Okay, so now that I finished the story, here's the little 'questions' section I promised!

From Mata-NuiXIII: I'm wondering, though, what is the time difference between Earth and Spria is? Is it something like a few minutes in our world; is it a day in theirs; or is it more complicated than that?

Rayna: …Well, lemme think about that for a moment.

When I wrote this, I knew that there were going to be differences in time measurement, but I never really thought it out. So…

If, in the game, Zanarkand was destroyed a thousand years ago and Rayne died with it, resurrecting herself as a dream on Earth and living for nineteen years before going back, that ratio would look like 1000:19 which, when divided, comes out to 52.631578947368421052631578947368… so, that's like fifty-three years in Spira for every one on Earth… I think.

And, if only three days passed in the real world while Michael, Heather, and Sebastian were playing the game, but several months (…let's go with 5.5, since I can't decide between 5 or 6 btw, if anyone knows the actual length of the journey, tell me so I can fix this, please!)… anyway, three days on Earth for every 5.5 months in Spira… that's 5.5:3, which comes out to 1.8333333333333333333333333333333, so that'd be about two Spiran months for every single Earthen day…


From Mata-NuiXIII: Why is it that Boky grew so attached to Rayne? Is there some thing about her that draws him to her or is it because she saved him from the Chocobo Eater? And if it is the former reason is it why he dislikes Auron, or is it because he can sense that Auron is an unsent and is just being overprotective of her?

Rayna: …Hehe, funny story about that.

You see, when Rayne and Auron fell into the crevice, Rayne landed in a giant patch of Gysahl Greens. Smelling basically of the chocobo version of catnip (and coupled with the fact that the chocobo now believed that a giant leaf of Gysahl Greens had saved him), Boky decided to devote his life to serving Rayne.

Of course, after a while the scent of Greens began to wear off, but being a rather simple-minded chocobo Boky never noticed and simply went about his merry way, forever associating anything Rayne-shaped and blue with his savior leaf of Greens (which would also explain why he would always help her whenever he ran across her).

And as for why Boky didn't like Auron… well, even chocobo's have a sense of color coordination, and he knew right off that red was the opposite of blue. Because the new object of his devotion was blue, that automatically meant that anything that was red was an enemy. Thus was spawned Boky's dislike of Auron.

That, and the chocobo was mildly disturbed by Auron's pants, for reasons even I will not be able to explain.

From bebepantheon: I was wondering, the last chapter is shown Rayne falling down somewhere, where is it? Doing another sequel?

To answer your first question, Rayne fell onto the plateau that people walk onto when visiting the Farplane.

To answer your second question… Well, I might as well say it, since most are going to ask after reading the last chapter, anyway:

Yes, there will be a third installment. When it does come out (still working on it), it'll be filed under the Final Fantasy X-2 section, because I am, once again, using the storyline provided by Square-Enix to backbone a majority of the story.

It may take a bit because I'm playing the game as we speak (I didn't want to start until I had beaten FFX, which I just did the day before yesterday, and I just got my copy of FFX-2 to start working yesterday evening), so when I get a few chapters done, I'll begin posting.

From bebepantheon … well, not really, but because you indirectly asked, I shall answer: WILL WE EVER SEE BOKY AGAIN?!

Yes! I shall bring Boky back in the next installment!

T.T I love chocobos so friggin much it's unhealthy! I have proof! I have injured myself while distracted by chocobos!

…(takes moment to compose self) Yes, Boky shall play his part in the next fic.

Anyway, if anyone else has any questions, feel free to send them in so I can answer them to the best of my ability!