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A/N: For Royal Flush challenge on the forum POT stands for Pointless but Original Talking! Pairing is Sweet aka Bunta/Jirou, prompt was hairdresser from reckless-rage. Hasn't been beta'ed, so I'll probably go over it in the next few days and repost it for all the errors and typos. Sorry for the mistakes. Would love criticism.

Bunta sat in the uncomfortable chair of the salon's waiting area, looking sheepish, a pouting Jirou next to him. No, not really pouting, more like… ready to burst in to tears at any moment.

"I'm sorry," Bunta whispered.

"It… it's… it's okayyyyy!!" Oh God, there were actual tears now! Bunta sat up, sat back down, lifted his hands, took out a new piece of gum from his pocket and shoved it back in his pocket when his eyes trailed to Jirou's hair, his sweet Jirou's soft, silken curls.

There was a pink gum stuck in it. Bunta's gum. In his Jirou's hair.

It went like this: Jirou came to see him at practice again, skipping his own practice so he could come and cheer Bunta. Bunta had waved at Jirou, taken out his gum to speak to Jirou, but Jirou had looked just so cute that he'd had to grab him and kiss him. Completely forgetting the gum he'd placed for safekeeping on his palm.

Bunta stuck another gum in his mouth and chewed it, squirming in his chair, not knowing what to say. He blew a bubble, took the gum out of his mouth and looked at Jirou.

"You… you think they'll have to take it all out?" Jirou asked, his lower lip quivering.

He looked so cute Bunta couldn't help but grab his head. "It's only one gum! Of course not!" Then he remembered the gum he'd just taken out of his mouth. "I think you'll look great bald! We can ask Jackal for pointers!" he grinned crookedly and tried not to look at Jirou's hair.

"There's another gum in there, isn't there?" Jirou asked, pouting.

"He hee," Bunta grinned. "I'll start eating lollipops!" he promised.

Jirou sighed, fearing the fate of his hair once lollipops would be involved. He'd just have to accept that a life of no hair would be his destiny.