Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. This was written for ladygreenbat for the prompt "first meetings." I hope it meets her standards. Read and Enjoy!

The first time Captain Unohana met the 11th Division captain, he was knocked out cold on a futon in the 4th division and it was Christmas Eve. He'd been brought in earlier, by his 3rd seat officer Ikkaku, with the explanation that his vice captain had gotten a little too excited by the upcoming Christmas and he had gotten hit in the back of the head by a fake Christmas tree. She'd merely blinked her eyes at the bizarre statement and pointed to a futon. Not wanting any of her subordinates to miss out on the Christmas fun, she'd sent them off leaving her with the one and only patient in the 4th Division. She sat down next to him, and got a chance to study his face. He had a bored face, with sharp cheeks and chiseled lips. She thought he looked uniquely handsome.

Retsu hadn't remembered falling asleep, much less her head using Captain Zaraki's chest as a pillow, but that was how Kenpachi found her when he woke up. It had been his first time to see the Captain, and he thought he was still dreaming. Her folded hands rested on his chest, and her cheek was on her hands. She looked serene and beautiful. He looked around the darkened room, and vaguely remembered what had happened to him earlier. And he realized it was now Christmas and Retsu had most likely spent her whole night of merriment watching over him.

"Woman," he said gruffly, it was enough to wake her. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked around, before fixing her gaze on his face and she apologized for falling asleep on him. He merely grunted at the apology. "Merry Christmas, I'm Kenpachi Zaraki."

She smiled warmly at that. "Merry Christmas, Captain Zaraki. I'm Captain Retsu Unohana." And that had been but the first of many, many more meetings, as he single handedly kept the whole 4th division busy every day.