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Chapter 3

Later that night, the vampires emerged from their coffins. Ally was ready for them. She had taken a nap during some free time, finished her work and prepared for her plan of attack. True, she felt like she went a little overboard, but this time she felt it was worth it.

She lay waiting on the table, looking like a beach-goer in a short black leather skirt, black thigh high boots and a purple tank top. Her hair laid long, hanging partly on her back, partly hanging between her cleavage, which seemed to have grown considerably over the course of hours. Her face was made up and her nails were polished. Her contact lenses were still in. If anyone saw her, no one would deny it now…Ally was now looking hot.

"Well, well, well…what do we have here? Does our new girl have a doppelganger or did someone raid Essie's closet?" Marty gave a low whistle as he approached the table. As he went to sit, he tried to 'mistakenly' grab her thigh. Without hesitation, Ally slapped his hand quicker than he could put try to touch her. He smirked. "Ooo, feisty…I like them feisty."

"Don't get too attached, boys." Ally glanced at Marty, then at the approaching Drew and Karl. She winked at them. Essie and Merrill frowned disapprovingly, both with arms folded. "The outfit is only for a night."

Essie blinked. "So your new found personality and outfit is only for a night? What's the occasion? Puberty? It apparently kicked in tonight by the judgment of your breasts suddenly growing a size or two." Ally rolled her eyes in response as she sat up on the table.

"Well, if you must know, Essie…we have an unauthorized field trip tonight. Dr. Murdoch had to run off campus tonight. I was supposed to supervise all of you on an assignment, but I thought, 'Hey, these guys just got back from vacation. Maybe we should live it up one last time.' I guess you aren't up for it, Essie, but how about the rest of you?" Ally smirked as she swung her legs back and forth. She was pleased with herself for not only keeping the attention of the male students, but the female students as well, who would definitely prove to be more challenging to keep the attention of.

"Night out…sounds like a plan." Karl was smiling as big as could be, with a hungry look on his face. Ally was unsure if it was from the actual plan or if it was really from how she was dressed. It was maybe about half and half. "I could go for a fun time out. The rest of us didn't get to go out on a beginning of school venture last time."

"You're still upset Marty and I went last time? That's a little petty, Karl." Essie rolled her eyes, her arms still crossed. Ally still kept a smile plastered on her face, still swinging her legs. Watching. Waiting.

"I really don't think we should go." Merrill interjected suddenly. "Surely we aren't supposed to go out or else Dr. Murdoch will have told us to go. Are we even safe to be out tonight with all the students around?"

Ally's smile grew. "Tonight is probably our safest bet. People have just started leaving and coming to school. So many strange, new people that have never been around Mansbridge before. If we show up somewhere, we'll blend right in. Think of it! Tall, dark strangers. Tall, luxurious women. We'll be fine."

Merrill frowned further. "I'm still not so sure about this…"

"Merrill, just come along already. When else are we going to get another chance like this without scrutiny?" Surprised that he spoke up, every looked in Drew's direction. He was taking Ally's side like the others? "Wouldn't you like to have one last night of fun with your classmates?"

Merrill's eyes narrowed. "Fine, then I'll go." Her voice went sharp. She looked like an animal ready to attack.

"Wunderbar!" Ally jumped off the table and hurried for the stairs. As she was running, she called back "We'll leave in fifteen minutes. Go change and I'll meet you all upstairs."

/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\

The vampires glanced at one another before heading to their designated dorms. Essie and Merrill went for Essie's room, while the others too their own. Essie pulled down the air closet, clothes looking as if they were ready to fall on someone. Both women looked through the closet, pushing through dresses, comparing them every which way.

"You really think we should trust her?" Merrill picked up a blue dress and held it at the mirror. She then put it back after musing 'it was too short.'

Essie shrugged, comparing a leopard print dress with zebra one, both with an incredibly short hemline. Where were they even going? How would they know what to wear?"I'd be more concerned with where she is taking us rather than what she is doing to us, Merrill. I mean, even if we get caught…at least we would have had fun with it."

"I still don't like her. Her character is off, and she never seems to be the same girl twice." Again, Essie shrugged in response, holding up the two dresses. She obviously didn't care now. Merrill sighed and tried to push the doubts from her mind. "I like the cheetah print better."

"Good. I do too." Essie stepped behind the screen to change, leaving Merrill to still pick a outfit.

/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\

Ally stood at the mirror in the hall, adjusting her choker with the huge plastic purple rhinestone and matching earrings. Ally smiled to herself as she heard footsteps on the passage stairs . Her plan was working perfectly. "Show time."

Marty came up first, followed by Drew and Karl. Essie and Merrill came up together. Essie had changed into her cheetah print dress while Merrill had simply changed her blue sweater to a red one. Ally smiled at them all and motioned for them to follow her. Outside was a convertible, with the top up, that could barely fit the six of them. It was a little beat up, but it was still a nice looking car.

Ally slid into the driver's seat and magically pulled a key out of nowhere to start the car. Marty climbed into the back and then over the seat, into the front seat after changing his mind. The others piled into the back, grumbling about the lack of space. Essie seemed to be protesting the loudest."Why does Marty get the front seat? My dress is getting wrinkled!"

Ally revved the engine and turned on the car lights. "You need to chill out. We'll be there in fifteen minutes." Beating her to it, Marty turned on the radio, blasting music to block out the complaining from the back seat. He smirked at Ally, giving her an 'okay' hand signal. She could only smile in response as they drove off.

The must pumped as the car drove down the country road. Soon enough, they were approaching a larger, urban city. The vampires road with their faces pressed to the windows, looking out as they passed by. Not many people were out for the night, but as they approached the bright, flashing building Ally was taking them to, they could see, more and more people. A line was starting to form outside. The music from bright building was so loud, it could be heard from the outside, thumping against the car as they drove. Ally pulled the car the alley beside the building. The vampires piled out, heading back towards the entrance of the dance club.

Ally locked the car and started towards the line outside. The others went for the end of the line, but stopped short at seeing Ally going for the front of the line. They watched in slight horror as she approached the large Asian bouncer standing there with a clipboard and velvet road. She stopped in front of him with a smile playing across her face. The others still watched as the large man, towering over Ally seemed to just move aside when all she had seemed to do was greet him. He didn't seem glamoured or under any sort of mind control. "Come on in, Miss."

" Thanks Jerry." Ally turned back and smiled to the vampires. She motion for them to come with her. Hesitantly, they all came along through the red velvet ropes with those waiting in line protesting. Jerry closed the rope behind them as they entered. The club was even brighter on the inside. People were all over, having a good time. Lights were flashing and music was thumping. In one corner of the room was a neon lit bar. On the other side was a few pool tables that were mostly unoccupied. The middle of the room was mostly a dance floor attached to a DJ booth almost another floor level off the floor. The visiting vampires seemed to be in awe that something like this was so close to Mansbridge. "All right guys. Have a good time, but make sure you always have someone with you. Partner off if you have to. It's safer for this side of town."

Before Ally could go off by herself, Essie grabbed her arm to drag her through the crowds to the bar area. The two of them sat down on the stools, leaving the rest of the group to fend for themselves. "Ugh, Essie! That hurt! What was that for?"

Essie seemed to be glaring a little. Her fangs were starting to show. "Look Ally. You need to stop showing off. It doesn't impress anyone. No one cares about your car or your connections or you being allowed to mix with day schoolers. You're pathetic!"

"Essie…really?" Ally's eyebrows raised a little. "What is this really about? I haven't been flaunting anything…I just want to be friends with everyone."

Essie still had and annoyed pout in her lips. "Everyone…especially Karl. Maybe you haven't noticed, but he now has a thing for you since you defended him at his council …and we care about each other, and there shouldn't be a third woman in a couple."

Ally sighed. "Essie, I heard about the issue with your Declaration. As painful as it might be to remember that event, you need to hear this." Ally turned to face the bar table and away from Essie. She waved at the bartender, who smiled and started on his way over to them. "I have no interest in Karl. I promise. I was in a situation similar to his, and I thought I could pass on the kindness I received to him. That is all. I didn't come to Mansbridge to take away someone you care about."

"Really?" Essie turned also to bar as well, her glance still on Ally. Her thin eyebrows were raised in a questioning manner. As scrumptious as she found the tall, Latino bartender approaching them to take their drink orders, she was more interested in what Ally was seemingly hiding. In fact, why had she come to Mansbridge? She never actually said why she was there in the first place and why she wasn't a student. In fact, it had never been explained why Ally could mix with Day Schoolers. It made no sense. Regardless of that she wasn't trying to be threatening to her still remaining feelings for Karl, the mystery behind Ally still made Essie feel distain and contempt towards her. It wasn't a good feeling. It made her feel like the very humans she had hunted over the last century. "And what situation was that?"

Just as Ally was ready to speak up, she was interrupted. The bartender, with his tan skin and his dazzling white smile, leaned on the table and asked with a rather foreign accent "What can I get for you lovely ladies tonight? A Sex on the Beach perhaps?"

"A martini with a cherry twist, if you don't mind." Ally glanced back at Essie. "Did you want anything, Essie?"

Essie retracted her fangs and shrugged. "Bloody Mary, extra blood." The bartender smiled at them before starting to make their drinks. The girls watched for a moment before Essie spoke up again. "Ally, tell me…what situation were you in that was so similar to Karl's?"

Ally hesitated. Essie's eyes widened a little, showing she was definitely listening now. "Well, it's a long story, but the short version? They were trying to take me away from my mother. It was when my vampire fangs grew in, when I was thirteen. They tried to take me away from my mother, saying I was dangerous and unruly. Frankly, the only danger in me was my teenage hormones and my obsession with chasing after boys. But either way, they threw me in before the council, and well, Dr. Murdoch spoke up for me. He proved that I was not a full vampire and therefore, I was less of a threat to the Council and more to the Fury because of my 'vampiric innocence' or something like that. Either way, it got me off the hook and a few years later, on the Mansbridge Experiment to come help after finding some of the results not to their liking. After speaking up on Karl's behalf, they thought I might be able to help Dr. Murdoch, and help you guys adjust to a similar degree as I have. Before my mother died, I lived and breathed like the rest of the Day Walkers. No one even suspected I was a vampire. They were hoping I could help you all do the same. A role model...or whatever they had planned."

Essie said nothing. She didn't seem shocked or upset or even just slightly surprised. She simply sat there for a moment. The bartender finished making the drinks and slid them onto the counter. "Drink up, ladies. No charge."

Both women took their drinks and looked at one another. Ally took a moment before smiling at Essie. "To…a long night of fun, being wild with some great vampires and new friends. Cheers!" Ally held up her martini glass for a moment, her smile still plastered on her face. She waited. Essie didn't hold up her glass. Ally waited a few more moments before shaking her glass a little, trying to entice Essie. "Come on, Essie. Humor me…Please? I would love to be friends with all of you. I just want to fit in. And really, you're better off here. You know more about me than I know about you. "

Essie paused and smirked a suspicious smirk. Taking another second to pick up her glass, she turned to Ally. "All right. I'll give you a chance…on one condition. If you stay away from Karl." Essie held up her glass, swaying it almost enticingly. "Do we have an accord?"

"Of course! Salude!" The girls clanked glasses and drank. They chatted awhile longer. About a half hour later, some chatting and a bunch of drinks later, Essie and Ally were starting get along.

/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\

Giggling drunkenly, both Essie and Ally stumbled through the crowds back toward the pool tables. The four remaining vampires had been hitting the pool table for the last thirty minutes. Marty lined up his shot. Before he could even hit the ball, Ally slammed into the pool table and pushed it almost three feet from where it was. The others pulled back fast, trying to avoid being crushed. Marty sighed. "You ruined my shot, Big Eyes!"

"Who are you calling, Big Eyes?" Her voice slurred a little. Ally pulled herself up and turned towards the pool table. She pulled herself onto the table, sitting the top right corner with her legs crossed. Marty walked over to her. He leaned on the table; leaning over her, he looked at her. "Was there something you wanted, Marty?"

"Someone's had a little too much to drink." He pulled his hand up to push her hair out of her face, simultaneously looking into her eyes. Marty smirked. "Cute, really. Vampires that can't hold their liquor."

"Half vampire." Ally corrected, still with a drunken grin on her face. Marty still held "I can get drunk twice as quickly on half the alcohol, just like a human. Not a redeeming quality, but when time is precious like this, it is all worth it."

Marty moved his hand from Ally's hair to her cheek, still looking at her. Studying her. Ally kept drunkenly smiling and swaying her head. Marty leaned in closer to her, his forehead against hers. Before he could say or do anything, Ally spoke up. "I want to dance with you."

"What?" Marty picked his head up and looked at her with a confused expression. Ally grinned again, still drunkenly. Without any warning, she started moving her hips towards his while still sitting. Marty was taken aback by surprise at Ally's sudden outgoing gesture, but simply smirked again in response. "Oh, that's what you want. I suppose I could oblige 'that' sort of request."

Marty pulled her off the pool table and led her by the hand to the crowded dance floor. Ally stumbled a little as they pushed by couples and groups of people. Marty pulled her in front of him as he stopped in the middle of the floor. Feeling his hands on her hips, Ally wiggled and swayed her hips against him. The beat of the song playing hit against them as they danced.

Looking across the dance floor, Ally could see Essie and Karl across the room. The two of them seemed to be now getting along, especially with Essie now dancing on Karl as she did. She noticed Essie seeming to smile and wink in her direction. However, Ally also noticed the look Karl seemed to give her and Marty. A look of lust mixing with jealously.

Ally turned back to Marty, not looking at them. She could still feel Karl's stare boring into her, burning her with the intensity in his stare. It was a strange feeling to her, being known she was being watched. She looked back at Marty, who seemed to be enjoying himself. He had a large smile on his face. He clutched her tightly as they danced. Her hair occasionally hit him in the face, but he didn't seem to mind.

The beat still bumped, hitting against the dancing bodies. Come on, Come on, Come on urged the music. Ally looked up at Marty to see him tilting his head down. His eyes were close. His head was getting closer and closer. Ally could feel Marty's breath on her forehead. She closed her eyes, soon feeling his cold lips on hers.

Marty pulled her closer, Ally's lips still pressed to his. He couldn't believe she had accepted his advances. The beat of the music hit against them, as they stood in one place for a long time. Before he could realize what he was doing, Marty could feel his fangs extending slowly. He pulled away as quickly as he could. Though he rushed out to the car, Ally had seen his eyes started to glow red.

Ally gave a quiet squeak and hurried to Essie and Karl. "Guys, get the others and get back to the car! Now! We have to get out of here before Marty's full vampire instincts come out! His fangs are showing and his eyes are glowing red!"

Not questioning it, Essie and Karl stopped what they were doing. They 'vamp'-ran the ends of the club to find Merrill and Drew. Ally hurried out of the club. She could see the shadow of a man in a coat, head hung over as he held on to her car. He looked as if he were trying to recover from a night of drinking. Realizing it was Marty, she hurried faster. Pulling the car keys from her cleavage, she clicked the buttons to open the car. Marty pulled open the door, practically pulling the door off the hinges. He closed the door behind him and locked the doors. Ally stopped short when she realized he was trying to lock himself in. Slowly, she approached the car and knocked on the window. Tap, tap, tap. "Marty…are you-are you all right?"

Marty looked up cautiously. He seemed to be breathing heavily. His fangs were starting to detract, but his eyes were still red. "You shouldn't be here. Go back inside for the others."

"Marty, I will open the car door with the keys if I have to. You need to let me in. I can help." Ally waited for a moment before hearing the electric locks click open. She smiled slightly before opening the door. Climbing in, Ally closed the door behind her. His back was turned to her, with his head up against the window. Marty's breathing was a bit heavy, but it seemed to be slowing with each breath. Ally hesitated. "Marty…I am going to reach into the glove compartment, okay? I am slowly going to open it…Don't attack me."

Ally slowly moved to the glove compartment. A little closer. Closer. Closer. Her hand slowly landed onto the metal level. She pulled it up, making the glove compartment pop open. Marty didn't stir. Pushing papers and other miscellaneous items, she pulled out a brown obviously handmade cloth purse. Ally pulled something from the small purse and put it in her lap. Slowly, Marty lifted his head and sniffed the air. He looked around for a moment, his eyes falling on what looked like a small blue and purple pillow in Ally's lap. "What is that?"

"It's a relaxation pillow. When I was learning how to control my fangs, I used this. My mother made these for me. She was really big on natural herbs for healing, relaxation, that sort of thing. This one is stuffed with cinnamon, rosemary, lavender, lilac, and cloves. Doesn't it smell good?"

Marty shrugged. Ally plopped the pillow on his face. "Take a deep breath." She ordered. Marty took a breath. She watched as Marty's tense posture seemed to relax with inhalation. Ally smiled. "It's okay, Marty. You'll be fine soon."

Ally sat up and looked out the window. Four figures were moving towards the car. As she narrowed her eyes and look closer, she realize it was the rest of her classmates. Ally clicked the unlock button on the car. The others raced up to the car, and shoved in.

"How is he?" Merrill looked into front seat. Her blue eyes narrowed in concern. "He didn't attack anyone, did he?"

"He'll be fine. He's getting there." Ally started the car. Merrill sat back, her blue eyes still flashing. Ally could hear Essie huffing in the backseat and looking annoyed with sitting between Karl and Merrill. Drew said nothing, as he sat in the side seat. The engine roared on the car as Ally pulled back and away from the flashing lights of the club. The road soon turned into lesser and lesser activity. Soon, the only sounds the vampires could hear was the engine running and crickets chirping.

Ally drove in silence, glancing in the mirror to check on the others. The vampires in the back seemed a bit tired from all the outdoor activity. Essie had her head against Karl's chest, holding onto him as if she was sleeping. Merrill was laid against Drew, her back to his chest. Their heads were hanging over each other. Ally glanced in the mirror to look at them again. Karl's glance caught her eye. His baby blue eyes flashed her way, staring back at Ally. His glare seemed to burn into her again. Ally sighed and looked away. She glanced at Marty beside her. He was now laying more back in his seat, he still had her relaxation pillow on his face. She sighed again, continuing to drive until Mansbridge Academy was in sight.

She pulled into the driveway, putting the car in park. The vampires around her stirred. Ally unclasped her seat belt and turned the engine off. Essie yawned and stretched, almost hitting Karl in the face. It broke his glance for only a moment, but it was long enough for Ally to notice. Drew clicked the door open, with Merrill sliding out behind him. Both of them mumbled in response, sounding tired.

Ally listened as the doors slammed shut before prodding Marty. "Come on. Wake up. We're back." Ally prodded him a few time before the relaxation pillow fell from his face. Marty glanced at Ally. The whites of his eyes were white once again. He looked subdued, maybe even a little tired. "You with me, Marty? Can you hear me?"

Marty nodded and yawned. "I'm awake, Big Eyes. Relax." He groaned before opening the car door. Marty sat there for a moment stroking his eyes. Ally reached over and shoved the relaxation pillow back into the glove compartment. Ally looked at Marty. He didn't make eye contact with her as got out of the car. "Well? What are you waiting for? A written invitation? We need to get back before Murdoch gets in."

Ally sighed, her hopes crushed in looking for something more. Maybe the alcohol impaired not only her judgment but her common sense and sight as well. Had the rather lascivious moment between the two of them just been a figment of her drunken stupor? It seemed so. Ally slammed the car door shut. As the car beeped signaling the lock, Marty walked away with his hands in his pockets. His back was turned to her. He didn't look back as he walked across the loose stone driveway. Ally sighed and followed.

/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\/*\ /*\/*\

As the vampires walked in, the stern face of Dr. Murdoch was there to welcome them. He was definitely not happy to see them. His arms were crossed and his shirt was messed. Dr. Murdoch tapped his foot a bit impatiently. "Ladies…gentlemen….Join me." With a slight flourish, he motioned to the couch and seats in front of his desk. The vampire students all sat down, some looking more sheepish than others.

Ally came in last, trying to cover up her stomach and cleavage with her arms. She stood in the corner, looking a bit embarrassed as Dr. Murdoch spoke. "I am very disappointed in all of you. Do you understand what kind of danger you could have been in from wandering off? What you did to endanger this project? Where did you even go?"

"A club." Ally interjected quietly. The others gave a quiet stare in her direction. "Dr. Murdoch, please don't punish them. I was the one who executed the plan and took them with me. I coaxed them into coming, especially when some of them didn't want to. Please, don't punish them…Punish me instead."

Still, the other students said nothing. Dr. Murdoch continued to frown, his arms not moving from their crossed position. "You're all excused. Except for you, Ally. We need to talk. Now." Some hesitating before getting up, Essie was the first to leave, followed by Merrill, Drew, Marty and Karl. Karl glanced back at Ally before following the other down into the wine cellar passageway. Ally waited and hesitated. Dr. Murdoch frowned a moment more before starting to smile to himself. "So how did they do, Ally? Any improvements from last year's issue?"

Ally too, smiled in return. "Very much so. They seemed to blend in well. They had a good time. Marty lost control for a moment, but he left the area to compose himself. They were all on their best behavior, despite my unsavory behavior…I think we're doing well." Ally uncrossed her arms and reached behind her neck. She unclasped her necklace, placing it in the hand of Dr. Murdoch. "You'll see that in the clips that were taken. It is all very promising."

Dr. Murdoch nodded as he took the necklace over to the computer. Pushing down on the fake gem, a flash drive USB port popped out of the necklace. He plugged the USB into his laptop and played back the video. He watched in some awe, but with pride. "This is very promising. You did a great job. Keep up the good work, Ally."

Ally beamed and watched with Dr. Murdoch. There was more to come out of all of this secrecy, and definitely neither of them would see it coming.