Hey! This is my first Gossip Girl Fanfic. so be nice!!!!! PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!!!Thanks!

Summary: There's a new girl in town, and she's not afraid to show it...Right now she's getting popular by the second...There's just 3 questions to ask…Will Blair remain the Queen bee? Will Serena stay the Princess of beauty? Will he boys go crazy?! Or will the new girl claim it all!?!?!


Hey there Upper East Siders,

Gossip Girl here. There's a party going on 72nd street tonight! Guess it's winter break all ready huh? Came too soon. Now, we all know this is the time for the Christmas spirit!!! And we all know there's no Christmas spirit without a rockin' holiday party! Here's the invitation. Oh! And don't worry everyone is invited:

What: Winter Ball.

When: December 22nd, 2008.

Where: The Waldorf's.

Time: 9:00-? (Dinner & dessert included).

Sounds fun huh? Hmmm…Question mark eh? That means there'll possibly be some overnighters…. cough-N-cough…


B walking into a Channel store buying a Beige wavy dress. S at a Japanese restaurant ordering some sushi and California rolls. N checking out men's cologne and women's perfume at Barneys. K & I at Yankee Candle buying four large bags full of cranberry and Christmas scented candles.

Have fun at the party everyone!!!!! Tata for now!!!

You know you love me,

Gossip Girl XO XO