Authors' Note: A quick note before we begin. The chapters in this series are presented in the rough chronological order of events as they occured after Ranma's death. As this is a collectively written series, despite our best efforts, some contradictions may still be evident. Additionally, any chapter that has an uncredited author was written by 4cw6, as this was his series when it began, but grew to be a collaborative effort as time goes on.

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RANMA 2096

Written by the Disciples of the Anything Goes School

of Indiscriminate Fanfic Writing

based on "Ranma 1/2" created by Rumiko Takahashi

and a fanfic by C. Michael Schumacher

Series created by 4cw6


By Erin Mills


"The vengance of Heaven is slow but sure..."

--Tatewaki Kunou, Global Saviour


Excerpted from The Jusenkyo Tapestry: Hot Ghosts, Cold Water, and the Truth About the Invasion of Japan by Dr. Skeride Gosunkugi and C.A. Jansen, M.A., University of Tokyo Press, 2102


In the last six years, there have been many theories and rumors about what prompted the invasion of Japan by the now extinct members of the Musk Dynasty in the winter of 2096. Most of these theories cite dissatifaction with the worldview propogated by the Kunou Foundation through most of the 21st Century. Others cite economic factors, or political pressure.

While these are all factors which commonly are the cause of warfare between nations, the Musk Invasion was prompted by something much more personal and much more sinister. In fact, the seeds for the invasion were planted over a century ago in the fall of 1996, and those seeds eventually blossomed into what has become known as the Second Coming of the Global Saviour as well as the realization that the supernatural DOES exist, even if the majority of the human race cannot perceive it.

Many people are familiar with the so called "ripple effect." The idea that one small event can lead to larger and larger events further down the timeline. Many science fiction stories involving time travel largely deal with this concept.

In the case of the Musk Invasion, the inciting incident had to do, ironically enough, with the place where they ultimately met their end.

The legendary Jusenkyo Training Ground of Accursed Springs located in the mountains of China.

According to legend, something or someone drowned at each of the over 100 springs at Jusenkyo. The nature of the training ground is that if anyone falls into one of the springs, they will be cursed to change into the form of whatever may have drowned there, be it human or animal.

The only known permanent cure for a Jusenkyo curse is to douse oneself in a spring matching one's natural form. A temproary cure can be found in the most simple of ways. A splash of hot water will change the victim back to their original form, but if they are splashed with cold water, the cursed form will return.


"Gran, what does this Jusenkyo place have to do with anything that happened back in 2096?"

"Keep reading, Miko, it will make sense soon enough."


Many of you are probably asking yourselves what this Jusenkyo place has to do with Japan. It all comes down to one individual who, unknown to him or most of the world at large, became one of the most influential figures in the history of the last 100 years.

His name was Ranma Saotome.

From his early life, Ranma had been trained by his father, Genma, to be the heir to the Saotome School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts. The two of them jourineyed around Japan for years, training and refining their skills. When Ranma was 16, the two heard of Jusenkyo and departed for China. While there, they both fell into one of the springs. Genma found himself cursed to turn into a panda, while Ranma fell into Nyannichuan, the Spring of Drowned Girl.

After this event, the two returned to the Nerima district of Tokyo, moving in with an old friend of Genma's, one Soun Tendo and his three daughters, Kasumi, Nabiki, and Akane. Soun and Genma had descided years earlier that Genma's son would marry one of Soun's daughters and by common consensus, except by the newly engaged couple, Ranma and Akane were affianced. Unfortunately, the two of them, already resentful over a misunderstanding involving Ranma's as yet undiscovered curse and the bathroom, got along like pair of wet cats in a burlap sack.

Shortly after this, things began to become rather strange around the Nerima district, as Ranma and Akane soon found themselves beset by suitors, rivals, and enemies alike appearing from out of the wood work with alarming regularity. We don't have the space to go into all the players in this romantic farce here, but if you would like to know more about how they all encountered Ranma Saotome and why they either loved/hated him, please see Appendix A at the end of the book.

For our purposes, we will quickly gloss over those relevant to the events in this book, referring to specific details when they become relevant in later chapters:

Tatewaki Kunou: Future Global Saviour. Attended Furinkan High School with Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo. Infatuated with Akane Tendo. Obsessed with defeating Ranma. Later became infatuated with Ranma's cursed female form, oblivious to the fact that both were the same person.

Ryouga Hibiki: Rival of Ranma. Followed Ranma to Jusenkyo where he fell into the Spring of Drowned Piglet. Traced Ranma to Nerima, found in cursed form by Akane Tendo and adopted as her pet pig, P-chan. Akane remained unaware that her pet was also her friend Ryouga. Had no sense of direction and was rarely able to get from point A to point B without taking a side trip to points Q, V, and L.

Shampoo: Xi'an Pu of the Joketsuzoku Amazons of China. Pledged to kill female Ranma after Ranma defeated her in combat. Later discovered Ranma's curse, and revealed that, since he was actually a man, she was now honor bound to marry him, whether he wanted it or not. Fell into the Spring of Drowned Cat at some point, much to Ranma's regret as he had a severe case of Ailuraphobia.

Kodachi Kunou: Sister of Tatewaki, accomplished martial arts gymnast and poison expert. Infatuated with Ranma Saotome, and like her brother, completely oblivious to the fact that his cursed form was also him. Later formed the Church of Kodachi, or C-Ko. Widely considered insane, but wealthy enough to be reclassified as "eccentric."

Cologne: Khu Lon, 300-year-old elder matriarch of the Joketsuzoku and Shampoo's great grandmother. Came to Nerima to assist Shampoo in marrying Ranma. Well versed in martial arts techniques, magic, and mythology. Disappeared in 2004.

Happosai: Perverted elderly founder of the Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts, master of Soun Tendo and Genma Saotome. Responsible for unleashing the demon Chia (see below).

Ukyou Kuonji: Okonomiyaki chef and martial artist. Engaged to Ranma Saotome at age 6 by Genma in return for her father's okonomiyaki cart, which the elder Saotome promplty stole, leaving the young Ukyou behind. Ukyou would renounce all life as a female and train herself to take revenge on Ranma, tracking him to Furinkan High School. However, things changed when Ranma discovered she was actually female (Ranma had always thought Ukyou was boy when they were growing up), and managed to deflect Ukyou's anger by becoming the first person to ever call her cute. Ukyou renewed her claim on Ranma, and opened an Okonomiyaki shop in the business district of Nerima. And, as many know, she later destroyed half of the Nerima district completely unassisted. Wore ribbons in her hair, prior to the Hair Ribbon Ban of 2026.


"Gran? This Ukyou and Ryouga...are they?"

"Yes, Miko, they are."

"But if they were alive back in 1996, how can they be Granddad's...?"

"Keep reading. I'll fill in the details later."


Amidst all the plots, plans, challenges, and other odd events which seemed to plague the Tendo residence on a regular basis, one of Ranma's regular chores was keeping the perverted master Happosai in check. Happosai was addicted to women's underwears and waged a one man campaign of terror across Nerima. Ranma frequently spent time curbing the old man, usually quite violently.

It was after one particularly humiliating defeat that Happosai consulted an ancient scroll and used it to call forth a Demon called Chia. Ironically and sadly, as it turned out, Ranma's cursed form was identical to the girl once pledged to be Chia's bride.

Ranma fought the demon, and fought valiantly, but it wasn't enough. Ranma was killed, and the nature of Chia's magic was such that Ranma's soul took the place of that of the girl who had drowned in the Nyannichuan. The soul of the girl in the spring was released and joined Chia, laughing at the foolish mortals who had tried to defeat them. They disappeared, leaving Akane alone with Ranma's body.

The nature of the relationships in Ranma Saotome's life were so complex that they were not so much linear as a tapestry formed by the various links that everyone had to Ranma in some shape, way, or form. When Ranma was killed, the center of the tapestry was destroyed, and the threads began to unravel in such a way that it would mean a complete change to Tokyo, Japan, and the rest of the world, culminating in the rise of the Kunou Foundation and, as was revealed later, it's darker half, Onocorp.

And ultimately, the invasion of the Musk.

But just as nature abhors a vaccuum, so too did the tapestry of Ranma Saotome's life. Of the three fiancees that he had acquired, only one came from a culture that had extensive knowledge of magic. Only one would still be able to return to Jusenkyo to study and learn it's secrets.And only one would be able to live long enough to see her work come to fruition.

For on a cold, dark night in the fall of 2096, Shampoo managed to bring Ranma Saotome back from the dead...