To Get to Your Time

Chrysolite Heart

Ok, well first of all, there's no real pairing in this. The two main characters are basically Sesshomaru and Kagome though. This is all basically just humor on what extent Sesshomaru will go to to find out about Kagome's time. The idea just came to me as I was walking home the other day from school and I thought it was funny so this is all really just for a laugh. If you have extra time take the time to read it. Now then, on with it! Enjoy!

"It looks like it's going to rain," Kagome observed as she looked up at the quickly clouding sky.

"So? What's a little rain going to do to you?" Inuyasha demanded.

"Well, we could catch a cold," Miroku stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. (Actually, it kinda is the most obvious thing in the world…LOL)

"Feh, you weak humans are so annoying," Inuyasha complained.

"Inuyasha…" Kagome began to say warningly. Inuyasha knew if he kept up the attitude he was going to get a big "sit" so he shut up and instead said.

"Well, it is going to rain and I see a cave up ahead, we can stay there until the storm passes," he muttered.

"Where?" Shippou demanded, leaping up into Kagome's arms.

"Right there," Kagome said, pointing the large cave out in the distance.

"How do we know there's nothing in there though?" Sango asked.

"Because I'd be able to smell it," Inuyasha replied.

"He has a point," Miroku pitched in. Sango shot him a death glare before sighing.

"Alright, let's go," she decided and the group trudged onward towards the cave as lightening began to fill the sky.


"Sesshomaru-sama, look it might rain soon!" Rin wailed as she pointed up at the cloudy sky. Sesshomaru's face remained masked.

"Would you like to stay out of the rain?" he asked the little girl. Rin nodded.

"Rin doesn't like the rain very much," she told him.

"Silly girl, as if Sesshomaru-sama would stop just for you!" Jaken yelled at the girl. Rin's eyes filled with tears.

"Jaken," Sesshomaru said the little frog demon's name.

"Um, yes milord?" he asked.


"Yes, of course milord!" Rin's face broke into a smile again and she quickly skipped after her lord Sesshomaru.

"Wait for me!" she called. Sesshomaru pointed out a cave in the distance.

"That is where we will stay until the storm passes," Sesshomaru decided.

"Good choice milord," Jaken complimented, beaming.

"It was the only choice," Sesshomaru told him.

"Oh, yes of course," Jaken agreed, sighing. Sesshomaru paid him no attention and they start heading towards the cave in the distance.

Thunder clapped loudly and Kagome winced as she set up the fire.

"See, aren't you glad we decided to stay in this cave?" Kagome asked Inuyasha who didn't reply.

"Yeah, whatever," he muttered.

"Kagome, this is amazing, what is it?" Sango asked, watching in wonder as Kagome pulled out a lighter from her bag and made the fire from the wood they had found already in the cave.

"It's called a lighter," Kagome explained.

"Another device from your time?" Miroku inquired.

"Yes, it's from my time," Kagome answered.

"From your time?" a voice asked and several heads turned to look at the figure that was now entering the cave.

"Sesshomaru," Inuyasha growled.

"I have no interest in playing any sword games with you today, so don't cause me any trouble," Sesshomaru told his little half-brother.

"Huh!" Inuyasha said, turning away.

"Rin, go sit by the fire," Sesshomaru commanded at the little girl who was peaking at the large group of people from behind Sesshomaru. She smiled up at Sesshomaru and replied.

"Yes, Sesshomaru-sama!" and quickly took a seat beside Kagome. Sesshomaru also took a seat, a little bit farther away from the group of humans and the little kistune who sat with Kagome before asking.

"So, tell this Sesshomaru-sama about your time," he ordered to Kagome. Kagome gulped.

"Oh, did I say time? I meant…um place!" Kagome chirped, blushing red. It was obvious what everyone was thinking around her. Kagome is a horrible liar…

"Oh, really?" Sesshomaru asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes!" Kagome replied.

"This Sesshomaru would like to ask questions about this place Kagome comes from," Sesshomaru stated. Kagome gulped.

"Um, sure! Ask me anything you want," Kagome said nervously. Oh boy…

"What does your place look like?"

"Well there are buildings and…"

"What are buildings?"

"They're um…"

"What do your people dress like?"

"Well we all dress differently but there are lots of people who dress the way I'm dressed now," Kagome answered.


"Yes, very many," Kagome replied cheerfully.

"Does it not bother anyone that the way you dress is no different than not wearing anything at all?" Sesshomaru asked. (No, that was no sort of flame to Kagome in case anyone wanted to know. I just thought it would be a humorous question so don't get me wrong) Kagome blushed again as she realized that the way she was dressed didn't exactly match the way everyone else was dressed.

"Well, it's normal in my ti—I mean place," Kagome responded quickly.

"But you are no longer in the place you come from, so why do you not dress like everyone else?"

"It gives me a sense of individuality, that's all!" Kagome declared.

"How do you get to your place?" Sesshomaru inquired. Kagome gulped again and felt her sweat drop.

"Um, it's a very long process…" she began to lie.

"You must show this Sesshomaru," he ordered.

"Um, maybe some other time," she suggested, chuckling nervously.

Sesshomaru continued to ask questions until the storm finally passed and the two groups separated to go their own ways, but Sesshomaru wasn't through with Kagome's "place" discovering yet. He silently followed Inuyasha and his gang for several days, undetected. They eventually led him back to a small village and the bone-eater's well. He watched from the bushes as Kagome waved good-bye and jumped into the well. He was about to come out from his hiding spot when something the monk said caught his attention.

"Well, Kagome's off to her own time again," Miroku sighed.

"Yes, I wonder when she'll be back this time," Sango wondered.

"Feh, if she doesn't get back I'll get her. No need to worry," Inuyasha replied.

"You're so lucky you can get through to Kagome's time, I want to go to Kagome's time!" Shippou complained.

"Too bad brat," Inuyasha responded.

"Well, shall we go back to the village now?" Miroku suggested.

"Yes, there's no point in staying here," Sango agreed. Kirara also meowed in agreement.

"Fine, sounds good to me," Inuyasha decided and the troop marched back to Kaede's village. When Sesshomaru was sure they were gone he stepped out of his hiding place and walked towards the well. He had seen Kagome jump into it yet when he looked down the well there was no trace of Kagome anywhere.

"To her own time, huh?" Sesshomaru said, repeating the earlier conversation he had just overheard. He thought about it for only a moment when he realized that Kagome must travel through the well to reach her own time. Which was likely why the aura of time around her is so different from other people, he continued to think. This is very interesting…and only Inuyasha seems to have the power to pass through the well. Well, if Inuyasha can pass through it then I can too, Sesshomaru decided. He made his decision then and there. He leaped into the well with a sounding "heeyah!"

From Kaede's village, Inuyasha's sensitive ears picked up onto the sound of Sesshomaru's yelling voice but thought nothing of it.

Sesshomaru landed with a thud at the bottom of the well. Nothing happened. He saw Rin and Jaken look down at him from the top of the well.

"Sesshomaru-sama, are you alright?" Rin asked worriedly. Sesshomaru looked down at the dirt beneath his feet that Kagome had somehow managed to pass through. He didn't reply.

"Sesshomaru-sama?" came Jaken's squeaky annoying little voice next. He dusted himself off and jumped out of the well.

"I'm fine," he grunted. And with that he strode away. I wasn't really all that interested anyway…


LOL, well it didn't exactly turn out as funny as I wanted it too but I still thought it was amusing. Let me know what you guys thought. And that comment about Kagome was not a flame or anything; I just thought it would make the story a little more humorous. R&R plz! I'd love to hear…read some feedback on this.