Manga spoiler: Chapter 476


How?! Jaken wondered. How, how, how...?

Sesshomaru cradled Rin in his arms after rescuing her from the dark depths of Hell. Rin was wondering exactly the same thing. How in the inner core of Earth could a cold, heartless, dark, emotionless, evil youkai... suddenly have the image of warm, soft, chewy, delicious, homemade cookies that went well along with fresh, white milk? Nope. No chance at all of that happening. Impossible. Just impossible. Nothing more with that discussion. Period.

Until now.

He saved me, Rin realized. Sesshomaru-sama is holding me, caressing me like he is my father.

Rin closed her eyes, letting her "father" 's soft hand run over her cheeks.

I've never felt such tenderness... only with my real father. I don't understand. How is it possible?

Rin opened her eyes again. It was then, that the true meaning of life struck her.

Everyone has a heart. They've gotta. How else would they be able to survive in such a world of coldness, brutality, and bloodshed? How could they enjoy running human flesh through their claws with a malicious smirk on their face and a swirling blankness in their eyes? I can't imagine it. I just can't. The image is too undemon even.

Unbeknownst to Rin, Sesshomaru was feeling an unfamiliar emotion creeping within him. It's... love. Love? I've not felt actual love ever since my parents died. How could I have love for a mere ningen then...?

For once, Sesshomaru's thoughts were not one of rage and shock at himself for sinking down to "insect level", but one of curiosity.

My kokoro... its love...


Let it enter my heart once more. Rin... all my love for you. Right here in my heart.

Saved for you. Just for you. Look one more time. You can't miss it.



kokoro: heart (in a figurative sense)

ningen: human

-sama: a suffix used for extremely respected people

youkai: demon


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