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Chapter 3

We soared through the clouds, flying in loose formation, just enjoying the weightlessness, the joy, the glory of opening your wings in crisp, cool, high altitude air of the Yukon territories of Canada. It was a good thing we were enjoying something, because things were about to get worse, a whole lot worse.

Why were we in Canada you ask? Because Max's Voice/Jeb told us to. Interesting how that works, isn't it?

Actually there is some reasoning behind that. You see, the School we came from wasn't the only one. There is another one in Alaska, in a small town called Nome. Yeah, that's right. Nome. Not exactly the place you'd expect to find evil scientists doing very evil things. But hey, this is our life we're talking about.

If the Voice aka Jeb is right, which he usually is, we will save all the mutants held in captivity there, take down another evil force of Itex, and continue down our world-saving path. He said we needed to get there fast, because Itex was planning something big. Of course he didn't tell Max what, just to take his word for it.

I sucked in a deep breath. Frankly, I didn't want to go back to the type of place that has almost killed me many a time. I wouldn't admit it, but I was scared, and I wasn't quite into the idea of trusting Jeb again. He tore our lives apart, and that is hard to forgive.

"Max, has Jeb told you what Itex is going to do? I really hate not knowing," said Angel.

"Sweatheart I'll tell you when I know. I promise," said Max, sounding rather annoyed, probably because that was the fiftieth time Angel had asked that.

"Well, tell him to tell you, pretty quick here, because I don't like the feeling of just going to a School and not even knowing if this is a trap or not," said Iggy.

"Yeah, this could be a trap and we could just be flying blindly into it. No pun intended Iggy. But Max, Jeb has lead us the wrong way before," said the Gasman.

Max was about to reply when-"When are we gonna get there? I'm tired, Max, and hungry. When are we gonna stop?" whined Nudge. It was easy to see that they needed a rest. Even my wing muscles were starting to burn. After all, we had been flying for almost 9 hours straight.

"Yeah Max, I want some food, and not any of that granola bar crap. I want some good stuff," said Gazzy.

Max sighed and turned her gaze to me. I myself wouldn't have minded food right then, my stomach had been growling ravenously for the last half hour. I shrugged, and she caught my "yeah, let's land and refuel" drift.

"Okay guys, let's land." she said.

"Yes!" exclaimed Total.

"Finally!" Iggy said, and a few minutes later, we were on the ground inhaling food.

Max had decided this would be a good place to camp. We were in another little part of the woods now, and the sun was starting to set. Max had sent me off to go fill our water bottles in the lake adjacent to our little campsite. I love Canada. The woods are so beautiful. Everything is just so pure. Hues of blue and orange colored the sky, and I just couldn't believe that something like this could contain something as evil and sinister as a School.

I sighed as I remembered why we were really here. It wasn't like we were here to enjoy the sunsets, to just be here. No, we were here to go back to a place that would fuel our nightmares, that we grew up in, and to this day we still cower when we think about it. Then, something inside me shifted. I hated Jeb for telling us to go back to a place of so much suffering. I wanted to kill him. And I hated Max for believing him, for risking our lives to help a few slimy mutants who didn't deserve to live. I could've killed anybody if they came within 10 feet of me right then.

Then, my brain exploded inside my skull. Images from my nightmare and similar to it flooded into my head. All thoughts I had were scattered everywhere against the intense pain that was my brain.

Then as suddenly as it came, it was gone. I stumbled to the water, and just splashed in. It was cold, ice cold, but I needed to cool off. I was under for as long as I could stand it. And then, I realized I didn't have Angel's breathing under water power, so I came back up and filled my lungs with air again. I just sat there treading water. I closed my eyes and dipped my head. I felt like crap. I was nauseated, my brain was on fire, and I just wanted to die. Slowly, I pried my eyes open again, and when I did, I saw my nightmare.

My eyes were silvery-white. They had no pupils. My hair had a streak of the same color running through it. I shrieked and scrambled to the shore. I was so afraid. And to top it off-

Hello, Fang. You are finally thinking the right thoughts.

-I had a Voice to call my own.

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