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Everyone was very quiet at the funeral. People were whispering, making a very quiet murmur happen from everyone. I was looking around casually, wondering if Bella was here yet. I'd told the boss that TSK was dead and he was alright with the answer.

Benny was sitting down looking at the coffin, not saying a word. I wanted to go comfort him but couldn't get myself to move. I was worried that if I did, I'd spill about her not being really dead.

I went to the last row and sat down. A woman sat down next to me. I glanced up at her, she was wearing all black. "Guess you can wear that here." I mumbled to her.

"Best disguise. Mourner at a funeral. Of course no one knows everyone at a funeral. People turn up." She looked at me, her eyes a sapphire blue, not her regular chocolate brown. "And nobody knows who I am."

"No one will with those blue contacts in, and the blonde hair." I said, lightly pulling at the wig. "I mean you can take off the wig but how will people be able to see past the eyes?"

"They disintegrate at the third touch." She explained as she settled into her seat. "You know since you told the boss that TSK was dead, I've had to lay low. I've never lay low before in my life." She said as she lay her head back on the seat.

I chuckled lowly. "Sorry, but the funeral was going to be postponed until TSK was killed. If you wanted to get out of this TSK had to die. Besides what about driving to L.A?" I asked her.

"Hey I said I was doing that after all of this was over. Doesn't mean I'm not ready for it." She said shrugging. She seemed a lot more calm and cool than I'd ever seen her. She smiled. "Looky what I got." She whispered as she crossed her leg over and pulled up her skirt slightly. My eyes went wide as I saw she had a gun stuck in a garter belt. She chuckled and crossed her legs the other way, hiding the gun away. "Well it wasn't as if they said we couldn't bring them. I bet you're packing a gun too."

I shrugged. "Well yeah." I frowned slightly. "Wait a minute, I'm not going to be using one am I?" I asked her.

"A bit of threatening maybe." She said. She slowly leaned into my ear, her lips caressing my earlobe. "Because you've been converted to TSK's side." She whispered lightly before pulling away from my ear.

I looked at her incredulously. "What?!" I asked in a very angry whisper. "You never told me that." I said.

"Don't worry." She whispered as she glanced to Benny. "All you have to do is cover me. I promise you no one will get hurt." She said as she put her hands on mine. "Trust me."

I sighed and nodded. "Alright, I trust you."

She smiled. "Ok then, take this." She handed me another gun. I frowned but guessed that she was going to be needing a lot of back up. I hesitated but took the gun from her. She smiled again. "Good now let's wait for the service to begin." She said settling into her seat.

We waited until the service had started. A lot of people were very sullen. I leaned close to Bella. "I didn't realise Bella talked to so many people in the company." I whispered to her. Making sure that even if I was heard no one would know that Bella was really alive.

"She talked to a lot of people. I was her only friend outside of the company. It's sad really." I hadn't realised how well Bella could play her part. No wonder she had been the best for missions.

After a while I could see Bella get restless. She leaned over to me. "Someone's going to help us, don't shoot when they get up and join our side." She told me in a very quiet voice before standing up when the man taking the service said about her being very dedicated to her work.

"Please!" Bella shouted, sounding sarcastic. She sighed and went to the middle isle before walking down towards the empty coffin we'd put there as a symbolic thing. "You really think that Isabella was working for you?" She threw her head back as she laughed. She turned her back to the coffin and nodded at me and someone on the other side.

I stood up and so did Benny. We both looked at each other impassively and stood next to Bella. She smiled and hopped up onto the coffin making everyone gasp and get out of their seat. "Bella was working for me. An undercover agent in an undercover agency. And you didn't even see it." She said as she pulled out her guns. So did Benny and I.

She glanced over at the boss who looked mildly shocked. Bella smiled as she pulled a lock of the wig out of her face. "And besides, TSK was definitely part of Bella." She sat down on the coffin crossing her legs. Every face was on her as she idly played with the guns in her hands. Someone went to talk and she blew a hole in the coffin as she got off it. "No talking, just listening." She said. "Well, maybe I could grant the big boss man one itty bitty little question." She said as she bowed lowly to the boss.

"Who are you?" He asked grimly.

She laughed. "I'm so glad you asked because I thought you of all people would be able to get the initials. After all, you gave me the name, Carlisle." She said as she put her fingers against the contacts letting them disintegrate as she put her guns down, then she pulled off the wig and everyone gasped as me and Benny laughed. She looked up at them. "You all really didn't think I was dead did you?" She asked smiling sweetly.

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