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Chapter 1

The loud clicks from the ceiling loudly filled the air as the metal flaps pulled open, revealing the full moon over Mansbridge Academy. The metal clicks were almost like a trumpet blaring at a morning summer camp to the vampiric students that hid in the wine cellar of a Doctor Murdoch. Coffin doors banged against the side as the pale students emerged from their death beds. Without a word, almost as if by command, they gathered around the dimly lit table. Vampire High was now in session.

"Welcome back. I hope you all enjoyed your vacation." The vampires glanced up to where the voice had come from. The voice was not from that of Doctor Murdoch, whom they had expected to welcome them back warmly, but that of a teenager not much older than the age they had all been turned. "Doctor Murdoch will be a moment. He wants you all to socialize and become re-acquainted with one another before he outlines the curriculum for this semester."

"Who are you, and why is Doctor Murdoch not here to tell us this?" Essie asked snidely as she stared at the teenage girl. Essie didn't like the looks of this girl. She was probably no older than 17, maybe 18 at best. She was pathetic and mousey looking. Her crimped brown hair stood plainly on her shoulders and glasses with large thick lenses sat on her nose. She was dressed in what looked like Merrill's old school uniform. Merrill frowned at noticing this, not wanting to be reminded of the last time she wore her own school uniform.

"And why did he send a human? Your odor is so thick of human, I can smell it." Marty bared his fangs and licked his lips. "It is dangerous to be in the same room with a bunch of unfed vampires, girlie." Drew and Karl frowned at how Marty looked at this girl. Karl seemed more offended at Marty's look than Drew did, but for good reason.

The girl smiled, almost evilly, as if she knew something they didn't. "I would be careful who you call human, Neanderthal." As if by magic, fangs grew where her canine teeth had been. She smiled at them again, baring her fangs. "Now take yours seats."

They all took their seats willingly. Marty growled softly, but still did as he was told. The girl walked over to the passageway entrance as the sound of it opening echoed in the room. The vampires glanced at one another and then at the new girl…She obviously wasn't a student…so who was she?

A few seconds later, Dr. Murdoch appeared in the doorway, looking alive and as awake as ever. He greeted them all with a smile as he walked over. "Hello everyone. I suppose everyone had a decent break." Dr. Murdoch stopped and stood at the head of the table. He looked at his returning students. "I hope you all are happy to be back. As I'm sure you've taken notice, we have new staff on the night school. This is my student aide, Ally. She is going to be learning how the program works, and join us from time to time in our assignments and off campus escapades."

Drew raised his hand. "Yes Drew?"

"Dr. Murdoch, I do not mean to be rude, why does she smell like a human? Is she a newly transformed vampire?" Drew crossed his arms. Karl shifted in his chair. He knew, but didn't intend on sharing.

Ally did not give Dr. Murdoch a chance to answer, interrupting before he could speak. "I am a half-vamp. I was born human and because my mother was a vampire, I gained my fangs at age 13. I will always reek of human because my father was human and not a vampire." Ally frowned and stepped into the dim light of the room. Dr. Murdoch nodded at this and then shrugged. "Anymore questions?" No one said anything. "Good…Sorry for interrupting, Dr. Murdoch."

"It is quite all right, Ally." Dr. Murdoch looked back at his students. "All right, now. Let's get started. It's the first day, so I wouldn't make you all work too hard. I want you all to write a theme." Groans erupted from the vampires at the table. "I'm not asking a lot. Just a paragraph about what you did over your break. Tell where you went, what you did, who you met, etc. After you're done, you guys can use the TV or read or whatever you normally like to do. At 1am, like always, is snack time." Dr. Murdoch walked over to the desk in the corner and took lined paper from the surface. He than gave each vampire student sitting at the table a piece of paper. "Please no talking until you're finished and in the other room. Give Ally your theme when you are finished." With that said he then left the room. Ally did as well, but into the common area where the TV, the couch and the newly installed coffee table stood. The vampire students began to write.

/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\

After all of the vampire high students had finished, they were all in the common room doing something or other to keep themselves occupied. Drew was reading through another one of his books. Merrill was petting Bella the rat's belly near her coffin. Essie had busied herself with unpacking her newly designed clothes into her closet above her coffin. Marty kept himself busy with a new thing he had discovered while vacationing in Japan: handheld video games. No one was in the middle area with the teacher's aide, which actually suited her better. She simply sat quietly, leaning over the coffee table and reading the theme that one of the day students had turned in. Ally looked up suddenly as she felt a presence over her. Karl stood over her, as if attempting to read what she too was reading. She smiled gently. "Finished Karl?"

Karl looked startled for a moment, but then realized she was a vampire as well, so it shouldn't have been a surprise for her to know he was there before she even glanced up. He cracked a smile quickly and nodded as she looked up at him. "Yea, all done." He glanced around for a moment as he placed his theme paper on the coffee table in the pile with the others. "Ally…can you talk right now, or are you busy?"

"Uh…sure. I'm not busy." Ally set down the theme she was reading and looked up at Karl. Karl slowly sat down next to her on the couch. He seemed to look a bit nervous, biting his lip as looked at her. She watched him with a quizzical look on her face. "Karl?"

"I want to say thank you. Dr. Murdoch told me that you had spoken through to the council on my behalf to stay in the program. Apparently what you said had some effect on the council members, and the vote for me to leave changed drastically after you had spoken…really, thank you. I didn't want to leave, and you made it happen for me." Karl spoke softly, not wanting his classmates hear him to talk to someone they obviously did not like. Ally smiled gently and played with the end of the skirt, as if she were distracted by its hemline. "Why did you do it though? I have to ask."

Ally shrugged, still looking at the end of her skirt. "Let's just say I had a similar situation, and not go into details, okay Karl?" Karl nodded slowly and turned around as Marty approached them with a huge grin. Ally looked up, frowning. "What is it, Marty?"

Marty snickered as if Ally had just made a hilarious joke. Ally's eyes narrowed as she stared. Karl frowned. "I just didn't know Karl had given up so easily on Essie for a half bred. I also didn't even think a half bred could have a love connection with a knuckle dragger." Marty snickered again. Ally stood up and bared her fangs, her eyes turning red, looking ready to pounce. Karl held Ally back with one hand to keep her from attacking Marty. Both were obviously insulted, but Ally was more likely to attack.

"He's only jealous because he could never get with anyone, period. Don't waste your energy." Though Karl's words were a little comfort, Ally still bared her fangs and stared at him with red eyes. Still snickering, Marty left them and went back to his video games in the other room. "Come on Als…Calm down. Don't let him get to you. He's not worth it." Ally took a few deep breaths before starting to calm. Karl slowly let got of her as she was calming down. Her fangs slowly slid back into her mouth and her eyes slowly shifted back into their natural blue-green color.

Ally took another breath before speaking. "Karl, maybe you should go do something for a little while. I really don't want anymore comments from the peanut gallery. Um…I have to get going anyway." Ally picked up her pile of essays and started to walk away. Karl went to say something, but stopped. What did he really could he say? Nothing, of course. He sighed softly and let her go back into Dr. Murdoch's office.

/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\/\ /\

It was later that early morning, around 4 am when Ally came back down into the wine cellar again. Everyone was preparing for their long sleep during the day time. Ally had brought a pillow and a blanket with her down to the wine cellar. She was dressed in a long velvet black nightgown and it made her already pale skin paler. She looked like a so-to-be vampire victim in an old black and white horror movie.

Marty watched her in the group/dining room from his little corner in his room. He smirked at the thoughts that were streaming through his mind at that moment. He studied her, just taking in all details about her. He noticed her glasses were off and that her hair was now uncrimped and flat. "You really should control your perverted thoughts, Marty." Marty looked up to see the one who was interrupting his studying of the student teacher. Merrill frowned down at him, and with a quick motion from her hand, it had met with his cheek. He snapped back to reality at this.

"What did you do that for? It's not like I'm picturing her naked or anything!" Merrill still frowned. "Aw, I get it. You're jealous. Look, you've got nothing to be jealous about. I simply…admire beauty is all. It is a common hobby of all males, vampire and human alike. You can't honestly think I would think about a half-bred like that. You have to believe me." Merrill walked back to her room wordlessly, leaving Marty silent as well. Merrill was obviously mad, and of course she had a right to be. The guy she apparently liked at this moment was staring at a disgusting half bred, who actually was anything but unattractive when she didn't try. Marty sighed and continued to watch Ally. He would talk to Merrill about it the next evening then. Simple as that.

Ally placed the pillow on one of the arms of the couch. She hit it a few times before deciding to lie down. She pulled the blanket up and around her, and laid her head on the pillow. Being a half vampire, she really didn't need a coffin. Ally had gotten the lucky half of that gene pool.

She glanced over at the different rooms the other vampires had. She glanced over at Drew's room first. Drew was reading one of the books from Doctor Murdoch's library. Though she was sure he could sense her looking at him, he didn't look up. She then glanced over at Merrill's room. Merrill was fluffing her coffin pillow as she sat up in her coffin. Again, the other vampire didn't look up at her. Ally next glanced over into Karl's room. Sadly, he was already asleep so she wouldn't even get a friendly good night from him. Essie, in the next room Ally glanced at, was standing behind her pull down closet. She too did not look up at Ally. Finally her eyes fell upon Marty's room. She watched him for a moment. She could tell her was only pretending to be engrossed in the novel in his lap as he sat in his corner. What really gave it away was the fact that his novel was upside down in his lap. Ally watched him, snickering softly. He soon did glance up, his eyes meeting with hers.

She gave him a glaring look, as if daring him to watch her longer. He smirked gently, and continued to watch her, then winked. She frowned. She didn't need to read to understand what he was thinking. She could already tell by the look on his face. She rolled her eyes as he grinned at her still. Ally then turned over, closing her eyes slowly.

"Sweet dreams, half bred." was the last thing she heard before falling asleep.