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This is Fang. To my faithful bloggers, thank you for your support. To Max, my love, forgive me for this. I will never see your face again, never hear you voice again, and you haven't the slightest idea of how much that tortures me. There are two things I have to tell you that are of the greatest importance. The first and easiest is that I love you so much, and it is horrible that I'll never be able to tell you face to face. I hope you feel the same way about me, but I'll never know. The second and more complicated to explain is that, well, let me start from the beginning...

Chapter 1

They tossed me back into my cage, my legs banging painfully against the cold metal bars. For once, I was glad to be back in it. Not that I like being in cages, but that it meant that they wouldn't inflict any more of the awful, torturous experiments they had that day. Those experiments were the worst they'd ever done to me. Every needle that pierced my skin was ten times more painful than usual, and the usual was no walk in the park. Even at ten years old, I didn't usually cry, but I was then.

Max, beautiful Max, looked through the bars of her cage at me. I would never tell her this, but I loved her. I knew being only ten, I was too young for this stuff, but then again, I didn't exactly lead a normal life. Her eyes were filled with sympathy. My midnight black eyes met her chocolate brown ones. She mouthed, "What happened?" She was genuinely concerned. I mean, we were always concerned about each other, but after a while the usual torture gets a little old. The way she looked at me told me that she knew this was different, that this wasn't just normal everyday torture.

I wanted to tell her so bad, just to get it off my chest. I opened my mouth to reply, but I caught the gaze of one of the Erasers guarding us. When an evil, blood thirsty hell hound looks at you like that, you keep your trap shut.

So I mouthed back my usual, "Nothing." Even to myself I didn't sound convincing.

She gave me her "yeah, right" look. I guess I was somewhat convincing, for she didn't persue it, but it could've also been demon dog in the corner.

Finished with this day in the hell that was my life, I turned my back to her and slowly, silently cried myself to sleep.

As I slept, I dreamed.


I look down into her terrified eyes, I scream in horror, but the only sound I hear is that of evil cackling. I try to help her, but I can't. She whispers, "Fang, why?"

I realize that she's bleeding badly out of her side, and I reach down to comfort her. But as I do, a knife pierces her chest, and she screams in agony. I scream her name, but what I hear is this, "Max, don't feel pity for yourself, at least you don' t have to see the rest of the Flock die."

My voice is the one making those words, but I'm not saying them. My hand is the one with the knife, but I wouldn't in a million years do that to her. I look down at Max once again. A tear falls from her cheek.

"I loved you, Fang." she says .

I try to say "I love you, Max." but there is no sound.

Max sighs, and then she breaths no more. I cry. And then I walk away, even though I had no intention to.

But then, I feel good.

I woke up screaming.

The next day they gave me a rest from their awful tests. That left me with whole lot of time to think, which I didn't want. Images from that horrible nightmare flooded back, but the worst part was that I could remember that feeling, the satisfation and almost joy I felt after Max died (I refused to think I killed her). I was disgusted and terrified of it. I knew me, and I loved Max, and I would never hurt her or let her be hurt. I decided that my nightmare was exactly that, a nightmare that I knew would never happen. I locked it away in my head tight.

I didn't know how wrong I was.

The next day it was back to testing. It was even worse than two days before. Besides the fact that it hurt like heck, I don't remeber much from that day. I do know, however, that that day would change my life forever.

A few days later, Jeb took us away from the School. You know what happens after that.

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