Once Bitten

Author: Katrin Van Helsing

Disclaimer: I have no claims to the show Supernatural, the characters or themes, I just like to play with the characters, tease, torture, caress and the rest!! Don't shoot the writer!

Six months ago:

Lenora was sitting behind the bar when she saw him enter and sit down on a stool in front of her. She immediately asked what she could get him and his brother and got Sam the beer he wanted. It seemed that Dean was researching at a frat party and he thought that Sam was researching on the internet but instead he was here and looking at his beer, as if there was something that he wanted to say but could not find the words to say it, so Lenora went over and said "Listen is there something you want to tell me Sam?". Yeah, said Sam but not here. Lenora pointed to a back room and motioned that she was going there with Sam to the other bartender, who just smiled and shook his head. Obviously the man's mind was in the gutter, which worked out pretty well on this occasion.

When Sam and Lenora entered and sat down and said the obligatory "Hi's", she asked the obvious question, "Sam, why are you and your brother here. There's nothing to hunt. Oh a few rumors but their just rumors".

Sam. "I know Lenora. I'm here for you and your nest." Lenora backed up, "I thought you weren't going to kill us. We haven't..." . At that Sam silenced her with a look that Lenora knew well, it was filled with grief and anger and shame. "Ok, Sam why are you here?"

Sam" I want you to turn my brother and if possible me"

Lenora "What! Sam your hunters. What are you thinking. Why. Does your brother know about this?"

Sam" No and he can't. You've, I mean we will have to knock him unconscious and turn him before he has a chance to understand what is going on. After that I'll let you turn me if that's possible. I was resistant to a demon virus and I might be resistant to a vampire virus, but I've run out of options and there is nothing left.. Lenora you have to help me."

Lenora "Sam this is not right. Your asking me to turn your brother against his will. We are the last thing he wants to be. There is no reason or way he would understand you forcing this choice on him. I don't understand why." Sam looked away, "It's difficult to explain". But Lenora recognized desperation when she saw it and said "Try Me". Then they heard a knock on the door and Eli entered. Sam stood up, "Look Lenora, I know it's a lot to ask but you have no idea how long it's taken me to not only find you but decide that this might be the only way left to me." Eli growled and stepped between Sam and Lenore fearing that Sam was about to attack her.

Lenora put her hand on his shoulder, "Eli, Sam is here to ask me to turn Dean, but he won't explain why and he doesn't want Dean to know until it's too late." Eli grunted, "The answers NO, not until you explain and even then I would say no. What do you want. to become superior hunters. It doesn't work like that."

Sam smiled but not a nice smile. "It's either this or my brother goes to Hell in about 6 months time." Lenore and Eli stepped back, "What?". Sam sat down and explained about the deal, how Dean could not even try to wiggle out of it and how he had searched but got nowhere fast. Sam paused to see that even Eli was shocked or impressed (he could not decide which) on hearing what Dean would do to save Sam. No wonder Sam would be willing to break the rules, Dean already had, thought Eli. "Well Lenora, what do you say." To Sam's surprise Eli stepped in and spoke, "Well if it is really the only way then, I think we should do it. I agree losing Dean is not a option, but I also think we'll have to turn you too because otherwise Dean will kill you for this."

Lenora, "All right Sam but there are a few things we need to get straight. 1. I will only do this if there is no other option and I will only do this on the very last night at the very last minute." 2. Your both going to have to stay with us for a few months because a vampire must have human blood for the first month or two otherwise generally they don't survive or their very weak. 3. Because of this your going to have to chained up. When the hunger strikes, you'll do anything to get blood and it's going to get bad. And finally 4. Your going to have to explain to Dean all this afterwards because though you will be under my control for the first month and part of my family for the rest of eternity, I have to know that Dean understands this was not my choice. I just hope he can live with it. After hearing all this Sam, are you sure this is what you want to do."

Sam leaned against the wall, "No, Lenora this is not what I want to do, but this is what I may have to do. I'll keep you upto date on our location and try to get him as close as possible to here." Eli looked at Sam, he knew that this hurt him deeply, trying to lighten the mood Eli said, "Sam if the worst comes to the worst, I'm sure your brother would look on the bright side." Sam turned, "There's a bright side to this, and what is that Eli." Sam almost spat his name at him and even Lenora was curious as to what Eli was about to say. Eli stepped back, if this misfired he though, he might not make it out the door and said "Well, Dean is a great hunter, and fairer then most and as a vampire he'd be the best hunter ever and almost unstoppable - You could say he'd have the best of both worlds." Sam realized that Eli was trying to lighten the mood, so he smiled and said, "Don't take this wrong but I really hope it does not come to this. Look Dean will be looking for me if he's back sooner then I think, so I'd better get going. Thanks to both of you." With that Sam walked out the door and back to the motel hoping Dean wasn't back already.

Present Day:

The Demoness had come personally to collect Dean, she was going to enjoy the rest of eternity with Dean at her mercy. She appeared in front of yet another cheap motel, not a crossroad in sight but that did not matter, she was here to collect not make a deal. Confidently she knocked on the door, and pushed it open. On stepping in, though she lost a little of her confidence when she saw Dean lying unconscious on the bed blood covering his mouth and his throat bleeding. She rushed over and immediately knew, vampire. How she hated them. She turned around, hearing the bathroom door opening, and Sam walking out. In a fury she shouted, "You think this will stop me. A vampire's soul is in Hell already, Sam. This won't save him." The Demoness dived forward to tear Sam apart but was stopped short and slammed against the wall of the devil's trap she had unwittingly step into. "Hold me as long as you like Sammy. I'll crawl my way back to get you and Dean." Sam shook his head," No you won't because you can't. I've bound our souls to our bodies. As long as we live there with us, and their going to be with us a long time. " Sam opened his mouth and showed her, his fangs. "Now, your going to agree to leave us and our nest and family and friends alone or I'll send you back to Hell personally. It might hurt a bit but it'll be worth it." said Sam.

The demoness knew she had no choice and after agreeing to Sam's proposal, she walked out the door smiling as a moan came from the bed." The Demoness turned smiling as she saw Dean sitting up, groaning, "Well, at least it's not a total loss. I would love to be here when you explain this to him." and with that she vanished. Dean turned to face his Sammy, "Sammy, why am I still here. What did she mean explain it to me. Explain what to me. Sam tell me you haven't." Sam put his hand up, "No Dean, Nothing's going to happen to me or you. I found a way out of the deal." Dean felt something trickling down his chest and rubbed it. Looking at his fingers he realized he was bleeding. He also realized he was very thirsty. "Need a drink, I think". Sam handed him a container and Dean gulped it down. "Sam, what do you have to explain then."

Sam "Well Dean, remember that hunt that turned out to be a bust 6 months ago. Well I ... I met up with Lenora and arranged a loophole of last resort you could say. Dean stood up, went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror opening his mouth, "I can't do this without you Sam." - "You won't have to." said Sam showing his brother his second row of teeth. Dean smiled, "Well look on the bright side, we'll be the best hunters around." Sam laughed, and at Dean quizzical expression said, "that's what Eli said six months ago."