I did not write this fic. I repeat, I DID NOT WRITE THIS FIC.

So why in the world did I post this on my account? PLEASE read the following before someone runs off to complain to an admin about plagiarism.

This piece of gorgeous, gorgeous fanfiction was written by 回眸一笑的冬瓜, a.k.a. yhykurama, a.k.a. Nnoitora (XDDDD; ). It was first posted on the Chinese Baidu UlquiHime forum and the original was, of course, in Chinese.

And so WITH THE EXPLICITLY EXPRESSED PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR, I am now doing a translation and posting this on for the enjoyment of another section of the world.

This fic was written a very, very long time ago, so not all facts and such match up to canon. Not that we really care. XDXD;

Here's the assumptions we ask you to please accept before proceeding.

Halibel is ranked below Ulquiorra (actually, I'm pretty sure that it was generally assumed he was number one at that time, which I've tried my best to fix in the translation without taking away from the original story)

The fact that the last name "Schiffer" is German holds zero significance (his last name wasn't even revealed at the time)

And some other things that the translator can't exactly recall right this moment.

This is a long fic, so please be patient as the translator worms her way through it.

The translator took some small liberties and did not translate word-for-word, because many things would sound plain awkward if that was the case.

If you can read Chinese, by all means GO READ THE ORIGINAL. GO NOW.

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Author's original notes: ( [ denotes notes from Guavi; some parts and the entire rant on why UlquiHime is great omitted because this translator is lazy XD; )

About the names:

Information from Baidu; of all the listed Hebrew names, I chose "Aaron" and "Ariel."

Aaron, "enlightened." Aaron is described as a not too tall but handsome man; honest, hardworking, and responsible; a highly efficient and calm leader.

Ariel, "lion of God." Lioness? Goodness no! Ariel is mellow, delicate, beautiful; a princess-like girl, smart but shy.

I thought these two match quite nicely, so, what-the-heck. (Irresponsible XD)

I also made up names for the arrancar that have appeared but still remain nameless.

[two of the made-up names have been changed by the translator to their now-known names to avoid confusion

Strange Old Man: Lldemun Oriente

Halibel's "old friend" OC: Regla

About the Places:

Yarmouk River: the largest tributary of the Jordan River, located on the border of Syria and Jordan.

Golan Heights: plateau on the border of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. The Yarmouk River passes through the southern part of this plateau. [Original notes edited by translator for the sake of accuracy

Canaan: Ancient term for a region encompassing present-day Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. The Promised Land of the Hebrew. [Also edited for accuracy

Medo, Felca, Czenkel: Regions of Hueco Mundo, purely made-up with no significance in name


I'll call Ulqui's zanpakutou "Mar Rojo," Red Sea, in memory of a scene from The Prince of Egypt. XDDD [also important to plot developments. You'll see.

Ch. 12 BGM: Red Sea (Stephen Schwartz / The Prince of Egypt: Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) XDD


Let's pretend hadou 88 exists, and is called akahonoo, "red flame"

[the rest is the author's own notes about UlquiHime which spammed two pages and I am WAY too lazy to even attempt to translate.