"You're sure you want me to do this?" Angel asked.

"Who else would I ask?" Cordelia replied.

"Wesley," Angel said.

Cordelia sighed, "Okay, Wes is family, but he's not the one gave me a place to start again and he's not the one who kept me alive long enough for me to grow up. Things aren't like they were between us, but they're getting there and you're the one I'd regret not asking."

"I just want to be sure you're not asking me as an apology," Angel said.

"I already apologized," Cordelia said. "I'm asking you because you're the one I want to give me away, so will you do it?"

"I'd be honored."

"So where's Cordy?" Xander asked.

"I thought it was in the invitations," Wesley said. "The actual ceremony is in Pylea. Cordelia and Angel have already gone ahead to finish preparing for the wedding."

"The mirror is really a portal," Fred said pointing proudly to her creation. "A stable one. You just have to touch it and speak the consonant representations of the proper mathematical transfiguration formula, and it takes you to its mate in Pylea. That one takes you back here. I'm very pleased with it."

"I'm sure Alice would approve," Willow commented, Tara squeezed her lover's hand appreciatively.

"Who is she?" Fred asked curiously.

"She's you Sweetie," the Host said walking through the door. "She's the original girl who went through the looking glass."

"Lorne, I didn't think you'd be coming," Wesley said.

"Yeah, given how much you love all things Pylean," Gunn deadpanned.

"I wouldn't miss our very own Princess' wedding for anything," Lorne said. "I thought I might even sing a little."

"That would be bad," Fred said seriously. "Seeing as how harmonic vocalizations cause Pyleans to enter into convulsions."

"Don't worry Sweetie, I was just joking," Lorne assured her.

"Am I late?" David Nabbit asked rushing into the lobby, his purple cape flapping behind him. "My board meeting just wouldn't end, so I ducked out at the last minute. I mean board meeting or royal wedding in a demon dimension, what would you do?"

"We haven't left yet so you're probably not too late," Spike said in a subdued tone of voice. "You're sure it's safe for Dawn to go through this portal, what with her being the Key and all."

"Forget about Dawn, is it safe for me, I'm pregnant," Anya announced proudly.

"Yes, both concerns were presented," Wesley replied. "Fred and I looked into then thorough, you'll be quite safe."

"So do we go now or is there someone else we're waiting for?" Xander asked.

"Giles couldn't get away from Council business in England, Kate said thanks, but no thanks to visiting a demon dimension, and, thankfully, Cordelia didn't know where to send Harmony's invitation. I don't care if Pylea would have given her her soul back, even when she was trying to be helpful, that creature was a menace."

"So lets get this show on the road," Gunn said gesturing to the portal.

"Is her highness angry with me that she won't allow me to see her?" Groo asked nervously.

"No," Landoc replied. "Angel has informed me that it is considered an ill-omen if the groom should see the bride's wedding gown before the wedding occurs."

"I am most relieved to hear this," Groo sighed. "Do you think I should polish my breastplate again?"

"Grooselog, if you polish it any further it will wear through," Landoc sighed.

"I'm doing this, I'm really doing this," Cordelia fussed with her hair. "I'm getting married. I'm never going back to LA again."

The dark haired girl sniffled suddenly and tissue floated over to her.

"Thanks Dennis," she said. "Remind me to tell Willow how much I appreciate her relocating you to Pylea. I know I'd just be dying of homesickness without you."

"Okay, the visions." Cordelia said refocusing on Fred. "You've got to remember everything, even the smallest detail can be important."

"You've said that before and before and before," Fred sighed.

"Well I'm nervous okay?" Cordelia snapped. "Doyle trusted them to me and I want to make sure you'll be a good Seer… I'm sorry Fred, it's just they've been what made me special for a long time. It's hard to give them up, even with the migraines. But now's the time… cause well after the wedding comes the wedding night and so I've got to give them to you before then or I'll end up giving them to Groo when we…" Cordelia trailed off blushing.

Fred sighed again.

Cordelia took a deep breath then leaned forward and kissed Fred on the forehead, a bluish glow passed between the two girls as Cordy whispered, "Take care of Angel."

"What else would I do?" Fred asked, plainly confused.

"There are more people here than at our wedding," Anya complained to Xander. "Why didn't we have more people?"

"Because you weren't going to be the queen of anybody," Dawn snapped.

"I don't think that's right. I should be the queen of something," Anya objected.

"You're the queen of my heart," Xander said kissing her cheek.

"Oh," Anya smiled sweetly. "That's okay then."

"How do I look?" Cordelia asked rearranging her veil and tiara.

"You're stunning," Angel said offering her his arm.

When the doors opened they walked slowly down the aisle to where Groo waited.

Pylea's greatest champion stared at his bride in awestruck wonder.

"Take good care of her or I will finish that fight we started the first time we met," Angel threatened Groo under his breath as he handed Cordelia off to the other man.

Groo nodded, never taking his eyes off Cordelia.

"And so you are bound, by the law of the Covenant," the Pylea Priest intoned.

"With the blessing of the Powers that Be you are joined," a young man who had become a spiritual leader among the former slaves said.

Cordelia smiled and tried to ignore the fact that they looked like they'd rather be ripping each other's throats out as opposed to performing the joint ceremony.

After a moment's pause, Gunn asked loudly, "Isn't anyone going to say 'Now you may kiss the bride'?"

Groo looked at Cordelia questioningly. "It's a custom where I come from," she told him.

Groo slowly lifted her veil and chastely kissed her. "This is a most agreeable tradition," he said. "Much preferable to the one where I couldn't see you."

Cordelia wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a fierce kiss.

"Now that's a kiss," Lorne laughed.

"I guess Queen C is more than just a nickname now," Xander said giving Cordelia a quick hug.

"We're having a constitutional monarchy," Cordelia told him.

"The Grooselog seems quite nice and very attractive, I'm sure you'll be very happy and have many orgasms," Anya told her. "But I got Xander and you didn't."

"Honey," Xander sighed. "Remember what I told you?"

"You said I shouldn't talk about Buf…"

Xander slapped a hand over Anya's mouth and led her off saying, "Yes, but the other things were important too. The part about not needing to qualify compliments and not using the 'o' word, for example."

"What happened to forever?" Dawn asked bitterly with a significant look at Fred.

Angel stopped the girl as she turned to stalk off. "Dawn, I never betrayed your sister. I love Buffy, I always will. But she's gone, and I had to accept that or die myself."

"You didn't have to move on," Dawn replied. "You should have looked for a way to be with Buffy instead of just leaving her."

"Angel, don't argue," Fred said, pitching her voice for vampire ears alone. "She's just hurting."

"Spike, nice color with the hair," Cordelia said.

"It's how it's supposed to be," Spike said softly. "How it was when I was human. And it's William please."

"The Grooselog tells me you assisted him in his quest for the Princess' hand," Landoc said. "You did well cousin."

"I appreciate your saying that," Lorne said sarcastically. "Considering how much it had to hurt."

"Not as much as I anticipated." Landoc replied.

And to his own surprise Lorne found himself grinning. "Did you just make a joke Cus? Maybe there's hope for you yet."

"Are you a demon princess?" David Nabbit asked Marelda.

"I'm just a lowly serving wench," Marelda replied staring at the floor.

"Oh, so you'll join some quest and help a small band of heroes save the world or something, right?" David asked.

"I don't believe so," Marelda replied.

"Do you need rescuing?" he tried again.

Marelda giggled. "You're strange, it's very cute," she said.

"How are you doing?" Angel asked.

Spike shrugged. "I feel like everybody's pet project. Sometimes I hang out with Xander just because he's the only one who'll be mean to me anymore. Willow says it isn't healthy, wanting people to hurt me, but even she can't argue that I don't deserve it."

Spike paused for a moment. "I really depend on all of them. Can't see how you did this alone. Dawn's a sweetheart, thinks I'm her hero. Tara is the most understanding, gentle soul you could ever hope to meet. Willow's my best friend. Anya's decided we formerly evil demons should stick together. Even Xander stopped a human type from pounding on me. And I'd do anything for Buffy… Bloody Hell! I meant Dawn… I'm sorry… I don't swear, not anymore, it's bad… I'm sorry…"

"Will, easy," Angel commanded, shaking the younger vampire slightly. "Easy."

Spike smiled in embarrassment. "I'm sorry," he said.

"I know… And Will, you know if you ever need someone to talk to, just call or come by."

Author's Note: "A New Beginning" will be continued, but I'm posting the next section, "My Name is Not…" under "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" because it deals with Spike and Buffy rather than the group in LA.