Part Six

The sun was shining. The ocean, not even two miles away, brought seagulls and the smell of seaweed and sunblock on the warm breeze. Loud music with a fast, Latin beat pulsed around the block and trickled into the dormitory of the Miami School for the Culinary Arts. Housing one hundred of the nation's top culinary students, the dormitory had a distinct Spanish flair- stucco walls, classic architecture, low ferns, warm-toned tile.

It was after classes, and the majority of the culinary students were gearing up for a night out on the beach. The occupants of room 26 were no exception- they were primping and scarfing down steak fajitas. Oh, the perks of being trained in the art of deliciousness.

Luis Mendoza was just running his hand through his hair one last time when he walked into the common area, where his roommate Roz was watching the news on their flat screen. She had long since been ready to hit the beach- she was dressed in her favorite bikini and cover-up, and her dark curly hair was ridiculously poufy, as she had intended it to be. He grabbed his keys from the peg near the door but something he heard the newscaster say made him pause with the door half open.

"A group of college students from the Moloney Academy for the Athletically Inclined are safe tonight after being rescued from the Giant's Playground, a local spot for hiking. Freshmen Adam Banks, Kenneth Wu, Parker Harris, Cecelia Underwood, and Julie Gaffney, as well as junior Jared Whitehouse, were attempting to beat the storm down the mountain when disaster struck. Sasha O'Donoghue reports live from…"

Luis' mouth hung open.

"Sucks to be them, donnit?" Roz said offhandedly, sipping a Sprite. She picked up the remote.

"Don't change the channel!" Luis snapped. He slammed the door. "God damn you, Banksie, what am I going to do with you?"

His roommate surveyed him with renewed interest. "Luis, do you know them?"

He didn't answer her. He flipped open his phone. "Charlie Conway, why am I seeing your face on a news channel for being lost on a mountain?" He listened for a moment. "No, I have NOT inhaled too much sugar from the cupcakes I made today! We didn't even MAKE cupcakes today, we made a strawberry torte… Enough about cupcake school. What happened?"

He began pacing in the small kitchen area.

"Slow down, slow down… who broke what? No, I'm not your mother; do I need to be on the next plane up there? Pennsylvania's not that far away, man…"

He looked at the screen. Adam was helping the EMTs load a girl with brown hair who was giving an exaggerated thumbs up to the camera into the ambulance, while the newscaster (who could interview him any time she liked, Luis quickly decided, after seeing her flawless skin and curly brown hair) spoke to Averman.

Averman?! Luis squinted. Yep, mop of red hair, geek glasses. And next him was Goldberg, and then Dwayne. Luis saw Charlie skulking in the background, the unmistakable outline of a phone pressed up against his ear.

"You're talking to me on camera?!" Luis groaned.

Screen-Charlie looked in the direction of the camera and grinned.

"What's up, Mendoza?"

The waiting room in the hospital had never been so crowded. The nurses behind the reception desk eyed the crowd warily. The girl they'd seen on the news had been wheeled in not even ten minutes earlier, taking with her one of the taller boys and a blond girl. The rest of the group from the mountain had been taken to a separate room, where they were being checked for hypothermia. The rest, including the news anchor, had set up camp in said waiting room, where two of the group were currently fighting over the television station.

One of the nurses filing papers threw a look at the other taking a drink from his Nalgene. It's gunna be a long night.

"Seriously, Charlie, we live and breathe sports every other day. What's wrong with a little Cartoon Network?" Averman was whining.

"Shhh, this is good!" Charlie pulled the hood on his sweatshirt up and got as comfortable as he could in the stiff-backed hospital chairs. "It's about the Jamaican bobsled team!"

Dwayne gave him a skeptical look. "But Jamaica doesn't even have any snow!"

Charlie grinned. "Sweet, isn't it?"

Averman crossed his arms and huffed.

They were poked. They were prodded. They were instructed to shower to get their body temperatures up. One by one, they filed into the bathroom and came back out dressed in flannel pajamas. When Parker came out in hers, Kenny and Adam looked at each other and stifled smiles. Not only was she the last to shower, but she was given children's pajamas because she swam in the first set.

She pouted, and poked Kenny in the shoulder. "What's so funny?"

Kenny's eyes roved over her, taking in her outfit again: a pink and white flannel set of footie pajamas, complete with lace at the neck and the cuffs. Her short honey blonde hair was wet and her pout made her look like a petulant five year old.

"No offense, Parker," he started, taking her hand and scooting over on the bench they'd been instructed to wait on for the on-call doctor, "But you kinda look like a little kid."

Parker's eyes narrowed. "I would be annoyed," she said slowly, as if trying to remember what she was going to say in the first place, "But I'm too tired to be angry." She turned on the bench and put her feet up, nestling her back into Adam's side. "Wake me up when the doctor gets here," she said sleepily.

She hadn't had her eyes closed for even five minutes before the doctor walked in. He was tall, much taller than even Jared, and skinny, with reddish-blond hair and sparkly blue eyes.

Kenny's voice could barely contain the grin he was suppressing when he sang, "Oh, Parker, doc's here!"

Parker cracked an eye.

The doctor picked up a folder. "So, stranded on a mountain, huh?" He surveyed the motley crew in their flannel. "Not the first time I've heard that one." He checked the sheet. "Five hours up there in the rain?"

Adam nodded wearily.

"I'm Dr. Hartwell," the redheaded doctor said amicably. "You are…?"

"I'm Adam, this is Parker and that's Kenny. Jared and Julie are in with Lee, wherever she is." The center flicked his eyes down at Parker's tousled blonde hair and lifted his hand to stroke it absently.

Dr. Hartwell didn't miss the gesture that Adam meant as friendship, and from the small smirk gracing his otherwise boyish good looks he'd misinterpreted it as a relationship quirk.

Parker noticed. She sat up quickly and wiggled just slightly away from Adam, as if to deliberately nip any other assumptions in the bud.

They all sat in silence as the doctor took their temperatures and felt their glands, took blood pressure, and assessed their general well-being. Finally, when he was satisfied, he straightened up and sat down on the stool opposite them.

"Well, you guys seem to be no worse for wear, but a little dehydrated. We ARE going to keep you overnight for observation, give you some fluids, make sure you don't start up fevers." He snapped the folder shut. "If you guys will come with me, we'll get you guys settled into bed."

The doctor and two nurses showed them all to their rooms, taking up the end of a hallway- Jared and Adam in one room, Parker and Kenny in the center, and Lee and Julie in the very end room.

Once Parker had begrudgingly gotten underneath the covers, she looked at the nurse holding a pitcher of water. "Can our friends come in and visit for a couple minutes? Pleeeeease?" She gave the nurse a hopeful look.

The nurse refrained from scowling. "A few minutes. You need rest, and they need to go home. It's late."

Parker clapped happily. "Thank you! Thank you!"

A few moments later, Charlie was barreling through the door. "Kennaaaay! How's it goin', buddy? Hey short stuff!" He ruffled Parker's hair, plopping on her bed. He looked around. "How'd you guys end up sharing a room?"

Parker shrugged, pulling the blanket further around her. "Whatever. I'd rather share a room with Kenny than you."

"Ouch!" Charlie said, clutching his heart. "That hurt!"

Kenny smirked at the captain. "Truth hurts." He dodged a pillow thrown by Charlie. "Hey!" he said indignantly. "Hospital bed here! I'm fragile!"

Charlie picked up the remote to the television hanging across from Parker's bed. "Oooh, cable!"

Parker rolled her eyes. "Distracted by shiny things. How appropriate."

Charlie ignored her pointedly, and flipped the channel to the Jamaican bobsled team movie. Unfortunately for him, it was over. Frowning, he kept flipping until he found the channel for SpongeBob SquarePants. Settling back on his elbows, he grinned and said happily, "I love cartoons."

Rather than let herself be annoyed by SpongeBob's irritating laugh, she rearranged the pillows behind her and worked the side controls on the bed so it raised the head of the bed up a bit more, forcing her into a sitting position. She plumped up her extra pillow. "Captain Duck, lie back," she instructed.

"If we weren't in a hospital, I would think something kinky was going on," Kenny said from the next bed.

Parker snickered.

Charlie hadn't heard the comment, but peeled his eyes off of SpongeBob long enough to look back. His smile brightened when he saw the pillow. He scooted back eagerly and was soon snuggling next to her, occasionally laughing at the show. He barely noticed when Averman and Goldberg came in and piled onto Kenny's bed.

Averman sat there quietly on Kenny's bed while everyone became engrossed in the cartoons. After a while Goldberg complained that Averman's knees were drilling into his back and he crawled over onto Parker's bed. He shoved Charlie a little to the side and settled in happily.

The redhead watched in awe as Parker went from watching the television contentedly, curled up against Charlie and rubbing Goldberg's back absentmindedly to sound asleep. He elbowed Kenny and pointed.

Kenny followed his gaze and spluttered, but couldn't respond- a different nurse came in just then, and nearly burst a blood vessel when she saw the number of people piled on the beds. Her initial screech woke Parker up. The nurse ordered everyone out, complete with the shooing motions, herding them all the way to the entrance to the emergency ward until she was satisfied they wouldn't try to sneak back in. When she came back, she resumed her duties, taking Kenny and Parker's vital signs.

"You two should be asleep," she said pointedly, pointing to her wristwatch. She flipped the television off.

Parker glared at her. "I was," she mumbled, stifling a yawn.

As soon as she shut off the lights and left the room Kenny glanced over at Parker. She had curled up under the thin blanket and burrowed her face into the pillow.

He rolled over and pulled his blanket up and breathed deeply.

News coverage in Pennsylvania had to be slow. It seemed like, everywhere they went, some reminder of that disastrous hike jumped out at them from magazine stands or local newspaper boxes. Thankfully, by Halloween, things had died down enough so that Adam wasn't afraid that he would be ambushed outside his dormitory on his way to hockey practice.

It also meant that he wasn't able to figure a way out of attending the Halloween Dance.

Adam wasn't one for public appearances. That was more Charlie's gig. Charlie LIVED for the spotlight that being the center of attention came hand-in-hand with. Adam preferred to be an innocent, silent bystander.

That was before Charlie had decided their suite was going to have a group costume.

Adam stared at himself in the mirror over his dresser again. There was no way he was going to this dance. Especially dressed as Luigi. His wig itched, the mustache Charlie had proudly produced at lunch smelled like a cheap dollar store candy machine, and the white gloves were making his hands sweat. At least he looked good in green.

Across the room, the other guys that he and Charlie roomed with were high-fiving and talking about how epic their entrance was going to be. They were decent enough guys- Craig played soccer and Mike played basketball, and both had girlfriends that they stayed with more often than not. Both had been psyched when Charlie announced what he wanted to go to the dance as.

Craig, because he was shorter and more goofy, was a shoo-in for Yoshi. That left Mike, the tallest, to take on the role of Bowser. Both had enlisted their girlfriends' help and produced awesome costumes.

"Dude," Craig said as he tested the swing of Yoshi's tail, "This is awesome."

"Where's Charlie?" Mike asked, securing the half-shell backpack for his Bowser costume.

Adam shrugged. He jammed his hat on his head and sat at his desk.

"Don't look so happy, Banksie," Charlie said when he walked through the door. "Don't tell me you're having second thoughts?" He twirled his Mario mustache deviously.

"Believe it or not, I have midterms to study for," Adam grumbled.

"No way," Charlie said, pulling the center to his feet and throwing an arm around his shoulders. "No Mother Duck going to bed at eight tonight!" He reached into his overalls and pulled out a flask. "Refreshment?"

"Charlie, seriously…" Adam had the beginnings of a massive headache. "Do you remember the no-alcohol policy? Our contracts?"

"You're going to need some liquid courage to hang with the ladies tonight," Charlie grinned at him from underneath that ridiculous mustache.

"Ladies?" Adam ground out. "Who are you talking about?"

"C'mon, Banksie," Charlie groaned. "You're kidding me, right?" When the blond couldn't answer, he said slowly, "You know, our girls. Julie, Connie, Parker, Lee, Mara… remember them? Plus, all the hotties that are going to be allll over us when we hit this dance!"

From behind them, Mike and Craig nodded sagely.

"Anyway," Charlie said, pulling out his iPhone, "Say 'cheese'!"

The girls in question were also putting their finishing touches on their costumes. With Lee on crutches, the maintenance staff had swapped out her standard-issue loft bed with a futon she could get on and off with ease, so space had been cramped lately. Add in the wheelchair the health center staff and the athletic trainers were required to provide, and it was really cramped in suite 304.

Thankfully, Lee's spirits hadn't been diminished by her injury. Sure, she wound up having to have surgery on her ankle and have two metal pieces attached, but she rolled or swung around campus cheerfully enough, and even convinced her coach to allow to stay on the track team as a manager for the fall season.

That night, her wheelchair served as a pivotal part of her costume.

She casually asked Parker and Dom to swing by the recycling center on their way back from practices to nab some cardboard. They didn't think anything of it, and with their schedules so hectic and busy, they hadn't seen her do anything with it, so they'd promptly forgotten.

While Julie, Parker, and Connie were getting their costumes on, Lee had wheeled down the hall to Connie and Mara's room. When she and Mara returned, Connie had immediately burst into giggles.

Together, they had transformed Lee's wheelchair into a bulldozer, and she was wearing red suspenders over a white t-shirt, and a yellow hard hat. Mara was dressed similarly, though her t-shirt was a bit more low-cut and her hard hat propped up so her big blue eyes glittered under her mascaraed eyelashes. She held a kid's play shovel one hand.

"You guys look awesome!" Connie exclaimed. Her long brown hair was stuffed up underneath a strawberry red wig, pulled into a ponytail, and secured with a red bow on top.

"Thanks!" Mara replied brightly, pushing Lee into the room.

"Oh my God, I can't believe you guys actually went through with it!" Lee cried happily. She looked at Mara from underneath her hard hat. "I gave them the idea of going like the PowerPuff Girls ages ago!"

"Yeah, but do you know how long it took us to find these boots?" Parker grunted as she zipped up her snug black platform boots. Her tight green dress hugged her slight build, and her dark Buttercup wig hid her short blonde hair. She scowled. "I look like a doofus."

Beside her, Julie's blonde hair was brushed into two pigtails, and her blue Bubbles dress made her c-cups look amazing. "I'm ignoring you."

Connie shook her head at her friends. "We look hot."

They struck a pose. "Sugar," Julie said with a coy smile, bringing her hands up in a mock pistol.

"Spice!" Parker chimed in, her back against Julie's.

"And everything nice!" Connie flashed a huge grin, kneeling the best she could in her short pink dress and black boots, her own finger pistol straight ahead.

Mara whipped out her iPhone, which was appropriately cased with a yellow caution sign on the back, and snapped a picture. "Fantastic!" A few moments later, she snickered. "Instagrammed and tagged on Facebook."

"Me next, me next!" Lee squirmed around in her chair. She gave a thumbs-up and gave the cheesiest grin Parker had ever seen.

"Come on, girls," Connie said, tucking her ID holder into the pocket of her sparkly pink dress. "Places to be, people to wow."

"This DJ isn't bad!" Jared shouted over the pulsing music. He had caught up to the girls outside the McEnroe Student Center, where Hamm Café had been rearranged to serve as the dance space, and offered to take over pushing Lee's bulldozer chair. He had somehow found the parts to a Green Giant costume and was, in Lee's opinion, rocking the spinach leaf skirt, tights, and green body paint.

Standing in line had taken the greater part of an hour. Connie, Julie, and Parker had been stopped several times with compliments, requests for pictures, as well as a couple of catcalls. Those Connie answered with a very un-PowerPuff Girl hand gesture. Velvet Hammer indeed.

"He shouldn't be!" Dominique sang as she danced by with some of her swim team friends, dressed as Nicki Minaj. "It's Russ!"

Connie's eyes widened. "NO WAY." Sure enough, up on stage and wearing an absurdly large clock face around his neck was Russ. Connie had forgotten that he had bid on a dj spot at the school's radio station, WMAI, and had a radio show one hour every Tuesday.

Parker peered up at Russ. "What the hell is he supposed to be?"

"That would be Flava-Flav," Charlie answered. He held his arms out, snapping his Mario overalls and grinning. "Whaddya think?" Behind him, his roommates were checking in with dance security.

"Cute." Julie smirked. "Where are the others?"

"We saw Averman in line," Adam came up behind Charlie. His mustache was already crooked. "He's a mime."

"Banks, c'mere," Lee motioned. He bent down and she unceremoniously ripped it off his face.

He yelped, his gloved hand flying to his face. "Seriously?"

"I'm fixing it!" She smoothed it back over his mouth. "See? Better." She flexed. "All in a day's work."

Julie snorted. She turned back to Charlie. "Anyone else?"

Charlie thought about it. "Averman as a mime, I saw that girl, Andrea, running around in a Wonder Woman cape, um… Guy's already here cos of Russ, and yes, Connie, he's dressed as Mojo Jojo, haven't seen Portman and Fulton since practice this morning… oh! You'll never guess." He snickered. "Russ, Ken, and Averman convinced Dwayne to dress as a gangster!"

Parker stared at him. "Wait… what?"

Charlie's snickering went into full-on giggling. Beside him, Adam looked like a disapproving elderly aunt. "He's dressed in a bunch of Russ' clothes, and they found him some cheap dollar-sign necklaces."

"I've got to see this to believe it!" Lee declared from her bulldozer. She looked up at her partner-in-crime. "Seriously. Mara. We're finding him. Anyone else want to go?"

"Me!" Parker volunteered. Together, they swung into the dancing mob.

"Russ dubbed him D-Money," a voice came from behind them.

Adam stared at Ken, who had on a white button-up shirt, gray pants with suspenders, glasses, with several pens lining his front pocket and a paper under his arm. "Who are you supposed to be?"

Ken smirked, and started unbuttoning his shirt.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Julie held up her hands. She glared good-naturedly at her friend. "What are you, a closet exhibitionist?"

Ken rolled his eyes. Underneath his dress shirt was a Superman shirt. "Clark Kent, at your service."

Connie patted his chest. "Dork." She adjusted her bow. "I've got some monkey-lovin' to get." With a wink and a flourish, she had disappeared.

When Averman came in and pantomimed that he thought they were being lame by standing around rather than dancing, the group split up. Charlie and Averman went in search of the Bash Brothers and what horrific costumes they had come up with this year. Julie was delighted to see Jared lumber off with the intent of finding a certain wheelchair-bound track star and her crew. She threw an arm around Adam, who still looked like he was still miserable, and said, "Come on, Banksie, we're going dancing."

She ignored his protests as she negotiated the crowd on 3-inch platforms with a six foot plus hockey player in tow. They found a clearing near the front of the crowd, closer to the stage, and she started moving to the admittedly awesome music Russ was playing.

After a few minutes, she stopped and put her hands on her hips, glaring at her former childhood boyfriend. "What is wrong with you, Banks? I've been dancing around you like some demented May Pole and you haven't moved a muscle!"

Adam nodded, and then, after a few seconds' pause, started shifting his weight back and forth from side to side in what Julie assumed was to the beat of the music. He lifted his arms and started snapping his fingers. Well, as best he could with his Luigi gloves.

Julie sighed, and kept dancing. "Good enough."

It hadn't taken long for the goofy RA to find Lee, Parker mused happily as she ladled herself some punch from the bowl the decorating committee had provided. The two were sitting at a table, removed from the melee of dancing students, chattering away like a pair of monkeys. He adored her, it was obvious. Parker was about to pull out her phone to snap a creeper photo when she heard whispering behind her.

"Dude, just dump it in before they see you!"

"Shut up, dude, the cap's stuck!"

Parker turned around and her giddy smile turned into a frown of exasperation. "What the hell are you doing?"

Fulton Reed broke out into a grin, made all the more creepy due to the fact that his costume was supposed to be Chucky. Next to him, holding a bottle of vodka, was Dean Portman. He was dressed like Jason, complete with hockey mask and giant blade.

"Spiking the punch," Portman replied, dumping half the bottle in the bowl. "Obviously."

Fulton dunked a cup in and took a sip. "Maybe a little more."

Portman poured the rest in. "How's that?" He served himself a cup. He sighed happily. "Just like Grandma used to make."

Parker raised her eyebrows. "Seriously?"

The enforcer drained his cup in time to see the dance security people looking in their direction. With a quick 'see ya,' he and Fulton were gone.

She turned her back to the punch bowl and got some more punch, savoring the mostly-vodka concoction slowly while she took in the dance scene unfolding around her. There were some guys dressed like otherworldly aliens clustered around the chips and queso that started making Trekkie noises in her general direction, so she abandoned her cup and went to find some of her friends.

Her search was cut short when she walked into Averman. His normally unruly hair was stuffed under a black beret, and Parker recognized Connie's black and gray striped shirt under his red suspenders.

He pantomimed a wave, then pointed beside him to Kenny.

"Hey, Clark Kent," she said with a smile and a little hip shake. "What's shakin'?"

Kenny laughed. "You're funny, PowerPuff Girl. What's your name?" He stuck out his hand. "I'm Kenny Wu. This is Lester Averman. We play hockey."

Cold dread washed over Parker as she stared at her friend's hand. Almost two months of being friends, and he didn't recognize her in a dress and with her dark wig on. She didn't know whether to laugh or be upset.

The look on Averman's face mirrored hers. He started finger-spelling frantically.

"Aves, I didn't know you knew sign language!" Kenny looked impressed. "I never learned… what are you saying?"

Parker stared at him.

"So," Kenny turned back to her. "Can I get your name?"

Averman's signing got faster.

Parker nodded, a small grin forming on her red lips. She lowered her eyelashes. "Just call me Buttercup." She held out her hand. "Wanna dance?"

Averman's jaw dropped.

Soon Parker was in front of Kenny, pressing her back up against his chest and dancing around as best as she could. She felt a little weird, because, well… it was Kenny… but there was something that just felt right about being that close to him, in his arms, acting just a teeny tiny little bit slutty.

And from the way he was shaking his hips against hers and pressing his mouth to her neck, it was going over pretty well with him, too.

Well, shit.

"Thanks for wheeling me home, Jared," Lee said when they got to her door. He had offered to walk her home and she had accepted, not wanting to tear her friends away from dancing before they were ready.

"No problem. Hey," he said, coming around to kneel on the side of her bulldozer. "How are you holding up? Like, for real?"

Lee smiled. "I'm okay," she said, waving him off. "Seriously. Would I rather be running my sprints? Yeah. Probably. But that hike made it totally worth it."

Jared grinned at her.

"Besides," Lee continued, taking one of his large hands in both of hers, "I got to hang out with you, didn't I?"

His grin got wider.

"Would you want to go out with me?" Lee asked suddenly. When he didn't answer right away, she added, "You know… or not."

Jared leaned over, brushing her bangs out of the way, and captured her lips in a kiss.

When he pulled away, she managed, "I'll take that as a yes?"

Charlie walked back towards the dormitories after the dance was finished with Adam, Averman, and Dwayne, his mustache long gone and his gloves stuffed into his overall pockets.

"He did what?" the captain was asking incredulously.

"I'm telling you," Averman said exasperatedly, his vow of silence for the evening long since abandoned,. "Ken was totally grinding up on Parker, but he legitimately didn't know that it was her!"

"How could he not have known it was her?" Dwayne asked. "I mean, it was dark in there, and sure, she was wearin' a wig and all, but…"

"I still think you could've said something, Averman," Adam snarled.

They all stopped to stare at their friend.

"What if this ruins their friendship?" Adam continued, throwing up his hands and reminding Averman of Goldberg's grandmother that visited from Portugal in the fifth grade. "What if they don't hang out anymore? What if our group gets weird?"

"I just thought it would be funny," Averman mumbled. "I didn't think it would go that far, I thought he would eventually recognize her and we'd all laugh about it."

"Well, joke's on you, then," the center snapped.

Charlie held up his hands. "Woah. Banks. We don't know what's going to happen, or if anything will happen. Ease up."

"No, I will NOT ease up, Charlie," Adam bit out. "I think Ken really likes her. You didn't see them together up on the mountain. You didn't pay attention to them the day we got released. I've never seen him act like this around anyone."

Charlie frowned. A car sped by them, narrowly missing them on the sidewalk. "Maybe we should work on damage control in the morning. Text me if you catch wind of anything." He led Adam towards Brady Dormitory.

"I had a great time tonight," Ken said softly in front of his door. His mystery dance partner had insisted that she drop him off instead of the other way around, which, as a gentleman who had been raised by Julie and Connie, was what he would have preferred. Tonight hadn't been a normal one for him, though- he rarely threw all caution to the wind and just went with what was happening without any thought.

He kind of liked it.

His mystery dancer stared up at him, and smiled coyly. She really was quite pretty, with short black hair and green eyes. She was about Parker's height, but that's where the similarities stopped. Parker was light and fun and teasing, the perfect wholesome girl combination of quirky and sporty that ordinarily drove him nuts to the point where he wondered how he had kept the fact that he had a crush on her a secret for so long.

This girl, though, she was secretive and sexy and artfully done makeup, hips that swiveled teasingly and a pair of breasts that had all but exploded out of the top of her dress. And damn if it didn't make him want her.

"Me, too," she said finally, drumming her fingertips on the doorframe.

Kenny leaned down and kissed her, slow at first and then not slow at all. He thread his hands in her hair, and she moved closer to him, pushing him up against the door. He started when he felt the tip of her tongue seeking the inside of his mouth, but relaxed and let her in, savoring the lingering taste of fruit punch on her lips.

She finally pulled away. "I'll be seeing you, Superman." With a wink, she walked away, leaving Ken alone with his jumbled thoughts.

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