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Hi everybody!

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Together Again

Bella POV

"Come on Edward! Play with me!" I yelled for the millionth time to my best friend, Edward Cullen.

We did everything together, we liked almost all of the same things, and we were even born on the same day. Some people thought that we were siblings because of how similar we were. But there was one thing that we didn't have in common: he was beautiful, perfect even, and I wasn't.

With emerald green eyes and bronze hair, his features were perfect. Of course there was still the childish roundness to his appearance but obviously they would become perfect and angular as he grew up. I, on the other hand, was a mousy brunette with big chocolate brown eyes and pale skin. I was your ordinary 'plain Jane'; at least that's what I thought.

"No," he answered.

"But you promised!" I whined.

He had promised to play volleyball with me. I was on the team and I needed to practice. The fifth grade tournament was next week and he was also participating in it. Why wasn't he practicing? I don't know. Apparently he thought playing Halo was better. I didn't really mind playing video games but he was obsessed. Ugh, it's what boys do, Xbox/PS2/Wii all the time!

"Come on!" I shouted for the last time before spiking the ball at him. He ducked, but the unlucky T.V. was hit, and the screen went black.

"Bella! What was that for?" he shouted, turning to glare at me.

"I'm sorry, but you promised to play with me. Now, here I am at your house just like you said and I find you playing video games! Anyways, serves you right that your game shut off," I said, then stuck my tongue out at him, with my hands on my hips.

"Well this is for you!" he said, charging at me full speed with the ball in his hand.

I screamed and ran outside with him trailing behind. Just as we reached the lawn, he spiked it at me. Thankfully, being on the track team helped me run faster until I was behind the volleyball net. The ball went over and I spiked it down on the opposite side. He dove for it and bumped it back up, just barely missing the net. I hit it back and soon we were competing on who could out smart their opponent first.

We were so caught up in the game that we both went for a shot that was just an inch from each other's ground. As we both jumped up and got ready to spike, we realized what was about to happen and tried to rearrange our positions to avoid collision. But our efforts just sent us crashing into the net. As the poles broke loose from the soft ground, we smashed into each other, hitting the ground with a sickening thud.

The net tangled us together in a matter of seconds. Once we comprehended what happened, we looked at each other and burst out laughing. We tried to untangle the net but our efforts only seemed to tangle us even more. Losing all hope, we started yelling for help.

Edwards's parents, Esme and Carlisle, came running out while asking what was wrong. But after taking one look at us, they started laughing. Carlisle started to untangle us as Esme ran into the house to get the camera. She came back and sang, "Say cheese!" and then snap! Flash! A picture was taken.

End of Flashback

That same picture now stared back at me. That was 7 years ago, when we were 9.

I sorted through my box of pictures for what seemed like the zillionth time that day. The next picture I pulled out was of Alice, Emmett, Jasper, Edward and I playing volleyball.

Alice had also been a best friend and sister to me. She was also very pretty; all the Cullen's were. She was a small girl with jet-black hair and gray eyes. She was like a pixie but with a hyperactive, overly excited personality that could drive anyone up the wall. She loved to shop and play dress up with me. We had tons of sleepovers, all which consisted of makeovers and movie watching with Rosalie.

Rosalie and her twin brother Jasper were also adopted by the Cullens. But it was just months after they were born and their parents had recently died in a plane crash.

Rosalie and I were friends too. With blonde hair and blue eyes like her brother, they were both beautiful. The two of them looked similar, but in reality were total opposites.

Even though Rosalie was a friend of mine, she was a bit pig-headed at times, while Jasper respected everyone's feelings and was self-conscious.

Emmett was Rosalie's boyfriend. Well, back then at least. I loved Emmett. He was like a big brother to me; literally. He was huge back then, kind like a teddy bear, and he always joked around.

I sighed…. the good old days.

The next picture was of Esme and Carlisle. Esme was like the living Cinderella. She had caramel colored hair and eyes, and was the most wonderful person on earth with her kind and loving personality. She had always treated me as a daughter, and so did Carlisle. He was also one of the kindest people I have ever met. He showed true compassion to everyone.

I finally reached the end of the stack of pictures and found myself staring at my parents and I on the beach. The picture was taken in Chicago during that summer Edward and I had gotten tangled up in the volleyball net. I remember the day I found out that we were moving as if it were yesterday.

(Another Flashback)

Alice, Jasper and Edward had just left for the night and I was up in my room listening to the radio, while making a scrapbook of our summer. It was during that time that Rene and Charlie came in, and told me that we were moving to Chicago.

At first, I didn't believe them. I mean come on, how could you just leave Denver, Colorado! It was my hometown as well as theirs. They had grown up here just like I was. Who would want to leave the beautiful Rockies and fresh air just so they could see the pretty buildings and inhale CO2 emissions? It was insane!

But no matter how ridiculous it was, or how much I denied it, it was all true. Little hints were left each day. Like bits of the furniture being taken away, so that they would be at our 'new house' when we arrived. All too soon, summer ended and I finally had to tell everyone I was leaving. I remember that very clearly too. But why remember something so painful? That pain will only add on to the pain that I feel now.

(End of flashback)

"Bella, its time to go," my mind immediately snapped back to the present at the sound of her voice.

I quickly put the photo back in the box and put them in my backpack. Then I headed outside after Julia, quickly taking one last look at the home in which I had had lived in for 8 years, and was now leaving behind. It was no longer a home, but one big memory.

It contained many happy memories, but there were some sad ones too. The saddest of all, however, would be having to live there when my parents no longer did. The reason being that this past month, they'd died in a plane crash while going to Hawaii for their wedding anniversary. Their bodies were lost somewhere at sea so there was no funeral. Instead, people came by to say their condolences.

I really missed my parents. My mom, Rene, was a young, energetic and slightly crazy woman. My dad Charlie, the town's sheriff, was a man of few words and never showed his emotions; just like me. Tears streamed down my face and grief overwhelmed me as we drove through the streets. Not wanting to succumb to it, I asked Julia a question.

"How much farther until we arrive at the airport?"

"About 15 minutes," She replied.

"Can you tell me anything about this 'family' I am moving in with?" I inquired.

"No Bella, for the millionth time it's confidential. All I know is that when your parents died, there were no guardians to take you in on either side of the family. So, the government just signed you up for the child adoption program. And like I said before, the people adopting, and the adopted person don't know anything about each other except for how old the adoptee is and how they became an adoptee."

"Fine. I get it. Can I at least know where they live or is that confidential too? You can't expect me to get on a plane and have no idea where I'll end up?" I muttered sarcastically.

"Oops! I totally forgot about that. Sorry Bella, you're flying to Denver, Colorado," she said, while parking the car and rummaging through a file that she had in her purse.

Denver, Colorado? No way!

"Come on lets go, your flight is going to board in 20 minutes," she said.

15 minutes later…

I was finally checked in and was waiting at the boarding area. But before I was about to board Julia grabbed me into a tight hug.

"Be a good girl Bella. Make your parents proud and call me if you ever need anything," she whispered into my ear before letting me go. We looked at each other, tears in our eyes.

I suddenly felt a bit sad. I was sure going to miss Julia. She had been like a second mother to me. She had become more than just a wonderful lawyer, to my family and I. Instead, she became a wonderful friend, always there for you, just like now. The tears threatened to spill out, but I swallowed them back, forcing my self not to cry. Come on Bella, you've got to be strong, and for goodness sake don't create a scene, I scolded internally.

"I will," I said

And that was it. I boarded the plane and never looked back because I was afraid that I might burst into tears.

I sighed as I sat down in my seat. The flight wouldn't be long, but I was kind of tired. I rested my head against the back of the seat, a single tear sliding down my cheek, but all to soon I fell asleep. Not conscious for the whole "welcome aboard and buckle your seat belts", blah, blah, bladie blah blah speech.


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