...Phew! So here's the final chapter in the Dean and Holly saga...I think. I find it harrowing to think of it as the end. I tried to fit in what I could, hurt/Sam, bitchin, angry, angsty/Dean. I took plenty of liberties with the supernatural element but I trust you won't hold it against me!

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They had needed somewhere secluded for the exorcism and Dean had staked out everywhere that he could think of until he had found an old abandoned house in the countryside. It was perfect, miles from anywhere and with plenty of space. He had gone there earlier in the day to leave everything that they needed.

Getting out of the car, they made their way into the old farmhouse. Sam was still carrying Ethan, when they got inside he placed him on a mattress on the floor.

"When's he going to come to?" Emma asked.

"Soon...he needs to be awake when we do this. We don't have a shot otherwise. It's kind of a once only deal." Sam explained. He went to her and put an arm around her shoulders. "Are you ok?" He asked her.

She looked at the peaceful little boy and nodded distractedly. She couldn't believe what they were about to do.

Dean was lighting candles busily. "Sammy, you better get ready. Once he wakes up, I have a feeling the shit's gonna hit the fan."

Sam nodded and like Dean before him he removed the orderly uniform he had been wearing so he was just in his jeans and tee. He went to a bag in the corner and started to retrieve books from his duffle.

They had already painted the symbols required on the floor and began to arrange the candles and ingredients in the order that they needed them. Emma swiftly took off her heels and suit, unembarrassed she changed into jeans, vest and boots.

A gust of wind blew through the room and some of the candles flickered making the hair rise on the back of Emma's neck. She glanced around and noticed that Dean and Sam had stopped what they were doing. Looking at each other Dean nodded to Sam giving him silent instructions.

Sam went over to where Ethan lay and gently began to restrain him using lengths of scarves rather than rope. Tying them to the undeside of the mattress he pulled at them to make sure they were secure but not too tight to hurt him. It wasn't going to hold him for long but hopefully long enough.

They all paused for a second. "What now?" Emma gulped.

"Now, we wait." Dean said simply.

They didn't have to wait for long as things started to happen very quickly when Ethan began to awaken from his drug-induced state. Realising that he was tied up he struggled pathetically at first as he was still groggy. Once he got going though he started flipping out. Big time.

Emma took a couple of paces backwards but Sam and Dean both looked cool.

"Hit it Sammy." Dean ordered.

Sam opened the book he held and moved to the edge of the circle he had created and started his incantation.

The air began to move quickly all around them as he began to speak the latin phrases calmly. Ethan had started to make an unnatural gutteral sound, like an animal caught in a trap. His legs were kicking and his head was moving from side to side. Dean walked quickly over and put his large hands to the little boys shoulders. Like an epileptic, he was thrashing about. He was going to hurt himself.

Breathing heavily he looked up at Dean but the eyes weren't Ethans, they were something else entirely. Moving forward Emma put her hands on his ankles and he kicked out at her with a ferocity that was astounding.

"You bastard!" He yelled into Deans face in a voice that wasn't his.

"Yeah? Right back atcha." Dean answered, slightly weirded out he was saying it to a five year old.

Sam continued to chant and with each word muttered the child got stronger. Emma was pushing on his legs with all her might.

"I'm going to torture you all slowly and watch you die."

Dean grimaced, when were people going to stop saying that to him? He tried to ignore the rantings.

Suddenly a chair that was lying abandoned in the corner flew across the room crashing into Emma. She was thrown backwards off the boy. She landed with a thud yards away, knocked unconscious by the impact.


"Keep going Sammy! She's ok." Dean yelled over his shoulder. He hated to admit it but he didn't know if they could pull this off. He hoped Sam was right about his plan. No matter how hard it was going to be, he just wanted this over with one way or another.

Before long the old wooden house had started to shake, Dean ducked a flying table leg. Walden wasn't going without a fight, that much was obvious and he didn't think that Ethan would last much longer.

A roar came from the little boy and Dean was flung to a wall six feet away. Ethan, now released stood up and growled over at Sam who was frantically trying to finish the reading. Dean couldn't get up, an invisible force was holding him in place and he couldn't make it to his feet. He watched his little brother face up to Walden on his own and gritting his teeth, tried to push away from the wall.

There was a rumbling sound and a large crack. Sam stopped for a second and looked up in time to see the ceiling give. His reflexes were good but not good enough. He couldn't escape the falling timbers and with a massive cloud of dust, he was engulfed by the rain of wood.

Dean heard a yell of pain come from his brother "Sam!" straining to escape the hold over him, Dean realised he was powerless to help him.

The dust settled and he could see Sam lying on the ground winded, but still conscious. Wood was scattered all around him but with a struggle he pushed most of it away. Dean's relief was short lived when he saw that a huge beam had fallen on top of Sam and was pinning his legs to the ground. Sam groaned and tried to lift it, but it wouldn't budge. He was trapped, and the book was out of his reach.

Dean knew he had to do something...anything.

"Hey, Walden, come over here you evil son of a bitch. You wanna hurt someone, cause some pain? Well, bring it on! I'm in the mood for a little one on one!"

Ethan turned around and with a flick of his head Dean was sent sliding across the floor, hitting the opposite wall head on. He was dazed but shook it off, knowing that every moment Walden concentrated on him bought his brother some time. He struggled up onto his elbows and grinned "That all you got? That's weak!"

The little boys eyes widened as if accepting a challenge. He was getting stronger by the second, the angrier he got. Dean didn't care, he'd deal with anything that was thrown at him if it would help Sam.

Emma put a hand to her head and it came away covered in blood. She peered through the red mist and took in the scene. Ethan was up and was facing Dean on the other side of the room. Dean was against to the wall and unable to defend himself against a torrent of blows thrown at him by an unseen force. His body was taking a pounding and he had a cut on his brow that was swelling badly. She looked over at Sam and saw him held to the ground by the huge timber. He was straining his body to try to grab the book which was just out of his reach. His face was creased with effort but his fingers couldn't reach it. Quietly she crawled on her hands and knees over to where he lay, taking a second to glance over at Ethan. He still had his back to her so she moved quicker. She reached the book in seconds and handed it to Sam who sighed in relief. He lay down flat and holding the book over his head, tried to fight the nausea he was feeling as he continued his reading. He was right at the end. He didn't have any time to waste, once Ethan was free then he would have to begin the next part.

Spurred on by Sam's actions Emma tried in vain to lift the object trapping him. Try as she might, there was nothing that she could do. She looked down at Sam who had finally finished. He threw the book to one side and sat up giving her a look. They both grabbed at the timber and heaved but, it barely shifted. Emma wasn't strong enough and Sam was weak and couldn't get the right purchase on it. He gave up and nodded over to his bag in the corner. "Get the other book, The key of Solomon." he ordered. He turned around as far as he manage and could see Dean lying on the floor beaten to a pulp. They had no time to waste; the first incantation had taken effect and Walden had been freed. Ethan was growling and fell to his knees as the spirit of Oscar Walden emerged raging from the little boys body.

Sam had seen plenty of angry spirits before, ones that were capable of a lot but this had to be the strongest he'd ever seen. When Emma came back he grabbed the book from her and began the second part of his plan. She sat on the floor behind Sam and used her body to prop him up, knowing instinctively that he was struggling to keep his strength.

Ethan had fallen to the ground now, his little body free but spent by the ordeal. Momentarily able to collect his thoughts Dean ignored the pounding in his head and the ache in his ribs. Until Sam could finish the next reading, he was all that stood between them and Walden. He felt no pain or fear, just the sweet release of adrenaline in his system. He rose to his feet and now that he was no longer facing a child he felt the fight come back to him. He looked at Walden through slitted eyes filled with hatred. He was one ugly bastard and Dean felt familiar rage as he thought of the man's hands on Holly. "We got a score to settle."

Walden had recovered from the shock of being released back into the role of a spirit and looked over at Dean with something akin to glee in his eyes. His hand raised and without touching him he grabbed Dean by the throat and pulled him off his feet laughing. Dean's feet kicked and he grimaced, tightening his neck muscles as much as he could to take the strain off his windpipe. He could hang on all night, if that's what it took, he thought. Anything to get one over on this prick.

Hearing his brother finally go silent however, he knew he wouldn't have to.

The air changed yet again and he closed his eyes as the sudden gust of wind threw dust into them.

"Get your Goddamn hands off my man."

The voice was unmistakable. Dean opened his eyes and looked over Walden's shoulder. He'd known this moment was coming but had not expected the feelings that washed over him. Holly was stood in the centre of the circle that they had painted on the ground earlier. His chest tightened and it was nothing to do with the fact he was being half strangled. Holly was wearing the same nightdress she had been wearing when she'd died. This time though, there was no blood on it and her body was whole. Her long brown hair billowed around her and she looked overwhelmingly beautiful. He forgot what was happening for an instant as he took a second to think about how much he longed to touch her again.

Emma's heart was pounding so hard she thought her chest would explode. Having done what he had to do Sam was barely conscious and she had his head cradled in her lap, absent-mindedly stroking the hair away from his face. Oh God...she couldn't believe that she was looking at her sister again. But there she was; not Hayley, not Holly, just a vision of power and serenity.

Walden dropped Dean who fell to his feet with a thud. Slowly the killer turned around with wide eyes at the voice that was so familiar to him. "You?!"

Holly's apparition walked toward him "I would say 'in the flesh' but we both know that if that were true I wouldn't be able to do this." Throwing back an arm she punched him in the face.

If Dean had been able to, he would have laughed out loud. Damn, even dead she was a firecracker!

Walden screamed and went to retaliate but she flickered out of sight for a brief moment, reappearing behind him. She took him by the throat and turned him to face her. "You're done with hurting people Oscar, I've come to send you home." His eyes narrowed but she remained calm.

Shadows flickered around the room and Dean frowned as he watched them come to life all around them. There was a hissing sound that seemed to permeate the air and he put his hands over his ears. The noise got louder and he saw genuine fear in Walden's eyes.

"They've come for you Oscar." Holly said releasing him. taking a few paces backwards. "You put me through hell all those years, now it's your turn. Somehow though, I doubt you'll be coming back."

The air suddenly exploded and Emma leant over Sam to protect him from the blast all around them. Once it had gone quiet again, she looked down at him, he was hanging in there, barely.

She looked up and saw her sister bent over the body of her son, still lying unconscious on the ground in a foetal position. There was a look of regret in Holly's eyes as she laid a hand over his head. She knew she couldn't touch him but the look said she wanted to with all her soul.

Dean, had crouched down during the explosion, but now he stood up once more, taking his hands from his ears.

He looked over at Holly with the son she'd never known and felt something in him break. It destroyed him that she hadn't had a better life; free of torture, pain and evil. She'd deserved a life with a real husband and kids that she could love and hold. Dean was sorry once more that he hadn't been able to give her that.

She stood up slowly and turned to him. She looked at peace for the first time but she was still his Holly and he felt himself falling in love all over again. "You did it Dean. Thank you."

He felt tears sting his eyes and his throat choke up, but he smiled anyway "It was all you Holly."

She smiled back but there was sadness there."Don't underestimate yourself Dean, you always did." Her hand went to his face and he could almost feel it. "My little boy's going to do some amazing things with his life because of you."

He glanced at Ethan and frowned. "How do you know that?"

"Because I know you. You'll look out for him the same as you do for Sam. You don't have to be his father to teach him how to be a man. "

"Holly, I..."

"Dean, don't. We said our goodbyes remember? The one thing I've learnt is; with us it's never the end."

A tear escaped from one of his eyes as he looked at the only woman he knew he would ever love. She was right. Again. She flickered again and glanced over at Sam "Your brother needs you now Dean. It's time to put your game face back on and do what you do best."

He sniffed, nodding briefly.

In an instant she was gone.

Taking a second to collect his thoughts, he ran a hand down his face feeling it come away wet. He'd lost her again and the pain was overwhelming. He wanted to be with her so badly it physically hurt. He couldn't give in to it though, he had to be strong, as always. It was his burden and he accepted it without question.

Finally, ignoring the pain in his chest. he took a deep breath. "It's ok, Sammy." he shouted. "I'm coming. I'll get you out of there."