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The week went by fast and it was Friday Usagi last day of school no one know it but they might never see her again

"Ok now I want you to write a poem on how you been feeling this last week it can be as long as you want but it has to be at lest 5 senesce long. You have until end of the hour. So I suggest you begin now," Mrs. Haruna said as she sat on her dased

Usagi thought for a moment and wrote all of her feelings she had been hiding from everyone this pass week and the pass few mouths since she become sailor moon. She finished right on time she looked up and gave the paper to Mrs. Haruna .

"You may all go and I will be reading these Monday just so you know." Mrs. Haruna

Said after her students Usagi was left behind.

"is there something wrong Usagi?" Mrs. Haruna asked

"No Mrs. Haruna I just want to say that you are a really good teacher and am happy that I could meet some as kind as you even thought I don't act it a lot you are one of the best teachers I have ever had and I want to thank you for all that you done to help me and am sorry that I don't show you my 100% or acting like I didn't know a answer."

"Usagi do you think I don't know you where acting?" Mrs. Haruna asked Usagi looked at her

"Yes I know, I know you are sailor moon and I know who you really are." Usagi was blown always

"but how did you know?" she asked

"Will it was a few mouths ago when I went to that gym. Will I saw you transform and the moment I saw you I got my memory's from the pass as will. I know you don't know who you where back then, so I don't tell you anything, am sorry my princesses for not telling you, you may not remember me but am your aunt your mothers younger sister. I don't go to the kingdom much I always like to travel more then anything you did come with me once when you where 5 but am such you don't remember but anyways cause of my traveling I was always out but that day that the Kingdome was attacked ." she said

Usagi smiled at her and nodded "Your right I don't remember you much but I know you where there. Will then I guess I can tell you why am leaving."

"I already know Usagi I know you will enough they have betrayed you once more haven't they," she asked

"you mean this is not the first?" Usagi asked Mrs. Haruna shook her head

"no its not in the pass they don't like how you would sometimes act like you where better but it was the way you where raise you where to act like a true princess all the time and barley had any time for fun. You never had a normal childhood and you where the one that envy them more since you would always see them go out of the casers and they where always so care free and could never understand what it meant to be the future queen of the moon only me and your mother know what it meant we had to go thought it ever thought I did have a little more freedom we know how you felt that why I would take you out sometimes. That when you told me what you have heard and you looked so sad you had tears cause you truly thought they where your friends. I could never tell your mother about it that night was the attack . Once I found out who I was I would watch you closely and saw that you still had the matter you did before but acted liked carefree and some what air head so others would feel good around you but I also saw the princess side of you when your friends had a problem and the true smiles you gave them. That why the ones that love you most are the ones who you have helped the girls want you to be the girl they all know. Am sorry I wasn't there to help you more. " she said a little sad Usagi looked at her long-lost auntie and smiled at her and hugged her.

"its Ok Auntie I just hope you come to visit me some time here it the address please do come over I be with my other aunt and her husband who are kind and loving and am such they would love it if you come to visit me and it would make me happy if you come." Mrs. Haruna hugged her back as if letting her go would end the world and for her it would.

"I have to go and go ahead and read my poem on Monday and write to me about what the others think and the look on their faces." Usagi said and Mrs. Haruna nodded as she saw Usagi leave out of the door.

That day Usagi said her good bye to the people she cared for with out them knowing where she was going and since she know almost everyone in her home town it took her all the rest of the say. She finally got home her brother Sammy was in her room.

"Hi there Sammy how are you?" she asked as she came in.

"hey Usagi why are you leaving?" he asked

"Sammy you know I want to go to a bigger city and what bigger the Tokyo?" I she asked him but Sammy didn't seem to believe her.

"don't lie to me Usagi mom and dad might believe you I don't is it case you don't love me?" he asked he looked like he was going to cry

"No Sammy that not it you have to believe me."

"Then why? Why don't you tell me I use to tell you everything I you told me everything ever since Sailor moon started to appear you been like this like am not ever there or never taking me place like you use to. And then you come home crying. Why don't you tell me please I want to know Usagi I want you to tell me."

"know what?"

"I want to know why don't you tell me your Sailor moon!! Why did you tell Ryou and Keiichiro and not me!! We are supposed to be siblings we tell each other everything even thought I pull tricks on you I always tell you everything so why don't you tell me why did I have to find out when they hurt you." He yelled as he broke down and cried Usagi went over to him and held him like when they where little and a little before she became sailor moon

"Am sorry Sammy I don't know how to tell you and I was afraid that you wouldn't want you to get hurt but you did anyways am sorry Sammy am so sorry." she cried as will

"So are you doing to tell me even thought I know can you tell me like you told Ryou and Keiichiro?" Usagi nodded

"ok little brother" she said and she stared to tell Sammy what had happen and in the end he just looked at her

"That is So COOL but how could they do that? I thought they cared!" Sammy said think of her so called friends

"I don't know Sammy but no one can know what I just told you."

" Oh come on Usagi I want them to pay can I at lets tell your other friends why you no longer live here and tell them that they where the one that basically cached you out and made you and that you will never come back only until they live or die? Come on I want them to pay for what they did to you please sis" Sammy gave her puppy dog eyes and she sighed

"Find make their life hell but don't tell anyone where am going," she told him and he smiled not just any smile but his evil wicked smile.

"Ya you're the best come on lets go eat mom dad Ryou and Keiichiro will come home late so we are at our own for dinner and the you are going to be leaving want to time with me big sister since I won't be seeing you until break." He said as they went down stairs and made dinner,

An hour later

Sammy and Usagi watched a movie as they waited as their parents, Ryou and Keiichiro to come home, once they where home Sammy and their dad put Usagi's luggage in the limbo. As Usagi and her mother said their good bye Usagi gave them all hugs and her dad gave her new cried card for anything that she would need and with one lasted good bye to her brother Usagi got into the limbo and left…..