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Once Upon A Hunt


Rock, tree, twig, squirrel, rock, bush, flower, rock, grass, stick, weeds, rock. This was so boring, same old thing every single hunting trip.

My family was currently living in Forks, and hopefully we would only remain there for a year longer. As I flew through the forest I thought about the meadow I had found seventy-nine years ago.

I was so alone, and I only realized it when all the other couples in the house were having "alone time" which was not fun to listen in on.

Rock, tree, twig, squirrel, rock, bush. flower, bird, rock, grass, stick, weeds, rock. Did you catch the difference? Yes, there is one trust me.

I had been alone for so many years I really had no idea of any other way. Even as a human I wasn't affiliated with girls, they just didn't interest me. All the girls at school only thought about hair, make-up etc. It was so annoying. Then to have each and every one of these girls begin to undress you in their minds-trust me it wasn't pretty.

Running was my savior, the thing that would always calm me down, no matter what. Whether I was annoyed at Alice, mad at Emmett, or scared of Jasper-a run did the trick. Hunting held no real interest to me, other than feeding because I had to. We were monsters, and nobody could ever tell me otherwise.

Everyday I got up, went to school, and pretended to be a human. But I not. I am a dead heartless bloodsucker who struggles, occasionally, with not feeding off humans.

In my world nothing goes my way. If I'd had my way I would have died in the hospital in Chicago long before now. If I'd had my way I'd be rotting six feet under the ground, alone.

The only other thing that helped me through this horrid existence was the fact that playing the piano was more enjoyable when you could move faster. I played everything I could, and I played about anything I wanted to. Music was my other savior.

I often hear Esme worrying about me finding a mate, but I'm fine as long as I have my Volvo, my stereo, and my family. My family was all I could ever ask for, and I repeatedly tell Esme that I don't need anything else, that I'm fine, but she won't believe it.

Alice is exactly the same way, though slightly more tolerable. Alice has been blocking her mind from me for almost a week now, and last time she did that, I ended up pulling into school and being bombarded by wild cheerleaders.

I don't have an interest in dating, no matter how much Alice tries to set me up. She usually attempts to try and get me alone with Tanya whenever we visit Denali, but I always get out of it.

Finally I reached my favorite meadow. The meadow that the sun shone lovingly down upon, the meadow that was my second home. I sat silently, pondering all the crazy doings of this world that I was supposed to pass out of long ago. This world that was now my lonely prison, that I will never be relieved from.

After sitting there for about an hour, I heard a sound. It wasn't human, it was too soft for that. I cocked my head and listen to the sound get closer, it was most certainly a vampire. I waited for what seemed like hours. For some reason when I heard that noise I'd felt like jumping up and going to meet it. I felt like I'd been waiting my whole existence-for what? I had no clue.

A century later a female vampire emerged from the brush. This vampire was like none I'd ever seen before. She had beautiful, fathomless honey-gold eyes(good the back of my mind said, she was a vegetarian). She had a figure even more perfect than Rosalie's, with curves in the perfect places. Her long, shiny brown hair fell in waves halfway down her back. She was gorgeous.

But at the same time she looked so sad and forlorn, a way I had only seen my mother look when she heard her only son was going to die right along with her.

She finally spotted me, and her eyes brightened slightly. Slowly, and ever so smoothly she came to sit silently next to me.

"Hello." She said in the sweetest, silkiest voice I'd ever heard. "What's your name?" She asked. For some odd reason I couldn't read her mind. I made a mental note to ask Carlisle about it later, because right now, I was engrossed in the lovely woman/vampire in front of me.

"Edward, Edward Cullen." I answered as smoothly as I could, but it still sounded rough compared to her perfect voice.

"I'm Bella Swan." She stuck out her hand, and I shook it.

At that moment I couldn't explain it, it felt as if my life had just changed drastically. As if the world was suddenly rotating on a completely different axis.

That was the moment that everything changed, and years later, when I looked back at that day, it was the best and worst day of my life.

But little did I know, that was the beginning.

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