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"Promise me…Promise me that you'll come back."

Their breaths mingled as their lips touched briefly in an intimately chaste kiss. Pale hands touched equally pale cheeks, the fingers tracing the cheekbones, touching rosy lips, before cupping the woman's small jaw.

"I promise. I promise that I'll come back."

They kissed again, chaste and intimate, just a brief touch of the lips.


"W…what?" A silver brow arched.

"Promise me," they kissed again, "that you will come back alive. Safe, healthy and alive."

Wind rushed through the room, rustling black robes, sending them aflutter, breaking through the silence that had suddenly consumed the dark room. Silver met amber, the gazes locked, emotions surfacing as they tried to fight back the reality of the situation.

"I promise."

Sooty lashes touched the pale cheeks and another pair of pale hands, feminine this time, reached up to frame a strong, masculine jaw.

"Promise me…promise me that…" a few tears fell from the amber eyes, "that you will come back and … we'll get married and … live happily ever after…"

Silver eyes glowed with love and tenderness as the man's mouth formed a half-smile.

"I promise; just like in those silly Muggle fairy tales."

"Yes," she choked on a sob, "just like in those silly Muggle fairy tales."

A crashing boom broke through their kiss, tearing their tender moment apart into a million fragments that fell around them like shards of glass. They broke apart and the entire mood had changed.

He turned from her without a second thought, black robes billowing in the wind rushing through the house from the shattered windows. He reached the door and turned back, watching her.

She watched him, hands clenched tightly to her chest, holding the only possession of his that she could have during this time of death. Tears poured down her cheeks but her eyes remained defiant and strong. She was his warrior, his own knight who had rescued him from the darkness he had nearly succumbed to. She was strong and he knew that she would be able to live on…

He slid the mask down to cover his face, his lips silently forming the three words he had never managed to say to her before.

I love you.

He then disappeared through the door and into the darkness beyond.

"In the name of Merlin! Run!"

She spun around at the sound of the male voice screaming into the chaos. Her hair swung in front of her face and it took only a second to remove it. That second was all it took for the beast to appear beyond the crowd of people throwing curses and spells back and forth at one another.

A shower of brilliant blue light erupted near her and she ducked, deftly throwing back a curse in the direction of the caster. She heard her scream in pain and she turned back to facing the beast as he made his way through the crowd as though he were on a Sunday stroll.

She was searching, trying to find the one sign that he was still alive…

She saw the cloaked figure beside the beast, saw the mask that belonged to him and only him, and felt relief wash through her body.

The relief was short lived as a loud explosion sounded throughout the area, sending bodies flying and people screaming.

Someone ran by her, grabbing her arm and tugged her away from the fray, screaming into her ear, telling her to run.

He would come after her…he was going to get her and her best friend before he took out the only person that stood in his way.

So she ran. She ran through the halls until her breath came out in sharp, painful gasps. She ran until she no longer felt her knees and the only sign of her moving them was that the walls on either side of her rushed by. She ran until her heart nearly exploded from the effort and her vision became ebbed with black.

But still…he came at them.

She heard his cold, malicious voice in the darkness, heard their screams of pain as he effortlessly pushed every single opponent aside. She heard him call their names, heard it as though he were listing the names off of tombstones or obituaries.

'Promise me…Promise me you'll come back…'

He was going to live through this…him with his beautiful smile and loving eyes…He would like through this and live on.

But she never returned the promise…she never once promised that she would come out alive…

She wrenched her arm out of the man's grasp…no, boy…her friend was still a boy just as she was still a girl…

Children…they were children fighting this war and running from evil…

But, she no longer felt like a girl…he had made her realize that she was no longer a girl but a woman…

Women don't run…

Women stand up to their attackers…

They defend what they care about and protect what they love…

They fight for the people who had shown them that life was more beautiful than it seemed.

So she, a woman, would fight because someone had given her a reason to live.

She would fight for him, fight to protect him, and she would stop running.

She raised her wand, standing defiantly before the menacing creature that glided towards them. She screamed at her friends, she didn't know what it was and she was barely aware of them leaving her.

'Yes…run…keep running…I'll protect you…'

The snake stood before her, eyes glinting in the darkness broken only by the light of fires in the distance.

He slowly raised his wand, the slit of a mouth forming a crude smile as it began to speak the words…the words of death that would stop her heart and stop her love…

'I promise…I promise I'll come back…we'll get married and live happily ever after…just like those silly Muggle fairy tales…'

She smiled in spite of herself, in spite of the situation, and she kept her wand arm straight.

'I promise…'

Green light flashed through the darkness.

'We'll see each other again…I love you…'

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