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"Ambush!" Nick yelled to his men. The sound of Avtomat Kalashnikovas filled the night as the 1/1/1 S.O.G. fought about thirty to forty guerrillas. "ISASS left flank!" Nick yelled to his men. "BOOM BOOM BOOM!"the ASG roared as it put up a wall of triple-ought buckshot. "Nade!" someone yelled as it landed right in the middle of the marines. "BOOM!"

"American wake up." Anastasia said as she started to shake Nick but the moment she touch him he hit her knocking her to the ground as he drew his knife and place its razor sharp edge on Anastasia's throat as he looked into her eyes. His eyes petrified her with so much fear that she forgot how to breathe for a few seconds. "Advice don't touch me when I'm asleep especially when my eyes are close" Nick warned her as she tried to erase his cold soulless eyes from her mind. "Now what did you want woman?" Nick ask Anastasia. "Ummm, Yuri wanted to speak with you about your mission after breakfast." "What is for breakfast?" "My favorite pelmeni." Anastasia happily replied. "Some things never change" Nick thought as he follow Anastasia to the kitchen.

"What is this shit man?" Psych ask anyone who knew. "Its call pelmeni." Nick answered. "They kinda remind you of raviolis don't they." Kat stated. "Meat and veggies wrap in dough strange." Psych said. "How did you know what this is Reap?" Tunn question Nick. "I grew up in a town not to far from here." Nick replied. "Wait you Russian!?" Fixer exclaim. "I grew up here but I was born in Texas." Nick said unaware of the eavesdropper. "So that's why you have a weird name." Tunn teasingly said. "What's so weird bout my name asshole?" Nick ask his friend with mock anger. "Nicolai Draga just sounds weird man." "Whatever, Ice you done?" "Yeah." "Good lets go see what's our Russian friend want to know." Nick said as he headed to the door. "Right behind you Reap." Ice replied as he follow Nick out the door. "BUMP!" Nick ran into Anastasia as he rounded the corner as he exited the kitchen. "You alright?" Nick ask her as he help her up. "Y-yeah I'm f-fine." Anastasia replied as she left in a hurry. "Did you see her face Reap? Look like she saw a ghost." Ice ask & answer his own question. "Yeah." Nick agreed. "That exactly what I'm afraid of." Nick thought hoping that she didn't over hear their conversation. He happen to glance down and saw an old faded chalk drawn arrow drawn on the wall. "I'll be damned." Nick said in a low tone. "About what Reap?" Ice asked him. "Nothing man." Nick replied. "Whatever man." Ice said as they approach the rebel's war room.

"Hello Americans." Yuri said as the marines entered the room. "What do you want to know Russian?" Nick asked Yuri. "What are you doing here?" He questioned the marines. "To help you screw up the Soviet operations." Ice answered Yuri "You know sabotage, wreak havoc or as we like to say 'put the fear of GOD in them' know what I mean?" "Yeah I know what you mean American." Yuri said with an evil grin. "By the way did you get them weapons Uncle Sam sent you." "Yes I wonder why you government sent us cases we couldn't open some of them?" "Oh I'll show you why" Ice said as he opened the case "Hello baby miss me" He said as he took the M2SAA3 Sniper Rifle and rub his cheek against the rifle like a cat. "Is he even sane?" Yuri ask himself "I ain't crazy I'm just a little unwell." Ice quickly said in his defense. "By the way Reap they sent your too." "That asshole had me being here plan along" Nick said as he mentally cruse Dieter. "So what are we doing?" Nick asked Yuri as he picked up his 'Beast Gun' then he put a round in the chamber and inserted it's massive magazine. "Damn that's a big round!!"Yuri thought as he saw Nick load his M2SAA3. "What is that thing an anti-tank gun!?" Yuri asked the two snipers. "No it's a M2SAA3 long range sniper rifle that can kill a B-52 in one shot." Ice answered Yuri. "You got to be joking." Yuri said not convince. "If its on the ground, one shot in the fuel tank will blow it to kingdom come. Plus this is the rifle Reap use to kill a Iranian soldier at four thousand fivehundred and thirteen meters head shot too." Yuri looked at Ice not believing a single word he said. "Is this true American?" Yuri asked Nick. "Yeah, nothin' but a lucky shot. Good thing a Globe Hawk was in the air to confirm the shot." Nick replied with a cocky look on his face. "What dose that thing take." Yuri asked them. "Fourteen by one twenty millimeter with a twenty-fivemillimeter base, but the nice thing is they kept 'The Beast' at fifty inches and gave her a thirty eight inch barrel. The only downside is she weights about thirty pounds but worth every pound." Ice said. "Ice shut up." Nick said as he remember why they was there in the first place. "As much as I love talkin bout guns we need to get down to business. Yuri what do you want us to do?" "What I want you to d-" Yuri cut himself off as he asked. "How id you know I wanted you you to do something?" "Cause you didn't ask us to be here to play twenty questions now did you." Nick stated as he looked Yuri in the eye. "Damn his eyes look like a dead man's"Yuri thought before he said "Yes what I need you to take out a fuel and ammo dump that need to be destroy. We've tried many times but havebeen always taken heavy casualties. The Master Gunnery Sergeant has volunteered to do it but there are two building and five two millions liter tanks. It has to be done from the ground because there's are SAMs all over the area your country cant use there missiles because there's enough missile defenses to stop at least a hundred of your best missiles and you can't use your stealth planes because it is extremely well camouflage we wouldn't know about it if one of my men was stationed there before he deserted." Yuri inform them. "I've got a plan." Nick stated "What is it American?" "Me and Ice can take the buildings and tanks with our 'Beast Guns' from at least fifty hundred meters. The building are big building right?" Nick asked Yuri. "Yes about a hundred meters long, fifty meters wide, and twenty meter tall." "What kind of ammo is stored in these buildings?" Nick asked Yuri. "Bombs, rockets, missiles, cannon rounds, and maybe some type of napalm." "Are you saying that we're dealing with a aviation armory here!?" Ice asked Yuri "Yeah something like that." Yuri stated to Ice. "O.K. Ice we're gonna have ourselves a little barbequeand our soviet friends are invited." Nick said in a very sadistic voice.