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JULY 3rd- Neji's birthday

"Okay, you can open them now." Tenten cheerfully smiled up at the Hyuga as he removed the blindfold she had wrapped around his head when she 'kidnapped him' from the Hyuga compound.

"…" Neji calmly looked down at the lay out; inwardly elated at his girlfriend's thoughtfulness.

"Don't worry, I had it all catered, so the food's actually edible." She assured him.

"Hn." An amused chuckle escaped Neji's lip, as he looked down at the spread of all his favorite foods, and his favorite tea to go along with them.

"And this spot is perfect." Tenten declared. "The sunrise should be in a few minutes, so we don't need any extra lighting; and Gai-sensei and Lee promised to leave us alone, so you won't have to worry about it getting loud and chaotic."

"I see you've planned everything out to the last detail." Neji smirked.

"mhm." She proudly nodded her head. "Yup, I want you to enjoy this birthday." She smiled cheerfully. "After this, we'll head over to the lake, and enjoy a nice restful day lounging by the water. How's that sound?"

"Sounds good." Neji smiled.

For him, birthdays had never been a big celebration; in fact, he rarely acknowledged his at all until Tenten began sneaking into his bedroom early in the morning to be the first to wish him a happy birthday. Still, even though he now celebrated the day, he preferred having something low key, and simple; a complete contrast from the enormous festivities that most Hyuga celebrations inevitably became.

"Sit." Tenten instructed; patting the spot on the checkered blanket, directly beside her.

Neji acquiesced, happily sitting even closer to her than what she had suggested.

"You're so cute." Tenten smiled; giggling at his willingness to be told what to do. Of course, she was well aware this was something only she was capable of doing; along with making him smile, and on rare occasions even blush.

"So was it good?" Tenten inquired, after Neji sampled the various dishes she had had prepared for him.

"Hai." Neji nodded. "Thank you."

"I'm glad." She smiled. "Now I have one last surprise." Tenten pulled out a small white pastry box she had been keeping in the basket behind them.

The kunoichi gently set to opening the small box, lifting the sides slowly, so as to avoid smearing the contents within. Neji watched as she cautiously lifted the small lavender colored cake out of its confinement. It was a birthday cake; elegantly decorated to match the color of his eyes.

"Just so you know… I took lessons." Tenten nervously shifted in her seat. "And I baked this for you."

Neji was well aware the girl's culinary skills rested on making sandwiches, pouring cereal, and calling for take out. As such, the nervous Hyuga looked at the fluffy confection with a mixture of amazement and weary apprehension. He had never really enjoyed eating sweets, but knowing she had gone to the extra effort of learning how to bake for him, Neji couldn't very well say no to the girl's offer.

"Shoot. I forgot the candles." Tenten groaned. "But maybe we can use these." She offered; pulling out some igniting senbons.

"Is that really something we should do?" Neji questioned; wondering if it was such a good idea. Igniting senbons were rare, and hard to come by; mostly used only when absolutely necessary. They had much the same appearance as a regular senbon, but they were made of different material, that allowed for them to be used to light faulty explosive tags.

"Yes, yes. It's okay." Tenten nodded, before putting quickly placing the necessary number of make-shift 'candles' on his birthday cake.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you," The kunoichi began lighting the 'candles' as she sang. "Happy birthday dear Neji. Happy birthday to you." A light blush covered her face, making her all the more adorable to the enamored Hyuga.

"Thank you." Neji chuckled; thoroughly amused by the sight of her rare display of shyness.

"Make a wish." Tenten smiled, bringing the cake up to eye level, so she could hide her crimson face, as well as so Neji could blow out his candles.

There was nothing Neji could possibly wish for that he didn't already have. He had good friends, a thriving shinobi career; his relationship with his family was final doing much better… but most importantly of all, he had the love a great woman; a woman he loved more than anything in the world.

"Hurry Neji…" Tenten urged.

The only thing he could wish for was, was for his life to remain as wonderful as it was at that moment. "Okay." He prepared himself; ready to blow out his candles.


"How?" Tenten stared in disbelief.

Just as Neji had been taking in a deep breath, somehow, the cake had exploded in their faces; splattering the sugary pastry all over both of their faces.

"ah." A pained moan escaped the kunoichi's lips; upon realizing all her hard work had just been destroyed.

"…" Neji looked at the girl's cake covered expression; his heart tugging at the sudden sorrow in her eyes. Though he had been a bit nervous about tasting her sweet concoction, he had been prepared to do so.

Gently taking her face into one hand, Neji moved his lips up to her cheek. "mmmh."

"Neji?" Tenten stiffened, as she felt Neji's tongue licking the frosting off the side of her face.

"Tastes good." Neji smirked.

And in fact it did; not because she had somehow miraculously learned to bake, but rather because he knew she had made him that cake thinking of him; pouring her love and emotion into every ingredient. That alone, made it taste better than anything he had ever tasted before.

He knew right away, he really was going to enjoy this birthday…


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