Splinter Cell: Shadow Ops

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The Book Or Video Game Series

The year is 2045 and World War Three is closer then ever. Ten years earlier Soviet Ultra-nationalist seized power in Moscow forming the Soviet Democratic Party to rebuild the Soviet Union. Made up of the previously conquered countries of Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Together, they launch a campaign to revive the long-dissolved USSR by taking back all of the former Soviet republics. The SDP succeeds in there goal to rebuild the old Soviet Union. It includes all but East Germany. Soviet tanks set on the German boarder and wait. The Soviets have been sending Spetsnaz recon patrols into Alaska's Seaward Peninsula for two to three years. Tension between N.A.T.O. and the "New" Soviet Union has been high. Especially the U.S. because of the Spetsnaz's Alaskan recon patrols. War is on the horizon and the NSA began conducting clandestine operations involving highly trained operatives. Theses are supplied by the U.S. military's Search and Observation Group A.K.A. Special Operations Group's elite Ghost Snipers. The S.O.G. Ghost Snipers are highly trained in the art of unconventional warfare. S.O.G. personal are hand pick by the top general of each branch of the military. During war S.O.G. missions' needs no president approval only the approval of that branches' top general. S.O.G. and NSA is believed to have a parasite relationship with each other. S.O.G. supplies the NSA with highly trained personal and the NSA supplies S.O.G. with tech. The NSA then trains them as a new breed of splinter cells and hands them back to S.O.G. They call themselves Shadow Ops. Since all records that can be deleted about the Shadow Ops are. They cease to exist, becoming nothing more than shadows dead to the world.