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Chapter Twelve: Ending, Ending!

"Mayrie, are you okay?"

I was acutely aware of Moses's presence as my mind went off elsewhere. He kissed my cheek and snapped me back to reality. The sweat located on my face made my hair stick to it, and if Moses hadn't said something, I was sure I would've gone off in my sea of passion. He kissed my cheek again and gave me a worried stare. "Mayrie?"

"I'm fine," I replied, breathing in. He put his arm around my waist and went to sleep, leaving me lost in thought. I felt like I could finally love him and not Kai or Karmen.

I exited the shower wearing a black short sleeved t-shirt and a white sundress over it. Suddenly, my phone beeped and I opened it. It was a text message from Kai.

Mayrie, I need you to get here ASAP. We need to talk.

I wondered what Kai would've wanted, so I told everyone where I was headed and walked to the Red Shield's apartment. Kai was waiting for me expectantly outside and he took my hand. "I need to talk to you somewhere private," he said. I felt my heart futter at his touch and he pulled me off down the sidewalk, stopping at a bench at the back of a park. We had gotten ice cream from a cart and I sat licking mines furiously while Kai seemed nervous and jittery. I turned to him, unaware of the ice cream at the corner of my mouth. Kai stared at it and I found his soft tounge move across my cheek. The ice cream was gone, and my cheeks turned red.

"S-So what did you want to talk about?" I asked, still blushing. I nervously licked my vanilla ice cream before taking a bite out the waffle cone. Kai turned away.

"That day when you and Moses got in a fight...I was so happy when I was able to cheer you up," he began. I stopped eating my cone and turned to him.

"What are you saying?" He frowned and turned to me.

"I know you're with Moses, but this has been bugging me for a long time. I really like you...alot," he said. He put his hand over mines. "I mean to say is that I love you."

"I-I...I mean, there's no other way to say this, but...I think I love you, too. Whenever I'm around you, I'm happy and I don't know why," I said, "I love Moses, too, though, so that's the weird thing about all this." He kissed my lips and stood up.

"Stay true to your heart," he replied, throwing his untouched chocolate cone into the trash. I put my finger to my lips and stood up as Julia ran over to us.

"Mayrie, I've been looking for you everywhere--Moses accidentally got in the sunlight, and he didn't get burned. The Thorn that used to be on his body is gone! It's a miracle!" she exclaimed. "Has he come into contact with Diva's blood?"

"No, but last night, he drank some of my blood," I mumbled, looking up thoughtfully. Julia took my wrist.

"We need to do some tests," she said. I waved goodbye to Kai as she dragged me off.

"Mayrie, your blood is the key to saving the Schiff--we don't need Diva's blood anymore," Julia said, looking at a paper. I jumped to my feet.

"Wait a second, are you saying that I'm not human anymore?" I asked. Julia shook her head and pulled out the x-rays she had taken of me.

"I'm saying that you never were--and now somehow Diva's blood is in your system. Unless we discover a cure, you'll either turn into a chiropteran and rampage, or you'll die a slow and painful death," she said. "I'm guessing you have a few months from the looks of things."

"So I'm going to die?" I asked. Julia nodded.

"You and your unborn child."

Moses's POV

I wondered where Mayrie went as I paced the hall impatiently. She just left without saying goodbye to me. She said it to everyone but me. I wondered why she wasn't answering her cell. Finally, I got an answer after about the sixth time. Mayrie's voice was shaky, and she seemed distant.

"Moses, I need to talk to you later."

"Not later, now."

"Do you want to hear the good news, the bad news, or the baddest news?"

"Just start with the good news."

"My blood can cure the Thorn."

"Bad news?"

"I'm not human and I have a few months to live."

"And what's the baddest news?"

"I'm pregnant, apparently." I dropped the phone. Slowly, I put the receiver back up to my ear and tried to register that information.

"How is this the baddest news?" I heard her sigh.

"Moses, I don't want kids. This isn't even supposed to be happening! Julia said that since the baby is human and I'm not, my body will attack it and it's gonna die," she said. "You probably don't care, but either way..." I frowned and clenched my fist.

"I'm on my way."

I had already learned that Mayrie's blood had cured me, so I jumped from building to building, watching all the cars shine and the fountains sparkle. Everything looked so different at day.


(Still Moses's POV)

Mayrie thumbled with her fingers nervously as we sat on a bench at the park. I had just heard the day's events, and how Mayrie was confused about her feelings. I clenched my fist and felt a bit betrayed. Kai was my friend, and he just kissed my girlfriend out of the blue. I could see why, though--she was nice (sometimes), brave, beautiful, outgoing, and I couldn't imagine why anyone wouldn't love her. Of course, I couldn't stay angry at Kai since Mayrie was soon about to learn the truth of her kniving, two-timing, backstabbing sister and how when I failed at loving her, I turned to Kin, knowing full well that she belonged to Karman.

She was about to learn about why she had to fight alongside Saya. She was going to have to kill her sister, just as Saya would, and possibly die herself if we couldn't find a cure.

But first, there was something I needed to tell her. Something that I'd been itching to say since our phonecall.

"I do care."