Harry sat in the locker room with the other Gryffindor quidditch team listening (partly) to Katie's team pep talk. "We can do this. We have a great team and we've practiced hard. The weather is good and all of you guys are wonderful players." Those were the main points of her speech.

He was fairly confident they would win today, as long as the team worked as well together today as they did in practice. Yet, despite his confidence, Harry still had pre-game butterflies in his stomach. Ron was nervous too, but Harry knew he'd do well. At least he isn't green. The whole team walked on the pitch together to meet the Ravenclaw team and Madam Hooch in the middle of the field. The captains shook hands, both faces were giving slightly nervous grins and with the break of the handshake the whistle blew signaling the start of the match.

Harry mounted his broom and took off, loving the feel of the fresh air on his face, through his hair. For a moment he closed his eyes while shooting to the sky. When he opened them again he saw Cho circling the other side, and was surprised to find that he did not have the sweeping feeling in his stomach he had last year towards her. Looking away from Cho, Harry focused on the game and saw Ginny steal a quaffle from a Ravenclaw chaser at the same time the player dodged a bludger from Fred...or George. It was hard to tell.

"A team full of Weasley's looks like a good team indeed as you just witnessed" Lee Jordans voice rang out. "And a score already! 10-0 Gryffindor!" He shouted over the jubilant shouts of the students, well most of them anyway.

Harry looked over to the stands and instantly saw Luna clapping politely although her team was already behind so early in the game. She looked beautiful today (everyday). She was on the tallest stand watching the game with an air of interest. Harry couldn't help but smile when smiled as one of the Ravenclaw chasers got the quaffle when it was dropped by one of his own teammates.

"And it appears Potter is distracted by something in the stands, or maybe its a part of a plan of his." At hearing his name he came out of his Luna induced trance and looked at the score board-40 to 10, his team still in the lead. A sliver of gold caught his eye and he didn't hesitate shooting of to the teachers stands to catch it. "Potter's seen the snitch! Chang is going to have to do some wonderful flying to catch up to him, especially against a firebolt-"

"Jordan!" McGonnagall's voice rang out but Harry paid it no attention, nor did he notice that Severus had to dive out of the way to avoid being hit by Harry. He also missed the bouts of laughter from the students. The snitch did not wish to be caught, swerving more than Harry had remembered it ever doing. He already had to swerve several times already just to avoid running into his own teammates.

"The snitch is doing a good job not getting caught. I don't believe Potter has ever had this much difficulty catching the snitch. Nor can I remember a player keeping on the snitch trail for so long." At last it was in reach! Harry outstretched his hand to grab the evasive snitch but had to withdraw it immediately as a bludger came too close for his own comfort. He already had one broken arm playing quidditch. That gave the snitch its opportunity to take off out of sight. There was a collective ohhh! from the stands, and Harry groaned himself and swore loudly.

During Harry's exercise, Gryffindor scored 6 more times, Ravenclaw twice, bringing the score to 100-30. "A shame Potter didn't catch the snitch. He trailed for a long time, that's the skill of a great seeker combined with a great broom!"

Harry soared up a little higher to keep an eye out for the snitch. He saw Cho doing the same, and keeping an eye on him. She smiled at him, but before he could return the smile he dove straight down-the snitch was low. "Potter's seen the snitch again! Diving dangerously low dangerously fast shows how determined he is to get the snitch. If he doesn't pull up soon, there might just be a Quidditch casualty!"

Harry knew this was so dangerous it was bordering on stupid, but he kept diving lower and lower. He was ready when the snitch dove up again, however, thinking that was precisely what the snitch would do. He heard a collective gasp as he avoided crashing into the ground and speeding straight up in the air. Cho was higher up than he was, not having as dived that far down, and she pulled up from her dive earlier than Harry had. She seemed surprised by its sudden fly in the air and made no attempt to stick her arm out when it went right past her. Harry was right behind it, his fingers circling it as Cho watched. He smiled briefly at her, still with a shocked expression on her face. "Good game." He said and made his way to the ground where the rest of his team was, hugging each other. Lee Jordan was yelling "Gryffindor Wins!!" Over and over again. "Party in the Common Room!" Someone shouted and everyone yelled even louder.

"Good catch, mate."

"Good goal-keeping." Harry returned the compliment Ron had paid him.

When Harry and Ron stepped into the common room, a party was already in full swing. Music was blaring and cheered when they saw who just had walked in. Ron was blushing and Harry grinned. Ron, he had learned during the walk to the tower had saved at least 10 goals. Even more than Harry thought he had. He was proud of Ron.

"Whoa..They weren't joking." Ron said taking in the scene. The room was decorated with posters of the whole team on brooms flying around..an eagle putting its head under its wing in shame. It seemed an quidditch practice was in play-it was a good one.

"Harry! Ron! How nice of you to join us!" George beamed,which meant he was up to something.

"Hey George.." Harry said with a grin.

"Here, have a drink." Fred handed Harry a cup. He looked inside and saw red juice.

"Erm, thanks." Harry said, not taking a drink.

"Where's mine?" Ron demanded of his brothers.

"That, my dear brother, is jungle juice-". Fred said

"You can't have jungle juice-" George interrupted.

"Why not? If Harry gets some then I should!"

"We wouldn't want to get our prefect Ronnikins utterly smashed, now would we?" George turned to Fred.

"No, I don't think we would want to. It wouldn't do well to have him streaking through the halls.." Harry laughed and Rons ear's turned pink as the twins left to see who else wanted jungle juice.

"Wonder where Hermione is?" Ron asked and Harry shrugged taking a drink of the juice. It burnt going down, but the taste wasn't bad. He took another drink.

"I dunno, but I doubt there'd be jungle juice if she was here." Said Harry with a grin.

"Yea, she's probably in the library. She'll come find us." Ron said confidently, eyeing Harry's cup. Rolling his eyes, Harry conjured a cup for Ron and poured half of his into it, then filled both cups up with his wand. "Thanks mate."

"i better not get blamed for this."

10 minutes later Harry could already feel the effects of the alcohol working its way through his body into his brain. He felt..tingly, and his head was swooning a bit. He also couldn't help but grin for no reason at all. He could see Fred and George hitting on Alicia and Angelina, and they were flirting right back. Ron was reconstructing the quidditch game (the best he could without a quaffle or broom). Ginny was having an animate conversation with Dean and Seamus.

Harry hugged more people tonight than the previous 4 years combined. Tonight he was Harry. Not the boy who lived nor the nutter who shared a shrink with the headmaster. He was a normal teenager. Having excused himself to get more juice he know stood next to a sixth year girl talking to him about how she has always thought he was 'kinda cute' and if he was currently looking for a girlfriend...or make out buddy for the night. "I'm flattered, really, but I have my eyes set on another girl." He told her.

"But who? You're only ever with Hermioneand Ron-and everyone knows they have a thing for each other."

"Yea, everyone but them." Harry snorted hoping to divert the girl's attention. It didn't work.

"But who's this other girl?"

"I'd rather not say-she..er.. doesn't quite know yet." He said, blushing a bit. "Excuse me, I better get back to Ron."

Eventually Hermione did in fact find him and Ron (drunk) and promptly took their cups away. Ron protested, but even a drunk Harry knew not to argue. She started lecturing them on...something. Harry couldn't quite keep his attention on her words, but she looked mad! Ron was trying unsuccessfully telling her he was sober, and at the same time asking Harry were the jungle juice was. Harry shook his head and raised his hands up claiming innocence when Hermione rounded on him...a good song came on now...Ron and Hermione's fighting tuning out...

The next thing Harry knew he was waking up in his four poster bed, still fully clothed, his head was pounding and throbbing. As he laid there, it almost felt as if he was floating in water. Slowly Harry opened one eye and saw Seamus in the bed next to him...but that wasn't right, Ron slept next to him. He rolled his head to the other side and saw Ron still sleeping. Huh. He closed his eye.

A couple minutes later (or maybe hours) Harry opened his eyes, both of them, and saw Seamus getting up out of bed and stretched. "You alright there, Harry?" He asked upon seeing Harry watching him. "You got quite drunk last night, and daring Fred and George to streak through the castle!" He shook his head and had a grin on his face.

Harry groaned, his head still hurting. "I don't remember that." He said getting up as well. His throat was dry.

"They have detention for a whole week."

"They actually did it?"

"Of course." Ron said coming from behind Harry and standing next to him. "But they weren't drunk or anything."

"Wow." After a few moments of silence Harry stated: "My head hurts." Both Ron and Seamus laughed. That didn't help. "How come you guys are all ok?" He asked resentfully.

Ron shrugged. "We didn't drink as much as you did." After they got done dressing for the day, Ron stopped Harry and said "oh yea...you uh..told me to remind you to uh, tell Snape something." He looked to Seamus for assistance.

"You said to tell him that you love him with all your heart...like a fat kid loves cake-"Seamus put in, not bothering to conceal his grin.

"Like Dudley does..but not in a gay way-.". Ron continued. "You kept rambling..you said, like what a love for a father might feel like-if you knew what that felt like...you said he was really the closest thing...and to remind you to tell him that."

Harry groaned again. "Mention that to anyone and I swear I'll curse you both to pieces." He threatened. The other boys just laughed.

Harry was sure he was still slightly drunk. Was it possible to be drunk and hungover at the same time? There was no way he could eat anything. He knew it the moment he stepped into the great hall and smelled the food. So here he was now, looking around the great hall to see all the students enjoying breakfast and eating heartily. His eyes looked towards the head table and met Severus' with an eyebrow raised as if questioning if he was going to eat or not. Harry just shook his head no and turned away. God these kids were noisy.

"Harry, you should eat. it'll help." Hermione said putting sausages on his plate.

"No." He said simply.

"Well fine. I'm just trying to make you feel better after your own mistake."

"Thank you, but unless you would like me to barf all over you, I'm not going to eat."

He didn't want to go to class. Every step he took felt like he was about to fall over and the hallways seemed to echo more than usual. What was worse was he was on his way to potions class. Severus' class. He'll just act as normal as possible. Severus would think he was just ill-nothing to get in trouble over. Yes. Just ill.

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