Well I love fan fiction so I thought I would add my own twist to everything this is set just before the final battle with malo-myotismon

Well I love fan fiction so I thought I would add my own twist to everything this is set just before the final battle with malo-myotismon. Hope you enjoy my first real attempt at a story that will go 10 or so chapters. Please Read and Reply so I can fix my stuff it defiantly is not perfect. Oh and praises are good but I prefer mild criticism more.

And as you probably know I have NO rights to Digimon digital monsters and never will to my sorrow this is just fan fiction to twist off there ingenious ideas.

Now some of you know things have come along way. The plot succeeds a lot more than this it does sound like many more fictions when davis goes to the digiworld, but keep reading things get better promise ( I DON'T LIE) though anyway…

This is goggleboy4444 signing out hope you enjoy!!

Chapter 1


A blue dragon leaped in the air flying up just above the tree line briefly blocking out the sun from his partner below.


The control spire toppled down under the force of the attack.

"That's time boys!" shouted Izzy

"Ya! Way to go Ex-Veemon" yelled Davis

"Thaahhht makessss 42" said Ex-Veemon out of breath… "New record…."

Davis jumped in the air pumping his fist "All right!!" he ran up and grabbed Ex-Veemon by the leg "Dude all the ice cream in the WORLD on me"

"I'm holding you to that Davis" Veemon said as he de-digivolved

Tai came over and got Davis in a headlock "Must you always make things so difficult for me…? You're the only one who can ever beat me and Agumon" Davis smiled he always happy when Tai saw him as an equal and he strived hard so one day he could actually reach that level of perfection.

"Ok ok I get it! Izzy what time is it?" he laughed struggling to get out of the fierce headlock that Tai had him in before Tai began to ruin his hair.

"It's beyond late we should go." Izzy replied

The three of turned around and headed over to the digiport.

"Lets go!" shouted Tai

A blue light suddenly flew out of the screen engulfing the three of them. They got pulled in as the familiar tingly sensation of being thrown through a digi-gate went through them. Lights and sounds flew past them engulfing them so they could hear or see nothing else, but the mass of confusion that they new as the portal.



"I really hate that we should really fix that landing with some pillows" said Tai slowly getting up adjusting his neck into a proper more comfortable position. He had been the last into the portal so he could be the last out of the portal as he used Izzy and Davis as two giant cushions.

"Davis get your butt out of my face" growled Izzy

"I'm sorry let me get the feeling back in my legs first" barked Davis

"Boys will be boys" came Sora's voice over the argument.

All of them looked over, their mouths hung open in awe. Sora stood there glowing in the multiple colors of the sunset. Her black strapless dress flowing elegantly down her curves and her high heels bringing her upwards closer to the sky.

"Where have you been our date started 10 minutes ago" groaned Sora pointing her finger at Tai, her eyes hard, her features tight.

"I'm sorry Davis here had to break my control spire record" growled Tai, with a mixture of pride and anger. Davis had always been his little brother that he never actually had, and he at this time acted like any big brother would. With a mixture of anger for being beaten though a mixture of pride for teaching him well.

"Way to go Davis" Sora laughed as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Davis blushed as Tai gave him a warning look. Davis grinned "It's not my fault she mistakes me for you!"

"Ok ok lets go Sora before this kids swelled head sets a new record" barked Tai. Davis was his little brother, and that also was a problem at times.

They left linked at the arm. Sora's head on Tai's shoulder as they walked out of the computer room. The sunset gathering both of them into its arms with the happiness and warmth of their togetherness.

"Izzy I'm outta here you coming with me or are you busy?" asked Davis picking up his backpack and heading for the door.

"I think I'll stay touch up the record book and look over things…." Started Izzy attempting to act like this was not a big deal.

"Ok when you start up the video chat with Mimi tell her I said hi!" yelled Davis as he walked out the door, waving his hand to Izzy who looked completely flabbergasted at the comment.

"I'm not talking to Mimi over video chat" Izzy said turning a shade of red similar to Tentemon. Izzy was always terrible at lying, he was terrible with girls as well and when the two got mixed he was a complete mess.

"Your worse at lying than I am Izzy" yelled Davis as he left the building.

"Children these days" Izzy groaned "Oh hi Mimi how are you?" he said startled as Mimi popped onto the screen.


Davis and Demi-Veemon slowly made there way back to Davis's house Demi-Veemon secretly tucked inside Davis's bookbag. Davis was quiet as Demi-Veemon noticed. Davis was often giddy with excitement when he accomplished something, even more so when he beat Tai at something. Though for whatever reason he was keeping it inside, which was the least Davis-like thing Davis could do…

"Hey Davish what's eating you?" asked Demi-Veemon, poking his head carefully out of Davis's backpack.

"Nothing!" he burst out quickly, too quickly. Though he saw Demi-Veemon's expression and conceded. "Well I guess Kari" admitted Davis

"Why don't you just clear things up?" said Demi-Veemon.

"It's not that easy little man" said Davis sighing. 'nothing is ever that easy' he thought…

"Just go ahead do it now" said Demi-Veemon his head turning swiftly.

"How?" said Davis taking a sip from the water bottle in his left hand, smiling at his digimon's lack of social understanding. He could not do it now anyway Kari was nowhere near him at the moment.

"She and Gatomon are right over there with Patamon and TK" said Demi-Veemon pointing in the general of the park behind them.

"WHAT?" Davis choked on the water he had just chugged. Davis spun around. There she was with TK over on the park bench. "Oh shoot" thought Davis. What was going on, why were they their alone. Kari was not one to do anything without finishing her homework, even for TK, and it was only… Davis glanced at his watch… 4:45pm she could not already be done…

"Demi-Veemon remember that ninja training I taught you after your sneezing nearly got us killed?" asked Davis. The two of them had spent many hours improving Veemon's annoying clumsy behavior so he could properly be silent.

"Oh ya!" he laughed, much to loudly for Davis's comfort…

"Its time to put that into action"


"Just do it and follow my lead!"

The two of them slowly walked up and saw the two of them talking then Kari looked down blushing. TK took her face in her hands as Davis stomach went into his throat and his heart dropped to his feet. They slowly got closer and he watched them in horror part their lips parted and touched.

"Davish what are they doing?" asked Demi-Veemon

"Something that I've wanted to do for a really long time" he silently moaned.

"If eating Kari's face is your idea of something to do you really need a new hobby Davish"

"I'll need more than that before this is through Demi-Veemon" slowly thoughts of what to do came to his head, though nothing seemed to fit, he needed advice, but who. Then his mentor's image popped into his mind. Of course…

Davis spun around on his heels and took out his D-Terminal. "Tai I'm really sorry to ruin your date, but I really need your help and some advice. I would not ask this unless this was a real emergency. Davis" Send.


Tai took out his Digivice. He quickly scanned the message. "Davis come meet us at the restaurant" he replied

"Do you mind if Davis interrupts us? It sounds like he needs some serious advice about something." asked Tai hoping not to draw Sora's wrath. She had just forgiven him for being late the last thing he needed was for her to just leave.

"Your joking"

"I owe him one"


"Let's just leave it at I owe him one when it comes to girls"

Davis shuffled in anger and pain evident in his face he look nauseated more than anything else. He looked around and saw Sora and Tai in the back. He sat down and Demi-Veemon curled around his lap out of sight.

"Davis awww what's wrong?" whimpered Sora. Her older sister instincts kicking in to help the kids out.

"He finally learned Kari and TK hit it off" said Tai not needing to hear an explanation from Davis to understand what was hurting him.

"How do you know that" said Sora

"I don't, but I can see it in his eyes he has the same look I did when you and Matt hit it off" said Tai. The memory seemed to cause him pain just thinking about it. He knew the hurt unrequited love caused and he pitied Davis.

"What do I do?" said Davis softly while his head lowered and his shoulders slumped.

"Well I see three options. One find another chick! Two wait for it to pass and get her on the rebound. Or three give up. That really makes two choices because goggle boys don't give up" said Tai purposely pointing at his forehead where the goggles used to be and then pointing at the goggles that now rested on Davis's head.

Davis smiled at that comment Tai was doing a good job reeling him in like the brother he wished he had.

"So just decide if you still want her make sure you at least act happy for her so she does not think you're a jerk and just wait it out. She is too young to have a first relationship for more than 2 weeks. They already have been at it for a week" said Tai.

"Well I saw them kissing pretty intensely at the park so I don't know….. A whole week they did not even tell me. Its not so much that there together, I just feel they forgot me as a friend. I should have been told if they actually cared about my feelings."

"Davis it sounds like you need to find yourself…." said Sora recalling a darker memory from her past.


"The problem with you is pretty easy to figure out. You're upset because you wanna be the boss." Yelled Tai

" Yeah, like I wanna be boss of this sorry group. If any of you brainiacs wanna take charge, be my guest. I say we should just take care of ourselves." Scoffed Matt turning his back to Tai

" Stop fighting, you two! We've got to stick together." Sora half yelled half cried.

" Don't look at me, Matt's the one who started it. He's got a bug up his nose. Huh. I don't have to listen to this……"


"Huh" replied Davis looking at Sora as she slowly came back from her daydream.

"When we fought the Dark Masters we all got pretty sick of each other Matt especially really lost it. He left the group completely and did not come back until our final bout with Piedmon" said Sora softly not happy with the memory.

"He just ditched you guys?" said Davis incredulously not believeing what he was being told. Matt like Tai was one of the leaders, so sure of himself, so strong, so encouraging. How could he get so lost… That feeling of loneliness slowly began to shift.

"He needed to find himself like you he did not know why he had the crest of friendship because he was not acting like a friend. So yes he left us for awhile and fought the sadness that was in him. Overall it was good for him and us and it made Tai and him find the reason they were so mad at each other."

"So what is your point?" asked Davis, even though Davis was slowly catching on himself.

"She is saying take some time off find yourself. Before you blow a fuse just go in the Digiworld for a week or so. I'll cover for you. Go out blow up some control spires let out some steam and maybe this whole thing will blow over." Said Tai.

"What about the don't stay for to long at a time rule?" asked Davis, slightly surprised.

"I'll let it slide for once" grinned Tai

"Ok I'll leave now" said Davis

"Wha..What already?" laughed Tai

"Anything to make this feeling of wanting to violently kill TK go away anyway Izzy's still at the lab talking to Mimi probably." Davis smiled.

"True ok whatever I got you covered and I will explain to everyone" said Tai

"No I want to tell Kari and Ken." said Davis.

"You sure?" asked Sora

"Yes. I have to go tell them before I go."

"Hurry." Tai and Sora said.


Well that ends chapter one, I am really new at this but I have my own idea how it should go so I thought I should just go for it hope you like please read and reply I really would like ideas on my writing plus any plots. As you can probably tell it's a Dakari what can I say I am an underdog sorta guy hate to anger some people, but read the other parts of the story and I do like TK a lot I just think Davis and Kari make a better couple. Once again please Read and Reply the more responses I get the more I will write and faster. I hope to make it a once every two week thing.