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i do not sailor moon or mew mew power

Usagi ran happily to Raye's place. she was so happy that today was her 15th birthday and she was going to have fun with her friends and boyfriend. As she ran she held something in her hand and she looked at it. It was a cell phone that her mother gave her. Her mother told her that if she is ever late to call them and to tell them, she just loved it. But, as she reached the Temple, she tripped into one of the bushes.

"Hey Raye is she here yet?" Darien asked as he walked to her, Raye smiled and
kissed him

"I so miss your lips" Darien said as he pulled away. Usagi could not belive that her best friend would kiss her boyfriend how could this be happening "So is she here?"

"NO that baka isn't here yet." Mina yelled from the door

"Why is she the last one to come? I wish we could just kick her out, we dont need her." Lita said walking out of the Temple

"Yeah but we do need the power that she hasr." Amy said as she come out as will.

"Amy's right as long as she has the wand, we can't do anything against her!" Raye said. Usagi could not believe this, how could her friends say all this? Why would they?

"So that means I have to keep shopping with her?" Mina asked

"Yeah I feel for you I would hate to be stuck to shop with her" Darien said coldly "I for one hate being with her." he added as a cold gust of wind blow.

"It's getting cold, let's go back inside." Lita said as they all walked back in. Usagi went out of the bush and looked at the Temple. She was not sad, not anymore she was mad! How dare they go against her, she who was the princess of the Moon!! Therefore later. but no they will not get alway with this. she marched to the temple, and she put her phone in her bag and opened the door.

"HI happy birthday Usagi!!" They all yelled once she came in. Usagi's hair hid her eyes, eys which were now filled with tears. She then looked up and punched Raye.

"What the hell meatball head!?" they all yelled

"All of you are nothing but fakes, I never want to see any of you again, I quit!!" yelled Usagi

"What are you talking about?" Amy asked

"I heard what you all said a while ago." she answered

"What, how did do you that?" asked Raye

"I fell in the bushes and thought I would surprise you guys as you came, but before I did I heard all the things you said." she answered Usagi looked at them and without another word she ran out. She ran as fast as she could until she got home. She stood outside and wiped her tears and saw that there was a limo. She know who it was and she ran in . She know her best friend from Tokyo had come to vist her. Once she was inside she saw him. Luckily her parents wont home.

"RYOU!!" She yelled as she hugged him.

"Ichigo? What's wrong?" he asked her using her old nickname.

"Nothing, I am just happy to see you and Keiichiro here.." Ryon knew Usagi
better then that, so he knew something was wrong.

"Was it them?" he asked 10 minutes later Usagi just nodded ,her tears had finally stopped."What happened?" Usagi ended up telling him everything..