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"Harry, are you okay?" Hermione's concerned voice interrupted Harry's thoughts for the umpteenth time that day.

"I'm fine, Hermione. Really." Harry said. He was far from fine. He was angry, he was hurt, he felt guilty and he was confused. When he was at Severus' house still, he wanted to be around his friends, but now that he was around his friends, he wanted to be alone.

He hated the way they would both look at him with a concerned look, then look at each other, as if discussing him telepathically. It was mostly a silent ride, well if it wasn't, Harry wouldn't have noticed to be honest.

"Harry, we're off to do our prefect duties." Ron said. Harry looked at them briefly and nodded. Ron and Hermione both made prefects, which surprised Harry. Hermione wasn't a surprise, she was the best witch of their year. It was Ron that surprised Harry. Besides, he did better than Ron in classes, but Dumbledore chose Ron, not Harry.

The compartment door slid open and in walked Neville, Ginny and another girl Harry didn't recognize. She had an airy way about her, and wore radishes as earrings. "Hi Harry." Neville said, a bit too cheerful for Harry. How can people be so happy? Harry wondered, quite irritated now. "This is Luna Lovegood."

"Hi Neville. Ginny, Luna." Harry mumbled. He looked back out the window as the three of them sat down.

"Sorry about your god father, Harry." Luna said. Harry looked over at her, surprised but nodded, suddenly nauseous. "It was in the prophet." Luna explained. Harry again nodded, not trusting himself to open his mouth, in case more than words came out. "How was staying with Professor Snape?"

Neville and Ginny both looked at Harry, awaiting an answer. Harry swallowed and said, "It was alright. I learned a lot."

"I always did like him, although he does take a lot of points away from Ravenclaw." She said. Harry found her peculiar. It was strange to hear someone actually liked Snape.

Ginny and Neville were engrossed in conversation, and Luna was humming to herself, pulling out a magazine that was inside her cloak. Harry looked at it and saw The Quibbler written across the top. Harry was mildly curious, but not enough to ask. Luna looked up and saw Harry looking at the Magazine. She smiled at him and said, "My father's the editor."

Harry again nodded, not knowing what to say. Luna kept staring at him, giving Harry the feeling she seeing right into him. It was quite uncomfortable.

Ginny and Neville got up and said they would be right back, leaving Harry and Luna alone in the compartment. Harry once again stared out the window as Luna hummed and read the quibbler, every once in awhile turning it upside down. It was a comfortable silence, not awkward. Harry found Luna's presence as some what of a comfort. Maybe it was because she was badgering him and asking if he was ok.

The compartment door slid open again 20 minutes later, much to Harry's annoyance. Luna's humming was starting to put him to sleep. It was Ron and Hermione again. They stopped and looked at Luna, then back at Harry. "Hi Luna." Hermione said, a bit strained. Ron didn't say anything.

"Hello." Luna said airily, not looking up from her magazine. They sat down, and Harry instantly felt the tension in the room, when only moments ago he was relaxed. Harry got up and headed towards the door.

"Where you going, Harry?" Ron questioned.

"I bet he's getting away from the zanzspurts you guys let in when you came in." Luna said thoughtfully, yet with a lot of confidence. Harry had no idea what zanzspurts were.

"The what?" Ron asked her. Harry stood frozen at the door, he wanted to know too.

"They're not real." Hermione said.

"Yes they are. They cause tension in the air. I felt it as soon as you walked in, and so did Harry. That's why he's leaving, right Harry?"

"Er-" Harry began. He was leaving because of the tension, not because of the zanz-whatevers.

"Of course not." Hermione interrupted. "They're not real. There is no proof of anything of the sort exist."

"There's no proof they don't exist." Luna pointed out, making Harry chuckle. Ron and Hermione both looked at Harry as if he had grown another head, and Luna began reading once again. Harry walked out, shaking his head. Luna Lovegood was one strange girl.


After Harry got off the train, he headed for the horseless carriages, same as every year, except now they were no longer horseless. There were ugly black horses with wings. Harry had never seen anything like it. "What's that pulling the carriages?" He asked Hermione.

"Harry, there's nothing pulling the carriages. They're pulling themselves like every year." She said, looking at him strangely.

"I see the ugly black horses, Hermione. Don't tell me nothing is pulling the carriages." Harry said impatiently. He was not in the mood for games at the moment.

"Harry, there's nothing there." Ron said, and him and Hermione once again looked at each other with a worried expression on his face.

"I can see them too." Luna whispered in his ear. "You're not crazy." Harry jumped, startled. He had forgotten Luna was there with them still. Hermione gave her a reproachful look, as if she was encouraging him in some way.

"Hermione, I see them." Harry said strongly.


"Let's just get to the school." Harry interrupted. Harry was in a foul mood, sitting in the carriage, arms crossed and scowling.

"Scary how he scowls just like Snape." Ron whispered to Hermione, causing Harry to throw him a glare that went unnoticed.


Inside the castle, students were whispering behind their hands, pointing at Harry, making him wonder exactly what was in the prophet that morning. Severus didn't read it, they were in too much of a hurry.

The feast was spectacular as always, but Harry hardly ate anything. He just wasn't hungry. He looked up at Snape, and Snape looked at him, giving him a slight nod. Harry gave a little nod back, getting a strange look from Neville. "Did you just nod at Professor Snape?" Neville asked him. Harry looked at Neville and nodded.

"He's not so bad." Harry said thickly. Neville looked at him with surprise. "Once he lets you get to know him a bit." Neville was about to say something, but was interrupted by McGonnagall tapping her glass with her spoon.

"To the new students, I would like to welcome the new students, and welcome back to the old." Dumbledore was also cheerful, and it made Harry sick to his stomach. How could he be ok with Sirius' death? Didn't Sirius mean anything to anyone but him? "I would like to remind you the forbidden forest is, as the name states, forbidden. Our caretaker Filch has asked me to remind you there is to be no magic in the corridors, fizzing whiz bees, exploding snap, and so on. For a complete list of all 523 items, it is posted in Filch's office." Dumbledore stopped talking and looked over his left shoulder. Harry wondered what had caught his attention when he heard Hem Hem.

There was a woman in nothing but pink. How could I have missed that The woman looked like a toad in Harry's opinion. She smiled a wide, sickening sweet smile, that Harry didn't buy for a second. "Hem Hem" She said again.

Dumbledore smile and said, "I would like to introduce our new Defense against the Dark Arts Professor. Dolores Umbridge." There was a half hearted applause, but the woman didn't seem to notice the lack of enthusiasm.

Harry had tried to follow the speech, but his mind wandered. This woman was a terrible speech giver, nearly everyone of the students was falling asleep at the table.


He had wandered off after the feast, knowing he couldn't sleep just yet.

"Potter." Harry turned around and faced Malfoy. He was with Crabbe and Goyle, of course.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Harry said, glaring at him.

Malfoy sneered at Harry and responded with "Heard your god father got killed." He stated, a grin coming to his face. "I also heard he died because you saved Snape, leaving the curse a clear path to your godfather." Harry was shaking with rage, and Malfoy knew he was getting to Harry. "So I guess that means you were the cause of his death."

He laughed and Harry lunged at him but was caught by Crabbe and Goyle. "Shut up, Malfoy!" Harry yelled, trying to escape Crabbe and Goyle. They just laughed. He would have used wandless magic, but Severus had told him to keep it a secret, for the Dark Lord did not yet know. His wand was up his sleeve, unreachable.

"What do we have here?" Came the silky voice of Severus Harry recognized. He didn't know whether to be relieved or worried. He wasn't suppose to be in the corridors right now.

"I caught Potter wandering about, Sir." Malfoy said with a sneer. He puffed up his chest to show his prefect badge.

"Is that so, Mr. Malfoy? It is not a night for prefect duty, is it?" He said with a smirk. "And I don't recall the headmaster telling me there would be two more prefects in Slytherin this year." He said, looking over at Crabbe and Goyle, who were still holding Harry. "Get to the dormitories immediately."

They let Harry go, and Malfoy whispered to Harry, "I'll get you when Snape isn't here to protect you Potter."

"Get a move on, Mr Malfoy." As soon as they were alone in the corridor, Snape rounded on Harry. "What are you doing out of your dormitory, Mr Potter?" It felt weird to have Severus address him as Mr. Potter now.

"I couldn't sleep." Harry said, not looking at the professor, but at the wall next to him.

"We are at school, Mr Potter, therefore you will address me as Sir or professor at all times, is that understood?" Harry was taken back by Snape's attitude. And to think he thought I would act differently once we got to school.

Harry's eyes narrowed as he continued looking at the wall. "Yes professor." He said through gritted teeth.

"I will not put up with your insolent behavior, Potter. Do not think just because you spent the summer with me that I will turn a blind eye to your rule breaking. Their first day back and you turn back to your rule-breaking ways." Harry was seething. He just needed to breathe! To get away from all the whispers! "You are your father's son." Severus' voice dripped with acid, and his eyes flashed with anger.

Harry snapped his eyes so they were looking directly in Severus'. "Yes, I am. But I'm also my mothers. Or did you forget it takes two to make a baby?" Harry said, turning around and heading off for the Gryffondor tower. He should have brought his cloak. He was more peeved now than he was when he decided to go for his walk.


Severus looked at Harry's retreating back and shook his head. They boy has returned to being the disobedient, rule breaking insolent brat he has always been. Watching Harry until he disappeared from view, Severus turned around and headed for his own quarters.


The next day Harry rubbed his eyes at breakfast. They hurt because he hadn't gotten any sleep. Every time he drifted, he would start thinking about Sirius, Malfoy, Severus...And it jolted him awake everytime. "Harry, did you get any sleep at all?" Hermione asked after Harry put his elbow in the butter.

"I tried, Hermione, I did. I just have a lot on my mind." Harry said, wiping his elbow. "What classes do we have today?" He asked changing the subject.

"We have Potions, Transfiguration, Defense against the Dark Arts, and Divination." Said Ron with a grimace. "Maybe potions won't be so bad for you now Harry."

Harry snorted. "It'll be the same."

"But you spent the whole summer together! Surely something changed and he won't treat you like he did before!" Ron exclaimed.

"No, he won't. Last night when I went walking around after the feast I ran into Malfoy, and Snape found us..talking." Harry took a deep breath. "He was the same as he always was. Like the summer never happened."

"What did he say, Harry?" Hermione asked. "His exact words?"

"He said that just because we spent the summer together, doesn't mean he would turn a blind eye to my rule breaking. He asked what I was doing out of my dormitory, and I told him I couldn't sleep. And you know what he said? You will address me as sir or Professor at all times." Harry imitated his professor's voice. "He didn't change." Harry said.

"Harry, you did break the rules. He probably thought you thought he would turn a blind eye." Hermione said. Harry didn't care. "He won't, and you know he won't."

"I know that, Hermione." Harry said, gritting his teeth. He did know. But Severus said he would be there, and he wouldn't be. He was sick of people lying to him, sick of people pretending to care when they didn't.

I don't need anyone. Harry thought getting up with Ron and Hermione to go to potions.


"Today you will be making a complex sleeping draught." Snape said starting class. "Every instruction must be exact. There will be no need for talking. Get started." With a wave of his wand the instructions appeared on the board and the class scrambled to get the supplies needed.

Harry had brewed this potion at least three times while staying with Severus in the summertime. His potion was going smoothly when Severus swept the classroom. "Weasley, what does the fourth line say on the instructions?"

Ron looked at the instructions and his ears turned slightly pink. "Add one drop of snake venom, stir clockwise three times. Add two more drops, stir counterclockwise four times."

"What did you forget to do, Weasley?" He asked dangerously.

"Stir counter-clock wise, sir." Ron said quietly. Malfoy snickered behind Snape and Harry made him drop all the powdered hellbore he was holding into the cauldron, making it fizz and bubble rapidly. Snape whipped around and in an instant the whole mess disappeared.

"Mr Malfoy, would you care to explain why your potion went so wrong?" He asked icily. It seemed Severus wasn't going to deal with Malfoy this year either.

"It wasn't me! Its like someone made the hellbore fly into my cauldron!" He tried to explain. Severus looked at Harry briefly, and Harry put on an innocent face, telling him Harry did it.

"Mr Potter, stay after class." Severus said icily. The class gasped and Harry scowled.

"Why do you have to stay?" Neville asked him. "You were no where near Malfoy!"


"You wanted to see me, Professor?" Harry asked once everyone left the room.

"Yes, I did Mr. Potter." Severus sat down at his desk. "And I want the truth. Did you Mess up Mr. Malfoy's potion today?"

"Yes." Harry said. He wasn't going to deny it and he didn't care what Severus did.

Severus let out a sigh and looked at Harry. He hadn't expected him to tell the truth. "Very Well. 10 points from Gryffondor and detention Saturday morning at 9 AM sharp. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." Harry said. "Is that all?"

Severus noted a new hardness to his voice and inwardly sighed. "How are you doing so far?"


"I realize I was a last night. I just want you to understand I do not want you breaking the rules this year. The new defense teacher is from the ministry and she hates both you and Voldemort. Don't give her a reason to look after you more than she is assigned to do."

"Yes professor."' Harry said, the same hardness in his voice. "Is that all?"

"Yes, Harry. That's all. I'll see you here at 9 on Saturday."

Harry walked out of the classroom, leaving Severus to wonder if maybe he shouldn't have been so cold to the boy last night.

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