Chapter Eight: Home sweet Home

Everyone watched as Peter shot up to the sky looking happier than he ever had before.

"No! I have won!" Hook shouted flying up to where Peter was. Peter grinned at him.

"You are old" He said, pointing his sword at the pirate.

"But I won" Hook protested, swinging his sword at Peter. Peter blocked the attack and sent Hook reeling back into the sail.

"Old" Michael repeated grinning.

"And…." Peter spun Hook around with his word. "Alone!"

"Alone" Slightly whispered. Peter pushed Hook out over the open water where the crocodile was waiting. Hook was slowly being grounded due to the unhappy thoughts Peter and the others were feeding him. Hook desperately tried to stay in the air.

"No!" He shouted. "I won. Me!" Peter smirked.

"Done for!" Wendy and Isabelle said together.

"Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts." Hook whimpered. "Ripping! Killing! Killing!Choking! Lawyers! Dentists!" The lost boys grinned and began repeating the three words.

"Old! Alone! Done for! Old! Alone! Done for! Old! Alone! Done for!" No matter what Hook said, it could not keep him in the air, and he fell straight into the crocodile's mouth. Everyone cheered.

"Brimstone and gall! Silence, you dogs!" Everyone turned around slowly to see Peter, wearing Hook's hat. He grinned. "Or I'll cast anchor in you." Wendy smiled at him as the lost boys danced around, happy to be rid of Hook at last. The ship took off into the air with the help of the fairies. Isabelle noticed Peter sitting by himself, below deck, so she sat next to him.

"Is anything wrong?" She asked. Peter sighed.

"I can't ask Wendy to stay" He said. "She has parents who love her"

"Do you really love her Peter?" She asked. Her brother nodded.

"Then you should go live in England" She told him. Peter turned to look at her.

"But we promised each other that we would never grow up" He said.

"Than maybe it's time to break that promise" Isabelle replied. "Growng up does not mean that we have to forget Neverland or that we have to be serious all the time." Peter knew in his heart that Isabelle was right. It was time to stop being a child and to grow up. Wendy was standing by the railing of the ship when Peter joined her.

"Did you mean what you said before?" He asked.

"Every word" She said turning to look at him. "I will stay if you want me to"

"I don't want you to" Peter said. "Because Isabelle and I have decided that it is time to return to England and grow up" Wendy flung her arms around him. They arrived at the Darling home shortly after midnight. Mrs. Darling was sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery when the hoard of kids arrived.

"Oh my" She said. Her face lit up at the sight of her three children and she pulled them into her arms. "George, come quickly!" She called.

"I'm coming! What is it?" Mr. Darling stopped when he saw them. Aunt Millicent also came into the room and there was a joyous reunion.

"Mother, Father, I would like to introduce the Lost Boys" Wendy said proudly, standing up. "Peter and Isabelle" Her parents stood up and gazed at the children wonderingly.

"Hello" The boys said taking off their hats. Isabelle curtseyed.

"May I keep them?" Wendy asked sweetly. Her parents and aunt were speechless.

"Well, I-I..." Mr. Darling stammered. "I mean, the expense."

"Think of the neighbours." Aunt Millicent reminded them. Mr. Darling suddenly shook his head.

"Dash the neighbours!" He declared. "And dash the expense! Welcome to the family, children" Peter smiled.

"Thank you" He said graciously.

"Will this help the expense, Father?" Michael asked. Everyone stared at him as he poured out piles of gold from a worn out pillow case. Wendy smiled. The lost boys introduced themselves and there was a great rejoicing at the Darling household that night. Peter and the lost boys went to school and got an education, Isabelle became the top of her class. Peter eventually became a banker like Mr. Darling and he married Wendy. They had one daughter named Jane who dreamed of one day visiting Neverland, like her mother before her.