Tutoring with a Rival

Chapter 1

"Mr. Wheeler…"

"Mr. Wheeler…"


Joey Wheeler jerked up from his sleep at the sound of his math teacher's voice. Then he noticed Mr. Tomoto hovering over him with a serious look on his face.

"I'm so glad you're able to join us Joseph. Could you please not fall asleep in my class; then your grades could improve." Mr. Tomoto said as he headed back to the front of the class. The rest of the class was quietly snickering at the blond as he sunk in his seat, blushing with embarrassment. Joey gazed over to his friend Yugi who was giving him a sympathetic look.

"You know Mutt, you could try not falling asleep in class or your brain will become smaller than it already is." a smug voice said from behind him. The irritated blonde turned to see the one and only Seto Kaiba smirking at him.

"Shut the hell up wit ya snide remarks, Kaiba; I'm not in the mood." Joey told the CEO wanting to wipe that smirk off his face.

"Whoa, someone's cranky; what's the matter mutt, wake up on the wrong side of the doghouse?" the sapphire eyed teen teased chuckling.

Joey slammed his hands on his desk and turned towards the brunette with an angry glare, "Listen ya rich prick, I've had it wit you and I'M NOT A DOG!" This outburst made the whole class grow silent and stare at him.

"Mr. Wheeler is there something that you and Mr. Kaiba would like to share with the rest of the class?"

The blonde looked up and saw his math teacher hovering over him again with a stern face, holding some papers in his hands. "No, Mr. Tomoto…"

"Good; in case you weren't paying attention, I'm passing out last Friday's graded tests. Here is yours…"

When Mr. Tomoto gave Joey his paper, the blonde groaned as he banged his head on the desk. "Damn it not again; my pop's gonna kill me." His test had a mark of 68F in red.

"Aww…did you get a bad mark again pup?" the CEO asked in a smug voice.

"What's it to ya; what did you make rich boy?" the amber eyed teen asked. Kaiba shoved his test in front of Joey's face. "Read it and weep." On the paper was a perfect score of 100.

The blonde turned around in his desk pouting. 'Hmph…showoff!' As you all know Joey has a real bad temper when comes to a certain CEO but deep down he had a soft spot for him. 'Why do I like that rude, arrogant rich boy anyway. Oh yeah, because he's so damn sexy; especially those sapphire eyes. Arghhh…stupid hormones!'

At the sound of the bell to go to lunch the students were grabbing their books to leave. As they were departing, Mr. Tomoto said, "Make sure you begin studying for this weeks test." Joey was about to leave when he heard the teacher call out to him, "Mr. Wheeler, I need to speak with you for a moment." The blonde walked over to Mr. Tomoto's desk.

"Listen Joseph, you have to improve these grades or you will have to repeat this course again next year."

"I know teach, it's just that the stuff you're teachin' is too hard." the blonde complained.

"Well maybe if you weren't falling asleep during the lesson and fighting with Mr. Kaiba every two minutes, you'd be doing better. I think what you need is a tutor." Mr. Tomoto suggested.

Joey's amber eyes lit up at the thought, "A tutor! Aww…come on Mr. T."

"Do you want to repeat this course next year?"

The blonde sighed in disbelief, "I guess I've got nothin' to lose; so who's gonna be my tutor anyway?"

"I'll find an eligible candidate; but try to improve because I want you to be successful in the future and I know you can do it." Mr. Tomoto encouraged.

"Thanks teach; I'll see ya later." the blonde smiled as he gathered his books and left for lunch.

"Joey, there you are!" The blonde turned to see the young tri-colored boy waving to him from their lunch table. Joey ran over to the lunch table where Yugi along with Tristan, Ryou, Duke, Malik, Bakura, Marik, and Tea were there to greet him. As the blonde sat down, Yugi gave him some lunch he picked up from the lunch line. "Thanks Yug; boy I'm hungry."

The brown cone haired boy beside him asked, "What gives man; what took ya?"

"Sorry Tristan, Mr. T needed to talk to me after class." Joey answered.

"What about Joey?" Tea asked.

"About improving my grades and that I need a tutor which is so unfair." the blonde answered still disapproving the matter.

"Well think about it Joey, if you have a tutor you'll be able to improve your class and pass the course." Ryou informed.

The blonde looked over at the white haired boy, "I know you're right Ryou; just as long as Mr. Tomoto doesn't assign someone I hate to be my tutor, I'll be okay." Joey said as he continued his lunch.

During his planning period, Mr. Tomoto was currently walking to the copy room to make copies of Friday's test. As he was walking into the copy room, he noticed the CEO walking towards his direction.

"Well if it isn't my star student. I take it that you're doing well." the math teacher said.

Kaiba nodded at him, "Yes I am; I'm just here to copy some paperwork for my company."

Then an idea struck Mr. Tomoto as he was eyeing the brunette, "Say Mr. Kaiba, may I ask you a favor; could you tutor one of my students? That is, if you're not too busy with your company."

"That all depends on who you had in mind for me to tutor." the CEO replied.

"In that case, I need you tutor Joseph Wheeler if you may."

A moment's silence fell over the room till the sapphire eyed teen answered in disapproval, "I wouldn't waste my time tutoring that mutt if he was the last person on earth."

"Oh come now Mr. Kaiba, surely you can make time to help out your fellow peer." Mr. Tomoto persuaded.

The CEO shook his head at the thought, "Nothing on the face of this earth will get me to tutor that mutt."

"How about I persuade the attendance clerk to excuse those absences from your attendance record?" the math teacher offered.

The CEO stopped in mid step at the sound of the offered and turned to the man with acceptance smirk on his face. "I'm listening…"

After school, Yugi and Joey were walking in silence to the Kame Game shop. Yugi looked up and noticed that his friend was in deep thought about something.

"You okay Joey; you're awfully quiet."

"Huh…yeah Yug, I'm fine. I'm just thinking about how I'm going to explain this test grade to my dad."

Yugi gave Joey a warm look, "I wouldn't worry about it Joey I'm sure he'll understand."

The amber eyed teen gave the smaller the 'are you kidding' look and asked hysterically, "Have you met my dad?"

The amethyst eyed teen rubbed the back of his tri colored hair, "Oh yeah I forgot about that last time you brought home a bad mark…He-he." the blonde just sighed at his friend's silliness.

When the two teens entered the game shop, a tanned look alike of Yugi who was taller in height and had crimson eyes was there to greet them. "Hello hikari, Joey."

The smaller teen ran up to the taller and hugged him. "Hello Yami, how have you been today?"

"I've been alright aibou; I've missed you all day though." the former pharaoh said as he stared into those innocent amethyst eyes lovingly.

"Ahem, uh excuse me boys sorry to interrupt but I'm still in the room here." the blonde said to the two blushing look alikes with a pint of jealousy in his voice.

"Sorry about that Joey; so how did you two fare on last week's math test?" Yami asked as he led them to the living room.

"Not so good, I…" Joey stop in mid step and gazed at the being sitting on the couch; it was the sapphire eyed brunette reading a book. The blonde turned to the former pharaoh with an angry glare in his eyes.

"Is there a problem, Joey?" Yami worriedly asked with a nervous look.

"What the hell is that rich prick doin' here! Don't you know that I get enough of him during the school day!" the amber eyed teen yelled pointing at the CEO.

"Uh…well…you see Kaiba figured that you were on the way here with Yugi and he wanted to talk to you."

"Well ya didn't have ta bring him in here!"

"What did you want me to do Joey; leave him outside to suffer in the heat?"

"Pretty much, yeah!"

Kaiba looked up from his book at the sound of Joey's yelling, "This may not apply to dogs; but humans have this custom to where you don't yell indoors. It's called using your indoor voice." the CEO taunted the angry puppy.

"That tears it, let me at him!" Joey charged for the blue eyed teen in rage but Yugi and Yami were holding him back.

Kaiba laid his book on the couch and stood up hovering over the angry blonde smirking, "Look mutt as much as I would enjoy sparring with you, I just came here to give you an important message."

"What kind of message?" Joey asked in a calmer tone as the two teens released him.

"You know that our math teacher wants you to have a tutor right?"

Amber eyes lit up in surprise, "How did you know about that?" the blonde asked. Then Joey turned to the amethyst eyed teen with accusing eyes, "Yug…"

"Don't look at me Joey, I didn't tell him." Yugi defended.

"Relax mutt, your little friend had nothing to do with it," the CEO began just to receive and angry glare from the blonde. "Mr. Tomoto talked to me earlier today in the copy room and he asked me to be your tutor."

Joey looked at Kaiba in shock as his mouth was gaped opened. Yugi and Yami muttered in unison, "This isn't going to be good." But then they heard the amber eyed teen howl with laughter.

The CEO stared at the blonde win a weird way, "What are you howling about, mutt?"

Joey calmed down his laughing and said, "That's funny, it sounded like ya said Mr. T. asked you to be my tutor."

"Yes that's exactly what I said and I am." Kaiba replied with a satisfied smirk.

The blonde's laughing ceased and he began staring in disbelief. Yugi walked over to the apparently stunned teen. "Joey, are you alright?" the worried teen asked waving his hand in the blond's face.

Joey didn't answer back as he walked out of the living room and the front door.

"I'm surprised Joey didn't flip out on this." the smaller teen said.

The brunet CEO folded his arms in front of his chest and smirked, "I must admit the mutt took the news better than I thought he would."

Then the boys heard a loud, raging yell from outside say, "ARGHHH…DAMN IT ALL!" The former pharaoh placed his hands on his hips and shook his head, "Yes, he's taking this matter really well." Yami said sarcastically as the three teens gave a heavy sigh.

To Be Continued…

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