

At that moment, Mikoto came down with Hinata hiding behind her. Hinata was quite nervous to meet.. new people. Although the two brothers did catch her attention. Sasuke because he looked like he was the same age as her and that he came into the room a moment ago. And Itachi because he was dark and mysterious. He would become like an older brother figure.

Mikoto went to the kitchen, where the two brothers were. Hinata was hiding behind her legs, and she poked her head out a little, still a little nervous.

Sasuke stared back at her. That's her... he thought. He tugged on Itachi and whispered to him, "Oniisan, oniisan, thats her.. thats the girl I saw."

Itachi only looked back at him and nodded. He didn't even give a smile. His eyes darted to Mikoto, waiting for her to speak.

"Boys" Mikoto spoke, as she gently pulled Hinata out of hiding. "This is Hinata. She's the same age as Sasuke, six." She paused, "And.. she'll be living here from now on. So I want you boys to think of her as a little sister. Okay? Understand?" Mikoto let out a smile as she finished speaking. "Itachi, Sasuke... Okay?"

"Hai." Sasuke said as he continued looking at Hinata. Itachi nodded in response also.

Mikoto nodded back. "So, breakfast then..." The boys went to their seats as Hinata stood there. "Oh! Hinata.. you can sit right here next to Sasuke." Hinata nodded and headed over. She nervously seated herself.

The boys ate and Hinata also slowly ate. She sometimes glanced over to the two boys. It was extremely quiet.

After they finished, Itachi left the house. Sasuke was going out also, to train as usual. Hinata stood there, she didn't know where to go, she was new after all. Mikoto stopped him, "Sasuke..." she called out. "Why don't you and Hinata train together?"

Sasuke stopped and turned to Hinata. "Do you know how to fight?"

Mikoto looked at the interaction between the two. Hinata should know how to fight, she's was raised in the Hyuuga clan after all. she thought.

Hinata nodded, "I.. um.. I know some.."

Sasuke smiled, "Alright. Then I'll fight you. Okay?"

She was surprised. Fight me.. He wants to fight me?

Mikoto knew Hinata was nervous. "Sasuke, go easy okay? Don't go crazy with fighting like you usually do."

Sasuke chuckled, "Hai." he motioned for Hinata to come. "Come on Hinata."

Sasuke and Hinata went to the training fields.

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