Sasuke's return

It has been about 4 years since Sasuke had left the leaf village.

He went directly to Tsunade. She had told him that he is not allowed to go on missions or leave the village with out her permission for 1 whole year. When he was about to leave a pink haired girl entered the room.

"Tsunade, Naruto and Sai got into a fight again",Said Sakura

"Who started it this time?"


"What happened?"



"Wha.. what?'

"Tell me what happened"



Sakura was waiting on the bridge for Sai and Naruto.

"Hey Sakura-Chan"

"sigh. Hi Naruto-San"

"Whats wrong"

"well it just that..

Sakura was interrupted by a hit in the face.


"What the fuck Sai, Said a pissed off Naruto

Then Naruto and Sai started to fight until they were knocked out .Then Sakura took them to the hospital.

End of flashback

"You knocked them out", asked Tsunade



"Lady Tsunade.."


"what is Sasuke doing here?"

"he finally returned"

"sigh OK"

Then Sakura left with Sasuke trying to catch up with her.



"Sakura i...

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