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Itachi's eyes gazed on Hinata. He was unsure on what to do. He was never great on comforting little kids though

Hinata stood where she was rubbing a few of her tears away from her face. "Come here." Itachi told her, this time with care in his voice. He had decided to try and calm the little one down.

Hinata shuffled her feet toward Itachi who carried her up onto his seat. Now that Hinata was sitting on him, her crying settled a bit. "What was your bad dream about?" he asked her sincerely, looking at her wet eyes.

"I... w-was b-back .. at my old.. h-home. And-" Hinata sniffled. Itachi took his free hand to take a tissue near him and wip her eyes. Another tissue was given to her and she blew her nose. Hinata sniffled in between words. "... f-father was t-telling me that I-I was n-no u-use to the c-clan. T-then, I was s-sent here, b-but you guys didn't want me either a-after a while. E-everyone was t-telling me I-I was u-useless a-and I had no where to go."

"It's okay, its okay." Itachi said. He patted her back gently. Itachi really had no idea that this was really the life of this little girl. However, he didn't know if her dream was really a dream. After all, she came out of nowhere and became part of the family. It was a possibility that she was abandoned but he decided not to ask her about it, for it would have upset her further.

"Don't worry now, okay? It's a bad dream, stop crying. I know for sure that Okaa-san and Otou-san love having you here as a part of the family. If they took you in, why would they give you away again? It won't happen." Itachi assured her.

"I d-don't know." Hinata sniffed, her head rested on Itachi's chest.

Itachi sighed, "I'll tell you what. If you're that upset, you can come sleep with me. Alright?"

Her eyes brightened as if everything was better. "O-okay" She was then lifted off of Itachi and onto the floor.

"Come on. Follow." Itachi led her to his room. The little girl crawled into his bed. By her small size, she took little room, definitely enough for Itachi. "I'm going to brush by teeth, then I'll come back. Okay?"

Hinata happily muttered an 'okay' and mad herself comfortable in his bed. Itachi walked out to the bathroom. He took his toothbrush and applied toothpaste. He started to brush his teeth. I can't believe that this girl can get through to me. After he finished, he walked back to his room. Noticing that Hinata looked asleep, he lifted the covers and slept alongside her.

"Itachi?" she said softly.

"Hn?" he replied. So she's not asleep yet.

"Thank you." A smile formed on her mouth and she slowly fell back asleep.

The sun flashed through the windows on to the delicate girls face. Her eyes opened slowly and she blinked a few times to help her awake. She noticed her surroundings were different once again. Changing houses was difficult to keep in mind and now she was in a different room altogether.

A knock was heard behind the door. "Hinata?" a voice called out. The door soon opened, revealing Mikoto as she came in.

"Good morning." she greeted. Hinata shifted herself in bed so she was no sitting.

"Good morning, Hinata. Itachi explained to me what happened so don't worry, I know why you're here. Now I want you to wash up. I let you sleep in already." Mikoto hurried her off the bed.

"Hai" Hinata obeyed and the little girl rushed to the bathroom to get ready.


"Nii-san. Today is the day." Sasuke excitedly told him. They were each in their seats with plates of breakfast in front of them.

Itachi turned toward him, unsure of what exactly he meant. "Hm?" he questioned.

Sasuke frowned. "You forgot! It's the day of the festival. We're all going, right?"

Itachi nodded, now understanding. "I'll accompany you all." he said and began eating breakfast.

Hinata rushed down the stairs just in time to hear about them going somewhere. As she saw them, she asked "Where are you all going?" She didn't like being left out.

"We're all going, Hinata. Including you." Mikoto said, noticing her worries. Immedietly, she perked up, smiling.

It's the day of the festival. " Fugaku stated. Hinata took her seat next to Sasuke and began eating.

"What kind of festival?" she asked wondering.

"It's a festival with lots of games and prizes!" Sasuke shouted out. Without doubt, the little boy was eager to go. Hinata's face beamed with happiness.

"It sounds like.. lots of fun!" she said smiling. How much happier can Hinata get?

"It is, Hinata." Mikoto informed her. "We'll be leaving later to go there. I've also bought a very pretty kimono for you Hinata. It's a shade of light purple with beautiful flowers on it.

She turned to her two sons. "You both also have great looking clothes to wear for the festival also. We're all going to wear something special." You could tell that she was happy to attend the festival with her family. "Now finish eating. I want to show you what you'll be wearing and then you guys can go play, alright?"

An 'okay' was heard from Sasuke and Hinata. Itachi nodded in compliance. They finished eating quickly, eager to go to the festival.

When they were done, Mikoto brought them to the living room and brought out their clothes. It was laid out in front of them.

"It's beautiful!" Hinata cried out. "Thank you!" A hug was immedietly brought upon Mikoto who was glad to see her smiling.

Sasuke had a robe to wear to the festival. It had different shades of blue with a design of a dragon on the upper right. As for Itachi, it consisted of a black robe also with a design of a dragon, however still different, which suited him.

"I like mine too Okaa-san!" Sasuke said, smiling.

"As do I." Itachi said. Each of their responces to Mikoto brought a smile upon her face. She enjoyed the joy of her kids.

"Okay. Then you guys get dressed and we'll check out the festival. There will be lots of games to play, prizes to win, and things to buy." Mikoto said, informing them happily.

The three kids went into their rooms to get dressed, Sasuke and Hinata, however, received help butting the outfits on because they were only six. They were brought together once again to the living room, each now wearing their new outfits. Hinata had nervously came down, unsure if the pretty purple kimono would look good on here. She was always afraid of the reactions that they would show.

"Um. How do I look?" Hinata asked softly, figeting with the kimono with her hand. She recieved their attention quite quickly.

Sasuke noticed her even as she came in. "You look great, Hinata! Amazing." he told her truthfully. He had a huge smile on his face.

Hinata perked up, and her face lit up. "R-really?" She turned to Itachi for a responce, who nodded at her having a smile on his face as well, barely visible. "T-thank you." she said, believing them.

Mikoto was happy, watching their little moment. "Alright, lets go." She held Sasuke's and Hinata's hands walking throught the exit. Fugaku and Itachi walked together.


The streets were crowded, filled with people, items, and lots of games. The items were beautiful, most of them to decorate houses. Everything stood out.

"Alright, you kids can go play some games. Itachi's in charge, so listen to him, okay? He's the oldest. Itachi, you take care of Sasuke and Hinata, don't get lost and don't fight with each other. Right now, its 10:00 am. We'll meet up at 1:00 pm at this gate. Okay?" Mikoto informed each of them.

Itachi took responsibility for the two and agreed.

"Nii-san, lets go play that game." Sasuke said, urging Itachi to go to that certain place. He was poionting at a game which involved water guns, a clown, and a balloon.

"Alright." Itachi agreed. Hinata followed the two boys to the 'shooting water game.' He paid the man for a shot of one game.

"Hinata, you go first. Come, sit here and aim for the mouth. If you get it, the balloon on the top of the clown will pop and you'll get a prize." Sasuke was excited, leading Hinata to the seat.

"Okay." Hinata was aslo excited to play the 'shooting water game' but still nervous. She followed what Sasuke said and aimed for the mouth. Her hands shook however and it was not a success.

Sasuke frowned but cheered up thinking of an idea. "It's okay, Hinata, it was your first time. Here, I'll win you a prize, okay?" Hinata nodded, agreeing happily. Once again Itachi paid the man for another try at the game. Sasuke took Hinata's seat and started. At first he didn't hit the target but as seconds passed, it hit. Moments later, a loud pop was heard and the man clapped his hands.

"We have a winner!" the man said, "What would you like, little guy?"

Sasuke went over to Hinata, "Go ahead, Hinata. Pick any one you like." She happily smiled looking at all the prizes, all of them were quite little.

She pointed to a teddy bear, "That one.", she told Sasuke. Sasuke nodded and told the man. After recieving the bear, he gave it to Hinata.

"Here you go, Hinata." Sasuke said. Hinata took the bear and gave Sasuke a hug. A 'thank you' was heard from her. Itachi watched them and a faint smile was on his face. "Come on, lets look at the other games. Then you'll get a lot more prizes, Hinata."

"O-okay!" Hinata said, happily agreeing. Sasuke led her around to many other different games to play, each of which Hinata received a prize, either from Sasuke or by herself. There was throwing a ball to knock out the pins on the shelf, ring toss, bobbing for apples and more. Itachi, of course, tagged along them and paid. Now, however, they ran out of money for games and it was close to 1:00 pm.

"Hinata, Sasuke. It's time to meet Okaasan and Otousan now." Itachi said, catching their attention. Both agreed as they walked to the main gate.

Hinata walked alongside Itachi, holding his hand as Sasuke took the other. By a glance, Hinata was able to see him. Her expression changed altogether and fear and sadness was in her eyes. Her grip on Itachi tightened. Itachi looked down to see the girl and followed her eyes to see a man. A stern man who struck terror in people. A memory came back to him.

Itachi told his mother about Hinata's dream when she had awoken. Mikoto's face showed sorrow and saddness. Instantly, Itachi knew that half of Hinata's dream was true, pure true. The pain of the girl came to be because of her father.

"She was abandoned by her father. The day you met her, she was in tears, thinking of her father brought her to tears. Thats why I wanted her to think of her as our family, so she'd forget him, so she'd be in less pain. You know, with a little girl like her, she should be happy, playing, picking flowers, you know, having fun. But she can't, not with him." Mikoto felt sorry for the girl, her face showed it all.

Itachi sat on the chair, taking all the information at once. It was true however, she did not deserve all this pain.

"Itachi. I want you to protect her from this pain, when you can. Keep her away from him."

Itachi's grip on Hinata tightened as well. In an instant, he knew that the man was her father. "Come on, lets go the other way."

Sasuke became confused, "But this way is shorter, wh-"

"We're going this way. Thats that." Itachi said in a commanding voice. Sasuke did not speak again. Hinata, however was relieved.

They arrived at the main gate, meeting with Mikoto and Fugaku who took them to somewhere to eat.

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