Okay, so growing up around guys like I did, I made the page break into something dirty. Go figure. I think that a little something-something happened with Simon & Zoe that was skipped over for rating reasons. So what if, oh, I dont know, something happened after that? Well, this is what I'm going for...

She could barely see him now. He was just a shimmer, like ghostly heat raising from a long and lonely road. Her tears wouldn't stop. They flowed long after there was nothing but the memory of a faint voice.

"I love you, Zoe."

It's up to me now, she thought. But somehow, it wasn't scary anymore.


It had been a month since Simon had left. Her mother had died 5 days ago & she & her father were now sitting casket-side at the burial ceremony. It was raining hard as it had been the night she & Simon had went to visit her mother. But her mind wasn't on Simon or her mother. Her mind was on the mysterious bruise that had been on her mother's neck. She'd once had the same bruise. From Simon. Okay, maybe her mind was on both of them. But there weren't any vampires left in her little town, were they? Christopher & Simon were the only ones, right? She stood when her father tapped her & approached the casket. She placed her rose on it & walked away. Her father stared after her. When he finally came back to the car, the rain was really coming down. He pulled her to him.

"It's gonna be okay, sweetie. I know it hurts." He was mistaking her confusion & curiosity for pain. She decided to drop the matter & concentrate on getting their lives back in order.


(2 Months later.)

"What do you mean, you're late?!" Lorraine exclaimed worriedly over the phone.

"Not me, him." She looked around the kitchen, finding it empty, but she lowered her voice anyway. "Tom hasn't visited in a while."

"Oh. My. God. That little boy toy of yours?"

"I think so."

"God, when was the last time you saw him?"

"2 months & 23 days."

"Is it possible then?"


"How possible?"

"Not quite as believable as it would be if it were you, but…"

"No, I mean you actually….. did it?"

"Once?" She said, concernedly. Lorraine screamed.

"My god! Not that I'd wish it on myself, but it's so not fair! I've been all the way a million times… well, not necessarily a million, but you know what I mean…. And you go there once & you get freaking knocked up!"

"Shhhh!" Zoe said. "I'm not absolutely sure."

"Well, I'm sorry, but it's just not fair to you."

"Thanks, Lorraine. That means a lot. I just want to know if that's how my dad'll take it."

"He'll want to kill the sorry guy who did this."

"Well, that's just too bad."

'He already killed himself.' She thought.

"Dammit! Zoe, I'm so sorry!" She heard yelling in the background. "Zoe, my new stepmommy's calling. You'll let me know when you know for sure?" She nodded, but then remembered she was on the phone.

"Yeah, I will."

"Good luck, Zo."

"Thanks. Bye."

"Bye." There was a buzzing tone on the line. She replaced the phone on the receiver & went to the living room & switched on the television where there was the headline of a new mysterious killing a couple of towns over. It was getting closer. Soon she would be staying indoors at night & never invite anyone in. No vampire could come in uninvited. Her father came in 30 minutes later. She heard him go to the refrigerator & grab a beer before he came into the living room. He kissed her forehead.

"You okay sweetheart? You look pale."

"Do I?" He nodded.

"I feel fine."

"What about that little fit of yours this morning?"

"I went to my last 2 period classes & got counted for the day." He hugged her.

"That's my girl. You sure you're okay this time?" She nodded. "If you're sick tomorrow, I don't want you going to school at all, okay?" She nodded again

"I think I'll go to bed now, I'm exhausted." He agreed & she crept upstairs, falling on her bed, not bothering to undress.

"God, Simon. What if it's true?" Two tears rolled down her cheeks & she rolled over, putting her back to the window & the painful memories that moonlight brought with it. If she'd been looking out of her window, she would have seen the pair of silvery eyes looking in at her that glowed also with the moon.

Benjamin looked in on her from the window box outside. Even from here, the smell of Simon emanated from her. He felt like spitting, the name left such a bad taste. His dear cousin. He would be dead soon. Both he and his brother. It was his duty. His right. All deeds of the evil vampires should be stopped. And as soon as possible. It had to be him doing the killing around here. The newspapers were buzzing around it. But how, he thought, could Simon's scent be on her if he'd been staking out the house all night? Noone had come in or gone out. Unless…. Unless the sinful being lived in the house. He very well couldn't have come in during daylight. But if he was in the house, why didn't he stop her crying? It was ridiculous. She spoke of him as if he were a lover, but no, he wouldn't console her right then? It made no sense.

"Damn." He said & shifted his particles, drifting back to the ground & regrouping there. He would go find something to eat & then return to his home until the next evening.

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