Peter Pan Remix

A/N: This is a bit of both Cartoon and Live mixed together

Chapter One: Meeting Peter

Wendy Moria Angela Darling was a lovely young girl with a wild imagination. So wild in fact, that her father, Who was a banker, often thought about taking her out of the nursery. Wendy of course was horrified at the thought of not being able to tell her brothers any more stories. Tonight, her parents were out at a party and She was contemplating her possible last night in the nursery. Michael and John were having a fake sword fight, like the ones she told them about in her stories. Unbeknownst to her, the main charecter of her stories was hovering outside the window. His name was Peter Pan. Peter was a young boy with wild dreams and a handsome face. His tiny fairy friend, Tinkerbelle flew beside him. Peter was unlike any child we could possibly imagine. He did not wear normal clothes, go to school or have a family as we have. Instead, Peter spent his time bear foot, wearing clothes made completely out of leaves. The only thing Peter that ever indicated that he had once lived like us was the gold pendant that hung around his neck. This particular night, Peter was at Wendy's house for a reason. A few nights before, he had been listening to her tell stories and Nana, the big sheep dog had taken his shadow and he needed it back. He watched Wendy for along time, hoping that she'd go to bed soon.

"Wendy, Will we ever meet Peter Pan?" Michael asked, when he and John were done fighting. Wendy smiled gently.

"Peter likes to roam free, in Never land, Michael, I don't think he'll ever come here" She said. "Come now, it's time for bed" Peter smiled.

"Finally" He whispered, but it wasn't quiet enough.

"What was that?" Wendy asked, looking towards the window. The boys shrugged and climbed into bed. Wendy went over to the window and looked out but saw no one. She shook her head. "I could have sworn that..." She trailed off, almost sadly. Peter felt sorry for her and leapt out of his hiding place. Wendy was so startled that she jumped back, falling to the ground.

"Sorry" Peter said, helping her up. Wendy was speechless. Peter Pan was a character in her stories, What was he doing here, in her nursery. Peter waited for her to say something, but luckily she didn't have to. Michael immediately shouted,

"You're Peter Pan" Peter smiled and gave a dramatic bow. Finally Wendy found her voice.

"What are you doing here?" She asked. Peter sighed. No one saw Tinkerbelle sneak into the room.

"I am looking for my shadow" He said. "Your dog took it from me" Wendy thoought about this, than remembered taking something away from Nana, a few nights previous.

Wendy was telling stories when she heard Nana growling. She hurried to the window, but there was no one there. When she turned back to Nana, there was something in the dog's mouth.

"Nana, drop it" She commanded. A piece of black shiny material slid out of the dog's mouth, It appeared to be moving, until Wendy stepped closer. She picked it up. It appeared to be a shape of a young person. "Where did you get this?" She asked. Nana just whined, so Wendy took out a small key and locked the material away into her sewing drawer.

"I think I know where it is" She explained, going over to the drawer. She unlocked and the Shadow siezed the moment to flee.

"Catch it" Peter cried. The children ran around the room until finally, it was Nana, who once again caught the shadow.

"How does it stick on?" Wendy asked taking the shadow from Nana. Peter shrugged, so Wendy did the only thing she could, She sewed it onto him, and he winced. Once the Shadow was once again attached, Peter turned to Wendy.

"Are you really leaving the nursery?" He asked. Wendy shook her head sadly.

"Maybe" She said. Peter grabbed her hand.

"Come with me, to Neverland" He said. "All of you. No grown ups, or rules." He turned to Wendy, "We could use a mother" Wendy sighed. She had always dreamed of going to Neverland, but what would her mother say.

"How do we get to Neverland?" Wendy asked. Peter whistled and something small flew through the air and landed on his shoulder.

"This is Tinkerbelle" Peter introduced. Looking closer, they saw that the tiny fairy was angry about something, but whatever she said, Peter ignored. He grabbed her and gold dust flew through the air settling on thier heads until they were flying around the room. wendy could not believe it, it was her dream come true. They zoomed out of the nursery and through the sky.

"Follow Me" Peter shouted zooming through the air.