Forbidden Fruit

Dune gives Shizuka sewing lessons.

"No, just a little smaller; if the stitch is too wide, it's most likely to come undone later on."

Shizuka frowned. "It's harder than you let on, Dune-kun."

"It's easy once you're used to it."

"Easy for you to say!" she muttered, looking at his handy-work. He had given her several examples and all of them were done in strait lines. Hers kept curving off if she used a sewing machine and her work by hand kept coming undone and the stitches were too far apart.

The demon sighed. This was more difficult than he thought it would be. It was getting close to the time to leave. And of course, that meant Dune would have to go with Shizuka to see her home or suffer the wrath of her father and hence risk being sealed away.

"We'll just stop here for today, OK?" he asked. Shizuka nodded, looking relieved. She had multiple band-aids on her fingers from when she pricked herself with the needle. Dune stared at her hands.

They're really pretty if you think about it, he thought. "Let's go," he said, grabbing his bag. On the way home, Dune kept catching himself glimpsing at Shizuka and sighed. He wasn't having it easy. Demon-human relationships were unheard of and now he was thinking of courting Shizuka…

This wasn't his day. They entered the house and headed up the stairs. But before they parted ways, Shizuka leaned in and kissed him. Dune was shocked, but found himself answering the kiss. No. Not just that, deepening it.

Dune felt Shizuka part her mouth slightly, and he slid his tongue inside and she did the same. Shizuka wrapped her arms around the demon's neck and he pinned her against the wall. Dune opened the door to her room and tried to pull Shizuka inside.

But the kiss broke a moment after.


Shizuka looked down the hall…at her parent's room. "I don't think that would be such a good idea, Dune," she said. Dune knew what she meant. He was disappointed, but he wasn't stupid. He nodded and lingered at her door a little while longer. Shizuka gave him a good night kiss and closed the door.

Dune dragged himself to his room. He wanted more of it. He wanted more of that forbidden fruit.