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I stood under the bridge. Wearing all black clothes, a gun in my hand. I was to get this mission over and done with. I cautionly walked out from under the bridge, the gun clutched to my chest. I kept my eyes peeled and kept listening to any slight sound. There was nothing but a deathly silence. This was going to be bad.

I looked around, and saw him. The man I'd been sent to kill. I placed my finger on my lips telling him to be quiet. He obeyed. I slowly pointed the gun at him, and pulled the trigger. The end of the mission.

I put my gun into the small gun belt I wore, invisible to the trained eye never mind the untrained eye. I started walking back to the headquarters when I realised something. The man who I had been assigned to assassinate was just an inch taller than me, and the man I'd killed was a lot taller than me.

I reached for my gun again turning. He was there, smiling. Before he knew what had hit him, I did. He fell backwards with an oof. I got my gun out and shot him. Before I left, I kept my gun out, pointed to his head, I rummaged through my profile pack to find a photo. I wanted to make sure I'd shot the right person. I looked at the photo, looked back at him just making sure it defiantly was him. It was. I smiled, shot him again in the direct centre of his forehead and left.

That was me, the silent killer as I was called.


I got into my Porsche 911 GT3 in black and drove off, going at about 150 at least. I stuck a CD into the car radio and started listening to the music. As I got to the headquarters I began to slow down. Going past the guards, they didn't even ask me for ID.

I stopped my car in my usual spot and started walking inside. My black high heel boots clacked against the hard floor, warning everyone that I was there. I walked into the boss' office without knocking. He'd know I was there.

"Mr. Banner has been eliminated sir." I said as I approached his desk.

"Excellent work, now I have another assignment for you. However you are going to have a partner." He said not looking up at me.

"I decline the mission sir, you know I do not do partners." I said tensing up.

"Look Bella, I know that, after what happened last time anyone would be wary about it, but you are the only one who can handle this mission." He leaned over the desk. "I really do understand but I need you on this assignment, we've taken double the precautions this time, the man is almost at your standard. Please, just this once."

I thought about it, the boss had only let me down once before and that was not his fault. I gave him a small nod. He smiled, picking his phone up.

"Send him in." He leaned back as someone came through the doors and stood beside me. "Edward, this is one of our finest assassins, Miss Isabella Swan, Isabella, this is the very talented Edward Cullen."

Edward chuckled slightly, I didn't look up at him. "What no mister?" He turned to face me. "Pleasure to meet you Miss. Swan." He extended his hand towards me.

"Indeed." I said still facing the boss. "What's the assignment?" I asked curtly.

"Edward, I forgot to mention, Miss. Swan is all about the job." The boss said. A smile twitched slightly on the sides of my lips.

"Of course." Edward said facing the boss.

"You will both be going undercover to bring down the wealthy Mr. Jacob Black. We fear that Mr. Black is smuggling something into the country but we aren't sure." He handed us three profile case files, one with the information on Black, one stating my undercover profile, the last stating Edwards. "You have two days to familiarise yourselves with one another, with the case and with Mr. Black. You will then be taken to Black's mansion. Good luck."

I nodded and started walking out with my profile and Blacks. I continued to walk until I heard someone following me. I turned to see Edward Cullen.

"What do you want Cullen?" I asked, still walking.

"Well, for one thing you've got Black's profile and two I need both days to familiarise myself with you and Black." He informed me.

I turned and glared at him. "No-one knows where I live, no-one will know where I live, you will not find any information on me if you look under anything because I do not exist. I check every single record for myself and none have ever come up. Even the company I work for know me. Do we have an understanding?"

"Miss. Swan, I did not say that we should go to where you live, however would you be so kind in escort me to my home?"

I blushed slightly. I hadn't had a partner since my second year working for the company. This was something very alien to me.

"I'm sorry Edward, I should not have judged you so harshly, I'm not used to having a partner." He smiled.

"Don't worry. Now would you like to follow me? Or should we go together?" He asked.

"Together, on one condition." He raised an eyebrow at me. The corners of my mouth twitched at a smile. "We take my car, and I'm driving."

He smiled. "That seems, feasible." He offered me his arm. I took it and lead him to my car.

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