Note: Ships, such as Xantium and Metellus and the lot of them, are fully capable of piloting themselves, as well as fighting themselves and doing most everything else themselves. However, there's an awful lot of internal workings that they have to spread their attentions to, so while they can evade and attack at the same time, it's more efficient to have an extra pair of hands worrying about aiming and firing or flying around so they can divert the attentions to other pressing matters. Like, say, dealing with any major damage to themselves and keeping those inside of them from flying around.

A Grand Scale Love Song

Springer stretched out in the command chair and decided now was a good time to get a couple reports finished up since they weren't looking to go anywhere for a bit. Seemed the other Wreckers had the same idea. Topspin and Scoop had gotten Sandstorm to play their dealer in some Cybertronian equivalent to blackjack until it became apparent that Sandstorm had yet to forgive Scoop for the attempt in adhering the triplechanger to the underside of his berth ('attempt' being the key word as Sandstorm onlined part way through the prank and could only kick out as the shovel ran from his quarters, cackling merrily, leaving Sandstorm to curse and eventually call someone to bring down some solvent and help scrub the gummy residue from his back). They ended up getting Roadbuster to jump into the roll, leaving Sandstorm to ogle through a list of wonderfully new (and most probably illegal) explosive devices with Twin Twist.

Springer winced only slightly as Xantium's lights flared almost painfully and a series of feathery rumbles rippled through her interior. He watched as Metellus's upper decks nearly filled the entirety of the forward view and chuckled again as he felt Xantium purring under him. In the two forward consoles Broadside and Whirl leaned forward and growled. Springer couldn't help but shake his head.

"I don't get it." He spoke up suddenly, getting only minor attention from the gamblers and none at all from the two fantasy shoppers. "What is it you don't like about Met?"

"He's not good enough for Xantium." Whirl said firmly. If he could narrow his optic, Springer was certain it would be a murderous slit as he watched the Cursor. Or what they could see of him.

"That's Prime's ship. How much 'better' does he have to be?"

"Not good enough."

Springer looked off to the side to exchange a quick glance with Roadbuster who merely shrugged his shoulder cannon in response. He looked over to the much larger triplechanger. "Side, you feel the same?" Broadside merely nodded tersely in response.

"C'mon, what is it about him that gets the two of you so worked up about? You can't be telling me it's because he's a battlecruiser. He's got plenty of victories to his name."

"That's not the point." The white helo said. "The point is, nothing Metellus can do will make him good enough for Ti."

Which, by proxy, meant nothing anyone could do would be good enough for Xantium. All navigators had a certain favoritism towards their particular ships but this was going beyond that. The other Wreckers wondered if it was because Whirl and Broadside had aerial alt forms. Except then they'd look at Springer and Sandstorm and they'd hold their hands up and say "I've got no clue what's going through their processors."

Springer just figured it was how they were. All the Wreckers had a degree of possessiveness and none of them were good at letting go of what was 'theirs'. That was only compounded by the fact that navigating brought a pseudo-symbiotic relationship between ship and mech. Nothing got Whirl or Broadside hot like something doing major damage to Xantium.

"She doesn't need Metellus." Broadside said with finality. "She could have half the fleet if she wanted."

The green triplechanger leaned heavily on his armrest. "Half the Decepticon fleet, too, if Thanatos is any indication."

The two turned to glare at their leader. "Thanatos is a lame fragging stalker. He should get himself smelted and save Ti the effort."

That got a quirk of Springer's lips. "So you'd prefer Metellus over Thanatos, then?"

"That's like asking to choose between a metal fatigue and terminal processor damage. They're both a pain in the aft but only one you'd rather kill yourself over. Of course Metellus is preferable over Thanatos! We don't have to worry about Metellus stabbing the lot of us in the back the moment he gets what he wants!"

That garnered snickers from the rest of them. "Can't say we can fault that logic."

Topspin, now effectively distracted from his game, had to ask, "So what would you do if Ti finally idid/i decide to stick with Met? You can't tell me you'd keep her from trying to be happy, right?"

"That is her decision to make." Roadbusted agreed with a nod. "We can't tell her what will make her happy any more than we could anyone else."

Whirl and Broadside sat back in their chairs, still glaring at Metellus as Xantium slowly began to drift back and turn away.

Whirl shook his head. "Alright, we can accept that she'll eventually find someone she likes enough to stick with them."

Broadside finished with a nod and final withering look at Metellus's blip on the scanners. "That doesn't mean we have to like them."