Once Bitten

Author: Katrin Van Helsing


Disclaimer: I have no claims to the show Supernatural, the characters or themes, I just like to play with the characters, tease, torture, caress and the rest!! Don't shoot the writer!

Epilogue Chapter 13: The next sound was a body falling to the fall, closely followed by a lot of gun fire as Sam broke though and shoot several vamps. Drac tried to get him under control but quickly realized it was a lost cause especially since he could hear gun fire coming from the gates and the front of the house, Lenora's pack had arrived minutes too late. Sam bullet had met a target but not the one he or Drac had ever wanted to hit. Drac run for the door but never made it. Six rifle bullets (silver and wood coated with dead man's blood and holy water) stopped even him. Bobby turned, watching Sam kneeling on the floor next to his brother's body. He was hurt badly, a special bullet straight though the heart. He was dying. The question was, would they get help in time.

About an hour after the fight at the farmhouse, Bobby walked, well limped back to the hospital, Nurses where looking at him as if he was going to collapse at any moment, the trouble was they where not far wrong. Bobby had to admit it had been a blood bath. Sam and Ellen had moved Dean to a car and raced to the hospital while the fight was still on-going, literally leaving Lenora, her pack, and Bobby to clean up the remaining vamps and burn the farm house to the ground. Now Ellen had returned to bring Bobby and the others upto date on Dean. The news was not good. Neither was the news Bobby had, Drac's body was missing. Now he learned that Dean seemed to be dying. The Doctors had removed the bullet, which had lodged in Dean's heart, but he was in a coma and the Doctor's said there was little chance of him waking up. Sam was beside himself with worry and was blaming himself for Dean's condition. Bobby, Ellen and Lenora had all told him, it wasn't his fault but they all knew he wasn't listening to them. All he could see was his brother laying there on the hospital bed connected to all those machines again. Sam sobbed just like after the rawhead, after the demon. He sobbed, his brother was dying and it was all his fault.

Bobby was just coming to Dean's room to try and talk to Sam, when he saw Sam walk out of it and head down the corridor. Fearing that Sam was about to do something stupid, he decided to follow him, and was rather surprised to see Sam head into the Hospital Chapel, get down on his knees and pray. Bobby stood in the doorway, not sure on what to do. He'd never been one to pray, except occasionally when things got real bad. Well things where real bad, and Bobby decided that well it couldn't hurt and it might just help, you never know. As he moved to forward to join Sam, he never saw the shadow at the door move back the way they had just come, towards Dean's room.

Sam moved over, "I don't even know, if he'll listen to me." Bobby shook his head, "Because of all you've done or because your a vampire now." Sam put his head in his hands, "Both, either. Oh Hell He's never listened before. I prayed every day of the entire year Bobby and nothing."

Bobby sat down next to Sam, "You know Jim used to say, that God answers each and every prayer just not in the way we expect or even think of. You could say that the solution God sent was your idea about Lenora."

Sam, "Somehow, I don't think that us becoming vampires would be God's solution to the problem. I mean vampires aren't on God's list of good guys." Bobby turned to face Sam, "Then why are you here." Sam shook his head, "I don't know just in case, maybe."

The shadow headed towards Dean's Room, and stood looking at him. It was joined by four others, who settled each side of the door and waited. The first one really wasn't a shadow but that was all anyone who ever remember of him, a fleeting shadow and four men, who no-one would be able to describe and all would have forgotten tomorrow. But all this was not known to Drac, who walked along the corridor, he was hurt and angry, and wanted revenge. He had waited a long time for another Bloodmaster and now he would have to wait for another, because no-one ruined his plans, no-one threatened to kill him and definitely no-one actually tried. They had in fact come very close but luck was with Dracula, all the bullets had gone straight though him. Thus the wounds had healed, slowly, painfully, but they had healed. He was over 600 years old and that did give him an advantage in healing wounds that would have killed others. Dean wasn't even a month old, he might take a year to heal, since they had taken out the bullet, but Drac was going to make sure he never stood a chance. Dean died truly tonight. Drac approached the door to Dean's room, he would tell Aristote that Dean was uncontrollable and then he would wait for another bloodmaster to appear. Then Aristote would discover who the real power was, and he would rule the world, with the next bloodmaster as his servant. It was with these thoughts that Drac pulled out a knife and walked into Dean's room, to be met by Aristote and four guards who grabbed him immediately, forcing him to his knees. He recognized one of the guards and he recognized the shadow.

Aristote, "You are weak, Dracula and I am very disappointed in you."

Dracula, "He was uncontrollable. He had to be destroyed."

Aristote, "That is not what Stefan, tells me (pointing to one of the guards) and somehow I would trust him better then you. For you see Dracula, you may have convinced all others that you are stable, but I assigned Stefan to watch you. He has kept me informed of all of your plans and I am very disappointed in you."

Dracula, "He's lying. I swear I would never seek to overthrow you. You (Dracula hesitated, he never wanted to admit this). You are my master."

Aristote, "Yes Dracula, I am and a few decades in Romania will make sure you remember that and remember who you serve." Aristote waved his hand and Dracula felt the darkness take him as the guards injected dead's man blood into him. He knew when he woke up where he would be. He just hoped that Dean would be in the next cell.

Aristote turned and looked at the prone figure on the bed. To survive this long was true endurance. Strength and endurance that Aristote had not seen since he found Dracula. He thought of the decades he had spent trying to control Dracula, trying to teach him to live among humans again. He thought about killing Dean, ending what could become a monster, maybe even worse then Dracula himself but he decided that like Dracula, this one too would be given a chance. He moved the sheet away and tore off the bandage covering the gaping wound in his heart. Then he slit his wrist and watched as a drop or two fell into the wound. The result was immediately, the wound closed and Dean struggled to take a breath. His eyes opened to face Aristote.

Aristote placed his fingers to Dean's lips, "Quiet, I need you to listen. My blood has helped you recover, and from now on will flow in your blood, until the day you die truly. I know of your brother and your friends."

Dean's eyes shadowed and darkened, "You leave them out of this." Aristote placed a medallion on Dean's chest, "I will, as long as you control yourself and when I need you. You obey."

Dean fingered the medallion, "Who are you? Tell Drac I will never obey. You touch my friends and I will hunt you down and kill you." Aristote turned. He had been threatened before but never had believed that the person actually would or could carry it out, until now that is. "I am called Aristote and Drac, as you call him, is no longer your problem. He is mine! Now, rest, recover and remain controlled. Another Anthony we do not need, but will deal with if necessary."

With that Aristote followed his guards out of the room, leaving Dean wondering who he was and what he had got himself into. Dean then wondered where Sam and Bobby was. He would even settle for Ellen or Lenora. On second thoughts not Lenora. He sat up and tried to get out of bed. At that point, two things happened, one he fell out of bed, banging already dented ribs, and second every siren on the floor went off. The last thing he thought was, When where the bells going to stop ringing and Where was Sam.

It was at this point that Sam and Bobby heard the sirens go off and both men dashed out of the chapel, and back to Dean's room, where things where definitely going wild. Two Doctors stopped Sam before he got to the room, as he saw nurses taking certain machines out. Sam and Bobby feared the worst.

The Doctor stopped them before they even got close to the door, he went on about miracles, and impossibilities and how Dean should be dead, but Sam stopped listening after Dean woke up. He stepped towards the room, shaking off the doctor's arm, just as Bobby grabbed it, to stop the doctor in his tracks. Sam stepped into the room to see his brother awake, tired, hungry but awake. The nurses left as the doctor gentle agreed that they needed time to talk. Bobby stepped into the room and pulled up a chair for each of them and then closed the door.

Dean smiled tiredly, "You know next time you kill Drac, make sure he's dead." These where not the first words Sam thought that his brother would say, and the mere mention of Drac's name sent chills down his spin. Drac had been here. "We have Drac to thank for your getting better?", Bobby shook his head, somehow he did not think that was it.

Dean, "No, from what I remember he was here to kill me. Some other guy older, but it's kind of fuzzy. (Dean currently did not want to talk about his meeting with Aristote). I can tell you what I remember later. You know it's true people do hear you. I heard every word you said Sam and it's not your fault, non of it. You saved me from Hell. I know it's going to be a rough ride but there's no-one I would rather have riding shotgun with me." Sam smiled maybe Bobby or Jim really had been right, God does work in mysterious ways.

The End.