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Jack's POV

"Where are we going this time, Doc?" I ask. This is the third of our little midnight excursions. About once a month he would turn up late at night and we'd go off to any random spot in time and space.

"I don't know, we'll see when we get there," he said, just like he always did.

"Some place exotic? Somewhere full of creatures with 19 legs?" I asked jokingly.

"We're here!" he said energetically and jumped out of the Tardis swinging himself onto new soil.

"This place doesn't look familiar," I said, stepping out onto the soft ground beneath us.

The streets were busy with people of every size, shape and colour. We walked up to the one that most closely resembled a human and tapped on his shoulder.

"Excuse me sir, um . . . I'm sorry I'm a complete idiot but do you happen to know what planet we're on?" the Doctor said as the man turned around.

He has a cute butt, though, the man not the Doctor. Although now that you mention it . . .

"Jack?!" I heard a familiar Welsh accent say.

I looked up only to see that the cute ass and accent belonged to Ianto. I had known it subconsciously all along I mean, all the time I've spent starting at his ass I could recognize it anywhere, How can he be here? My young Welsh tea boy is really an interplanetary time traveler. All along I knew there was some unspoken secret about him but I never would have guessed it was this. Maybe he had a 2 year old son he was raising all by himself, maybe he lost his entire family in a fire when he was 3 but a Time Traveler?

"Ianto . . . What - , What are you doing here?" I said laughing a little nervously, not sure what the hell was going on.

"Jack, I can't believe you're here" was all he managed to say, staring at me. How could he not believe I was here? He knew I traveled with the Doctor. Well, he knew I had traveled with the Doctor. If any one should be not believing this situation it's me.

"I - " said the Doctor "will leave you guys to catch up., I'm sorry but what planet did you say we're on?"

"Kanghulf, in the Pluto galaxy. I think we are some where between the years of 2090 and 2160 but I could be off a little." Ianto said, suddenly seeming like a whole different person.

"Right!, well I'm off!" the Doctor said and walked away with his hands shoved into his pocket casually looking around and walking into an abandoned alley way.

"So, you? You're…?" I said, as we started walking down the street.

"I'm a Time Lord." he said and turned to look at me.

"A Time Lord . . ." I said. A little confused. "That's not possible . . ."

"I didn't grow up on Gallifrey and it wasn't until after the Time War that I even found out about it. So even if my body is a Time Lord's I never quite knew what it was to be a Time Lord," he said with a big sigh knowing it was going to be a long night.

"But a few years ago I decided to give up travelling and live my life as a human on Earth. That's were you and Torchwood come into play. I couldn't completely give up this life, But, recently I've been going places at night. Different planets, different years. I'm not like The Doctor I don't go looking for danger. I'm almost the exact opposite I go looking for peace. I go to the planets I know are safe and just stay for a while. " he said as he stepped aside and opened an invisible door. Beyond it was the inside of the Tardis.

"It's a different model from the Doctor's." he said, laughing a little from at the look on my face.

"So how many are there left? How many other . . . Time Lords?" I asked stepping into the large room that was so different from the Doctor's in almost every way but there was one thing that was the same, the heart of the Tardis.

"It's impossible to tell. I grew up on a ship millions of miles away from Gallifrey and when we finally heard about the war they made us all into Time Lords, desperately trying to save their dying race. The Doctor is the only true Time Lord left."

"But you can regenerate like other Time Lords?" I asked.

"Yes, essentially I am a real Time Lord but I wasn't "chosen" like The Doctor. I was just a last desperate attempt." He said, making coffee.

I just sat there trying to take this all in as he came over and handed me a cup of coffee. Ianto Jones, my Ianto Jones is a Time Lord.

"It's almost morning on Earth. We should go back soon." He said standing up and walking over to the control board.

"But The Doctor, I should tell him," I said, still shocked.

"I'll take care of it." He said, giving me a comforting smile.

Ianto's POV

Now he knows, Captain Jack Harkness, my Captain Jack Harkness knows everything.

And now I have to tell the Doctor. How do you tell a man that he's not alone in the Universe?

"Hello, Doctor." I said, through a telepathic message "I'm going to give your friend a lift back to Earth, so there is no need to worry about it."

"How are you speaking to me? Only Time Lords have telepathic connections with each other." he responded.

Then I explained everything. The Doctor said nothing in response, he closed off his thoughts.

We got back to the Hub and I opened the door. We stepped out into the same cell I always parked in and walked up onto the main floor. All day we said nothing and Jack kind of just sat there in his office. Gwen went into talk to him but he just said everything was fine and she left. After everyone else had left I walked into his office and he was still sitting there, staring straight forward.

"Hey," I said softly, and walked over to him and leaned against his desk, he turned his chair around to face me.

"Why" he said and looked into my eyes. "Why didn't you tell me?"

I realized I couldn't answer this question. Why hadn't I told Jack? I wasn't afraid of how he'd react. It wasn't because I thought he'd treat me differently. I just didn't tell him. "I don't know" I said and looked awkwardly down at the floor.

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