A Date With Destiny

Summary:When Hinata's friends convince her to sign up for a blind date for her school's King of Hearts ball, she wasn't expecting a match-up with the most popular heartthrob around. When the school paper catches a whiff of this, rumors and gossip are suddenly flying around. Suddenly Hinata seems to be loved and hated by almost everyone she knows. Her fame is shot up into the popular sect of the school, into a life of fame, glory, and broken hearts—something she is definitely notprepared for.

Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

Sasuke Uchiha

Hinata looked over the match-up slip again. It was still the same jaw-dropping name, over and over again. It was the name that every teenager in the massive kindergarten through grad school academy knew and most, worshipped. Sasuke Uchiha was not only number one in academic studies, but also captain of the high school soccer and basketball team. As if that wasn't enough, he had looks that could kill and a mega-rich inheritance. Anyone who could capture his heart would instantly have everything their shriveled little heart desired.

Ever since he dumped Sakura Haruno, girls have been eyeing him more than ever, especially since the biggest bash in school history was coming. The legendary King of Hearts ball was expensive, regal, ultra-cool and instant fame-making. The best thing was, to get in; you needed a date, but not just any date.

A blind date.

This was the night that always changed the life of high school seniors forever. Couples broke up with no tears shed and bonds were made to last a lifetime. It was the ultimate dream of every girl to receive the name of the city's most eligible bachelor, Sasuke Uchiha.

Except for one Hinata Hyuuga, of course.

To anyone, her name would not be recognized, but those who listen carefully would stop short in their step. She was the heir of the prestigious Hyuuga name, the girl with nothing but an inheritance quadruple the size of the Uchiha's and the place as president of Hyuuga Corps. But unlike Sasuke Uchiha, she wasn't outgoing, confident or "cool". She wasn't ugly, but she was shy and that led her to hide behind her heavy clothes all the time. Although she was amazingly knowledgeable about business, she needed to gain the confidence to inherit the company after her father.

Of course, she had friends, even if they were mostly boys. They thought of her as one of them, not as a girl, but just as a friend. It was satisfying enough—until Naruto came up with that idiot idea about the King of Hearts ball. Hinata cursed him one thousand times in her mind before hurrying back to her dorm. She couldn't understand how and why he had persuaded her to sign up for the stupid stupid blind date for the stupid King of Hearts Ball.

Who cared if it was legendary and history-making?

"I'm not going, Naruto-kun," Hinata argued, "Dances aren't my style, besides, blind dates are, well, not my type of thing."

Naruto rolled his eyes playfully; he ripped open a bag of potato chips and stuffed some in his mouth before Chouji snatched it away.

"C'mon Hinata. It won't be that bad, besides, all the guys are signing up!"

"Well, you guys can go have your fun," Hinata scowled, "I'm not interested."

She tried to concentrate on the television screen in front of her, turning up the volume to block out Naruto's annoying comments. Hinata never attended any of the previous dances at Konoha Academy, and she didn't plan to in the future.

"Don't be so lame, Hinata, everyone is going and this is our last year here!"

"No it's not."

"Okay, but it's our last year as seniors in high school, then we'll be freshman in the university sect of this place! We should enjoy this while we can!"

Naruto leaned back on the comfy sofa and took a sip of his Pepsi. Hinata stared at the shapes and colors on the TV screen and tried not to let herself be persuaded by Naruto's argument. It was true that they would be moving to college next year, but couldn't attending dances wait until then? It's not like it was life-threatening or anything to not go.

"Hey, look, Hinata. Just give it a try, okay? If you don't like it, then I just won't pressure you anymore. Okay?"

"Fine, I'll go, but—"

"Seriously?! We've got to get you signed up!—"

"But, just this once—"

"The last sign-up date is 9 p.m. today, we've got to hurry! Holy crap, it's already 8:40!"

"Naruto! Just listen to me—"

"No time, Hinata! C'mon, we've got to get you signed up!"

With that, Naruto dragged her out of the room and down the stairs to the lobby.

"Wo ai ni, XingFa!"

"Wo ye ai ni, XiaoWei!"

Hinata munched on a juicy pear while watching a Chinese soap. They were highly addicting, although she had no idea what kind of gibberish they were spouting, but she could get the gist of it though.

So far, the main actress had gotten into some kind of marriage with an evil guy, though she didn't know that and the guy didn't know that either. Then this other girl, who was her sister, but no one knew that of course, seduced the evil guy who didn't know that he was evil who was also that main actress's husband. Then he divorced his wife and married the other person. Then they all found out that the man worked for some drug company that was exporting opium illegally and then he turned all evil and stuff. The two sisters found out about their relationship and tried to find about the rest of their family. Then the first one, the main actress whom an evil guy divorced was wasn't evil at first, fell in love with some guy who was actually her cousin.

Yeah…and some people say that Japanese soaps were messed up, Hinata thought. She threw the pear core into the violet trashcan next to the coffee table.

It made a nice plunking sound when it hit the bottom of the trash can. Hinata switched off the television and stretched. One look at her clock told her that she should get some sleep if she was going to doanything she had planned on tomorrow. Thank goodness there was no school for two weeks before the King of Hearts Ball. That's one thing Hinata loved about this academy, despite its abundance of frat boys and emotionally ballistic fangirls.

The other reason was the utter amount of space in Leaf Academy for the Rich and Famous (without that last part, of course). Leaf Academy was like a whole self-sufficient community; it had almost fifty thousand people on campus. There were students ranging from kindergarten to grad school and everything from hospitals to movie theatres here. This academy was famous for producing the most talented and gifted at basically everything, be it instrumental, dancing, cooking, vocal or anything else. This, was the place that children of leading business leaders went to establish connections early on. Of course, it was also accessible to outstanding students with scholarships.

Hinata flung open the curtains in her bedroom and sat on her bed, staring at the bright, twinkling lights all around her. It was almost like a city that never slept, she thought humorously, honestly, I can't see any stars around here. Before she laid down to sleep, she looked one last time at the plain strip of paper by her bed. She still couldn't believe that out of all people, she just had to get Sasuke Uchiha.

Irritably, she turned the paper upside and stuck it in a drawer. That was tomorrow's problem and Naruto's, she thought evilly, he's got to pay for this.

"Oh no you don't! Get back here Naruto Uzimaki!" Hinata ran after the blond headed idiot. Her eyes were flaming with a challenge and she was also clutching a pink, frilly dress in her hands. Naruto, on the other hand, wasn't so amused. You wouldn't be either if a madwoman who wanted to dress you in a pink frilly thing was chasing you, and consequently was also the cross-country champion.

Hinata finally chased him down into a dead end and walked closer with a menacing look on her pale features. He smiled nervously and licked his lips, "Um…Hinata, you don't have to do this…I'm sorry! Seriously—AAHHHH!!"

Half an hour later, pictures of a certain Naruto Uzimaki wearing a hot pink dress with makeup on was distributed throughout the whole campus via stacks of fliers.

Hinata opened her eyes slowly, relishing the dream that she just had. Oh, how she wished that it were actually true! But in her heart, she knew that she couldn't run around campus with a frilly pink dress chasing down the real cross-country champion, who by the way, was Naruto. Sounds of loud knocking woke her up out of her daydream as she threw on a light over-robe to cover her pajamas.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

She strode toward the door and flung it open. A perky, blond haired senior with bright blue eyes smiled chipperly and recited, "Only 320 hours and two minutes until the King of Hearts ball! Reminder is courtesy of the Glam, Glitter and All Things Sparkly Girls Glee Club! Have a happy, happy day!"

With that, the blond skipped(bounced, actually) down the hallway only to stop at another unfortunate person's door. Hinata shook her head in confusion; what in the world was the big fuss about the stupid ball? A rhetorical question, she realized, when she stepped into the food court for a quick brunch. It was practically overflowing with girls carrying enormous shopping bags, screaming, squealing and gabbling about the fashionable outfits they just found.

Just when she sat down with a heaping plate of eggs, sausages and pancakes; Naruto came along without his natural troupe of friends. She looked up at him, confused. He normally didn't come bother her this early in the day.

"What's up?", he asked casually.

When he showed no signs of leaving, she responded, "Nothing much. Just a bunch of rabid fangirls jumping around everywhere, what's new?" She shrugged and took a bite of her eggs. She noticed that he was staring at her while she washed it all down with orange juice.

"What are you staring at?"



"I mean it!"

"Yeah, whatever. Anyway, what did you come here for?"

"Oh yeah! I forgot to ask you who you got!"

"For what?" Hinata scowled, trying to remember what Naruto was asking about. He rolled his eyes dramatically at her and replied sarcastically, "For the King of Hearts ball, or did you just not notice the unusual amount of excitement floating around?"

"Oh. That." Hinata mentally whacked herself on the head, "You know I'm not supposed to tell anyone."

"Like anyone cares. C'mon, just tell me!"

"Only if you tell me first."

"Fine," Naruto took out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket, "here."

Hinata wiped her hands quickly, snatched the paper away eagerly and smoothed it out on the table. Her lavender eyes widened in wonder as she read the name.

"You got Sasuke Uchiha's girlfriend?!"

"SHHH!!" Naruto jumped up and snatched the paper away quickly, "Don't yell it out! Besides, she's not exactly his girlfriend anymore, y'know."

"But still, Sakura Haruno! You scored big-time, Naruto!" Hinata smiled slyly, "Shouldn't you be at least happy for yourself?"

"Yeah, sure. You say it as if it were a good thing," Naruto muttered glumly. "Just today she had sent me twenty death glares. How am I going to live?!"

"Well…it can't be all that bad, " Hinata patted his shoulder, " You might actually get lucky with her for once!"

"As if that would happen," Naruto's eyes suddenly changed into slivers and said," So who'd you get, Hinata?"

"Don't change the subject!"

"How am I changing the subject? I showed you mine, now tell me yours."

"Fine. It's Sasuke Uchiha."


"It's Sasuke Uchiha, damn it all!" Hinata whispered quickly.

"HOLY SHIT! Are you SERIOUS?! SASUKE UCHIHA—", Naruto nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Shut up, Naruto! Do you want to set the whole school on me?!"

Suddenly, the whole place was very quiet. Naruto sat down slowly and looked around him nervously. Hundreds of pairs of eyes were centered around them, thanks to his shouting.

"Naruto…you're gonna pay for that…", Hinata glared menacingly at the senior in front of her.

Naruto gulped nervously and tugged at his collar.

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