The UncrediBALLs(sly gets magic powers)


sly and bently were playing SUPERMAN RETURNS╝ for the XBOX 360╝.

"wow, this piece of shit fucking blows a hard one." murry said.

"murry fuck you, the only time you should say anyhting is whan we make you mad and you try and kill sly." benlt said.

"I should have super powre. this is suck!!" sly said.

"yeeeees. me to." myrrre said

? showed up on the screen.

"? what is that ? doing on the fucking screen." sly said.

neyla knocked on the door.

"whant the fuck are you doing here?" sly said.

"you want super powers i will give you super powers.

"i want powers please deliver." benyly said.

"just inject this into your ass." neyla said as she inhected sly and bently and murry.

"you got balls." neyla said.

"ehhh!?!?!?!? murry has no balls." sly said.


"no, that what super powers are called.


"go fighte crime.

they left and used there super powers. a telegraphing bitch came up to them.

"neyla want to see you faggots stop." telegrahing bitch said.

sly decimated him with destructor vision.

"HAHAHAHHAHA!" bently said.

"lets gooooooooooooooooooooo!" murry said.

They found nela.

"I have to tell you something bently and murry and sly. those super powers you got will kill you. because that super injection was also poison." neyla said.

Sly sneezed.


"You motherfucking bitch." bently said.

"the sneezing is just the 1st sign you will die. after this you will feel retarded, then your brain will melt and then you will get syfils and die." neyla siad.

"AAAAAAAAAAH!!!" murry said as he grabbed neyla.

"murry you retard. you got your gay dna all over her."

"I geuss we will kill her and dispose of the body." sly said.

"i'm not goin to let you kill me"neyla said.

sly stabbed his cane into neylas eysockets and tore her eyes out.

"AAAAAHHH!!"neyla said.

bently carved neyla up with his crossbow. murry tore all of her skin off by hand. she was profuselky bleeding everyweher.


"Yeeesss." murry said.

sly stabbed his cane and tore out a portion of neylas mussle tissue. he pulled neylas organs out. he took a rib and stabbed into neylas spine, paralyzing her.

"shes still alive. she could tell catmelra what happened." sly said.

"let's bury her." murry said.

They dug the grave. they rolled neyla into it.

"don't nooooooooooooo!" neyla said as they buried her. she suffocated on the dirt and died.

the days passed.

"well I guess neyla was just kidding wabout the dying." sly said.

"heh heh hehhh." Murry said.

"heh heh hehhh." sly said.

"heh heh hehhh." bently said.

"ha ha ha"sly said.


"hahahha.."sly said.

"hahahha.."bently said.

"ha ha ha"sly said.

"ha ha ha" benyle said.

"ha ha ha"sly said.