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End of chapter 13:

As I opened my bedroom door, I was greeted by Alice and Rosalie, sleeping bags on the floor and an array of nail polishes all the signs for a slumber party.

"So how did it go?" They asked.

I sighed; this was going to be a long night.

Chapter 14

I woke up to the smell of pancakes, and followed my nose to the kitchen. As I made my way down the stairs, I somehow managed to trip on god knows what and sighed, not even bothering to try and catch my fall. I was too tired, and it was too early to trip.

As I felt myself falling, I waited a heartbeat, getting a slight adrenaline rush, just as I decided to try and catch my fall, I felt 2 arms wrap around my waist. These arms were familiar, but not ones that I wanted around me at this time of the morning.

"GOOD MORNING!" Emmet said loudly into my ear.

"Ahh…." I groaned still sleepy, "why are you so loud?" I asked questioning his sanity.

Gosh Bella, you're usually not such a grump, what's the matter?

"Eh?..oh nothing, just tired, Rose and Alice kept me up really late last night."

"I see, does that mean they're still sleeping?" He asked.

I wasn't sure as to weather to answer his question or not.

Seeing my hesitation as an answer he started humming mission impossible as he made his way to Alice's room.

Not wanting to be witness to whatever he was planning, which was not good, I quickly made my way to the kitchen.

"Good morning Bella," Esme greeted, bless her, in a soft voice.

"Morning," I replied, before yawning hugely.

I made my way to the table and sat down to eat. Grabbing some French toast and a glass of milk I dug in. just as my fork was poised at my mouth I heard a piercing scream.


Yep Emmett was definitely up to no good. He's a dead man buy the sounds of it.

Esme sighed, muttering to herself about why she even had Emmett. I smiled as she quickly made her way upstairs.

Realizing that I did not want to receive the end of and angry Alice and Rose for having been woken up by Emmett, I quickly stuffed my food in my mouth, gulped my glass of milk, placed my dishes in the sink, and all but sprinted to the safety of my room.

I sighed in relief as I made it with out any encounter, and decided to take a shower.

I groaned in pleasure as the hot water soothed my aching muscles and made me feel more relaxed. I had a lot to do today; like find a job, go to the library, and get some school supplies, so I took a quick shower, scrubbing my hair with my favorite strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner and shaved, in my haste I nicked myself pretty bad just as I was finishing, and blood started to gush from my leg.

Drying myself quickly I realized that I hadn't brought a set of cloths to change into. Thank god my room had a bathroom, I thought as I opened the bathroom door, only to slam it shut, blushing like a tomato.

There sitting on my bed was Edward, and I was only wearing a towel!!!


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