Disclaimer: Twilight is not mine

Disclaimer: Twilight is not mine.

Chapter 13


Everything hurt. Especially my heart.

My hands hurt from the vampire-proof chains cutting into my diamond skin. My back hurt from the cold floor and the scratch marks that, even as they faded, hurt like hell from the venom embedded in it.

My heart hurt worst of all. I loved the Cullen's, they were my family now. I had finally found the place I belonged, then had it ripped away from me in a few seconds. I wished they would come and help me, but I knew they wouldn't, after all, I had been so mean to them. Sure, I was raped, but that still didn't give me permission to freak in front of Edward and yell Rosalie.

And, I had to admit, now that I was chained to a wall with nothing to do I realized I liked Edward. Liked him differently than I liked Jasper and Emmett. I didn't like Edward in a brotherly way, but in a more romantic way.

But there was no way he would ever take interest in me. I was damaged. Damaged in a way no handsome vampire like Edward would ever like me.

I sighed, this was getting me nowhere. So, it was rape, but it's not like it's new to me. It had hurt, sure I'll admit that, but it wasn't that bad. And now that I thought back to my reaction earlier, I realized how weak it was. I growled at myself. 'Toughen up!' I was so weak.

That's when the doors banged open. "Hello bitch." Justin sneered from the doorway.

I didn't respond.

"Haha you weakling! You should know by now that once a vampire has slept with me I have control over that vampires nerves and brain on/off switch!" He cackled. "It was so much fun watching you pass out and freak out in front of that blonde chick."

I didn't respond. I had forgotten about his talent, no wonder I had acted so weak!

"Well make yourself at home. I'm going to put off your death a little longer, just until my guest of honor arrives." He smirked. "Does Percival Leif ring a bell?"

I should have known they were in this together. Looking down at my lap, I began apologizing for my whole life in my head. My un-life was going to end today.

My pain began to increase and I writhed in pain, barely hearing the maniac laughing coming from Justin. He was using his talent to hurt me.

Then, the other man was there. The man who would surely haunt my nightmares if I were able to sleep. "Well, nice to see you again Bel-la." Percival Leif's mouth turned up into a sneer, and I felt a shooting pain travel up my spine. I cried out in pain. The pain came from the inside, and this wasn't some kind of talent that just messed with my head, he was seriously making my nerves feel like they were in pain.

I screamed as I felt stabbing sensations all over, if I were a human I would have died by now. My thoughts were covered by the fog the pain was creating. When I finally opened my eyes I saw that the two men were laughing menacingly.

That's when I felt the worst pain in my entire existence. It was so painful I didn't even hear the sound of the door opening and the yell. "Bella!" I had completely lost sense of what was going on around me.

Sounds of struggling reached my ears, but I hadn't a care in the world, the pain was all I could focus on. The burning in my veins made it feel as if I were being changed all over again.

Then there was a cool hand on my cheek. It started to move away, so I grabbed it and pushed it to my forehead, the coldness felt nice on the burning. "Everything…on…fire." I muttered when I heard the person mumbling something to itself.

There were sounds of pain in the background. I couldn't tell if they were coming from me or from someone else. The chains were broken and I felt myself being lifted and carried. Slowly the pain began to fade. My mind began to clear up from the smog it had been under and I opened my eyes and began to survey my surroundings.

The forest was flying by at a million miles an hour. Looking up, my eyes came in contact with none other than Rosalie's face. I immediately remembered my angry words to her earlier. "I'm sorry." I whispered, still feeling quite fatigued for some reason, even though sleep was out of the question.

"It's fine." She replied back, not slowing at all.

Suddenly, my body was ripped from her arms and into another. I was about to open my mouth to scream but before I could do anything the person spoke. "It's just me Bella." Edward's smooth voice said. The motion started to slow after that, until everything was still.

"Bella how are you doing?" Carlisle asked, his doctor side kicking in.

"I'm absolutely fine." I answered. "I'm sorry about earlier everyone, I forgot that he can manipulate emotions and nerves, and I should have known he was trying to send me into overload."

"Wait, why couldn't he manipulate our emotions?" Emmett asked in obvious confusion.

I knew that if I had been human I would have blushed. "Because…Because his talents only works on someone if he…if he has sex with that someone." I admitted embarrassed.

"But Bella, what you said earlier-did he really rape you right before he kidnapped you?" Rosalie asked.

I couldn't bring myself to say anything, all I could do was nod sullenly.

"I still don't get why he made you act like that earlier." Alice commented thoughtfully.

"He wanted to freak you guys out and get the guys to leave the room." I took a deep breath. "I can hide pain well, I would never act like that voluntarily. I would have just stayed quiet. Though I probably would have still flinched a little at contact."

"Oh, well I guess that makes sense." Edward reasoned, obviously thinking back to earlier that night.

"Alright everyone, we can talk about this later. Right now, let's head home." Esme suggested.

Home. I loved the sound of it.

But it's not my home. No matter how much I wished it were.

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