It was another hour before Benjamin rejoined them. There was the smallest fleck of blood on his chin but other than that you could never have guessed what he had just been doing.

"Better?" Simon asked.

"You have no idea." He sat on the arm of the sofa on the other side of Zoe. He was quiet for about a minute then stood and announced he was going to bed. Simon went back upstairs less than an hour later. Zoe waited just long enough for him crash and then turned to Lorraine.

"So, you have to tell me about this guy." She said happily.

"Liam? God, Zoe, he's the kind of guy you would never have expected me to fall for. Not bad or an ass or anything. He's gorgeous, of course, it's one of the wonderful things about vampires, they're all very nice to look at when they're not trying to kill you. He's a gentleman." She finished almost sheepishly.

"A gentleman? You're right, I never would have imagined you with a guy like him." Lorraine screamed in shock and dove at her friend while Zoe laughed. "Whoa, whoa, easy, Lor. Fragile state." She laughed harder but Lorraine quickly got back on her side of the couch, completely sobered.

"I'm so sorry, Zoe, I totally forgot."

"It's fine, Lorraine, I try my best to forget when I can." She still smiled at her friend so she relaxed. They settled back down to watching the TV for another intense six hours or so. Simon came back and pulled Zoe to him. They knew when it was heading for dark when Benjamin came to join them, stretching out his long day's sleep. It was about 15 minutes after that when Lorraine got the call. She only stayed on long enough to give Liam directions from the airport. Then it was a nerve-racking hour and a half wait for him and his brothers to get there from the airport. They hadn't even knocked yet before Benjamin and Simon jumped up and started for the door. Lorraine and Zoe sat in confusion for half a minute then came to follow the guys. The door was already open with three tall silvery-haired boys standing there, one of which was hugging Benjamin.

"Um, Benjamin, I take it you do know them?" Zoe asked.

"This is Liam and Aidan and Renny. They were the first other vampires I met after Christopher changed me. I lived with them until the blight then we all came over here. They came ahead of me, though and I never did find them again. They did their best to help me search for you." He said to Simon.

"Him?" Aidan asked. "You mean to say you found him and he still lives?"

"He was never in league with Christopher. We were both just a grand game to him. One that came back to bite him in the end." He said with a grin at Simon. "And that scrawny little creature behind him is Zoe."

"His mate." Renny said quietly as he took his turn to greet his old friend. "I could smell her burden from the bus stop. But I did not sense another of us." He finished, eyeing Simon.

"That, my friend is a long story. Zoe, could you invite them in so we don't all burn?" He asked teasingly.

"Of course, come in, won't you?" The troupe filed in silently, though giving Simon and Zoey both a wide berth.

"Was it a nice trip? Sans the bus, I mean." Lorraine asked.

"Of course it was, Liam was worrying about you the whole flight, Renny was snoring, and I was in the middle seat. Excellent flight."

"It's good to see my worries were unfounded with you under the protection of the great Benjamin Bristol." He said with a mild punch on Ben's shoulder.

"Yeah yeah, you were just lucky I didn't take a bite out of her." He joked, returning the blow.

"We stopped and got something to eat before we got on the bus. That's what took us so long, anyhow. So what's the situation with the other camp?"

"Simon had a run in with the blonde one last night. She'd been hunting him, we think."

"Is she still hunting him?"

"Nope, Simon scared her good."

"But we could have used that to lure them in!"

"My first priority is keeping Zoe safe." Simon finally interjected firmly.

"Right. And he couldn't very well have them following him here." Benjamin added.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think. Renny said you were mates." He looked at Lorraine. "Then you stay here while we're hunting these bastards." Lorraine looked put off.

"I want to stay with you!"

"You're safer here. I suppose so, anyway. Where are we luring them to, if not here?"

"My home. Where we'll all be staying. Zoe's father is expecting Lorraine, and I've been staying here the last few nights while I watch the girls, but my place isn't far."

"And on the subject of watching the girls, I have to go to work." Simon kissed Zoe's head and left the house. Zoe saw the new vampires relax at once.

"I saw that." Benjamin commented.

"I still want to know what happened." Benjamin groaned.

"Wait, wait, we can tell them." Lorraine offered. "Zoe and I know what happened."

"Knock yourselves out."