Chapter Six

When they arrived at the hospital, Pat was really nervous. PJ went up and spoke to the nurses and then they came over to where Pat and Tess were standing.

"Hello Patritia, we understand that you need some tests done. If you will follow us into this room, where it is a bit more private, we can get started with these tests." The nurse told her.

They followed the nurse into the room and Pat told her story about how she has amnesia and how they thought she could be Maggie Doyle. The nurse agreed that it would be best to have the DNA test done and PJ went to find out about if Maggie's DNA was on the police system somewhere.

The nurse gathered data to find out if Maggie and Patritia's DNA matched, then the waiting game began.

Pat and Tess were ready to leave the hospital when PJ came running back with a huge smile on his face.

"They have Maggie's DNA on the system so they will be able to find out whether or not you are Maggie," he said, extremely excited.

"Thanks PJ, and you too Boss, you two have really helped me today, lots. I was wondering if I can repay your help by cooking dinner for you one night this week?" Pat asked.

"That would be great, what night is good for you?" PJ asked.

"How does tomorrow sound? The kids and I can cook up something for everyone. You can bring your family Boss," Pat replied.

"Sounds good," PJ and Tess both replied.

They decided that it was time to go, otherwise Tess would get in trouble with her kids for being late to dinner. Everyone said goodbye and left the hospital.

"What happened Mum?" Joanne asked as soon as Pat opened the door to their house.

"The nurse did some tests, got my DNA and now we play the waiting game," Pat said with a slight smile on her face.

"Who was that guy, PJ or something? How do you know him Mum?" Brian asked.

"PJ Hasham, a detective here at MT Thomas, he was here before, when I was more than likely here. We were in a relationship I think, I'm not too sure about everything, we'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out," Pat replied, "Now, have you two finished your homework? Because if you have, I think we should go to the pub for dinner."

"We finished our homework Mum, we only had a little bit to do because Mr Lawson was being nice today," Brian told Pat.

The family of three went to the Imperial for their dinner that night and found some of Pat's workmates there. They stayed for a while before heading off because the twins had school the next day.

The next morning when Pat arrived at work, Tess called her into her office.

"Pat, the hospital rang, they asked if you could go down there when you get a free moment. They have the results from the tests. You can go now if you want," Tess told Pat.

"OK, thanks, do you know the results?" Pat asked.

"No, but I want you to go find them out because I know that this is worrying you. It must be frustrating for you," Tess replied.

Pat went into hers and PJ's office to grab her things before going to the hospital. She didn't see PJ anywhere.

He mustn't be in yet, she thought as she went to her car.

When Pat got to the hospital the nurse asked her to follow him into a little room.

"Patritia, the results are..."