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The meeting of three great heroes – Part 12

Raven is about to use her magic against the Huntsclan. "Azarath. Metrion. Zi..." Some green blob hite her face preventing her from finishing her spell.

"Nice try." The Huntsmaster says. "But Slade and Brother Blood warned me about that power of yours."

"Slade and Brother Blood, together?" Robin asks in surprise.

"Not that you'll live enough to think about that." The Huntsmaster adds with an evil smirk.

Meanwhile, at the hotel the Fentons and the Tennysons are registered in, Ben and Grandpa Max are running their way out the hotel.

"Hurry, Ben." Max says. "We must rescue your cousin Gwen. And I know who can help us."

Unbeknownst to the male Tennysons, Danny Phantom overheard this. Could it be the work of the same people who kidnapped Jazz? The Ghost boy thought. I could ask for that dragon's help but as far as I know he could be anywhere in this town. Danny decides to phase his way into the Tennyson van.

"Grandpa, who are we gonna get help from?" Danny hears Ben ask.

"Back on my days as a plumber, I went to New York to investigate rumors about a blue dragon." Max explains. Who would call a plumber because of this? Danny thinks as he keeps listening. "I've alread read some myths about dragons being responsible for keeping the balance between magical creatures and human beings. My investigations back then led me to believe these rumors to be true. And I still believe them. When you told me the name of the store owned by your new friend's grandfather it made me believe that dragon still lives here."

"Grandpa, Jake Long doesn't look like a dragon." Ben says.

"Ben, according to my studies, dragons can take human forms." Ben's Grandpa explains.

"I wish I could find Danny Phantom to help us." Ben says.

"You wish became true." Danny says as he becomes visible.

"Danny Phantom, what are you doing here?" Ben asks, surprised.

"I believe whoever is responsible for kidnapping your cousin is also responsible for kidnapping my sister." Danny explains.

"We'd like to help but first you have to tell who would do it to her." Grandpa Max explains.

"Fine, I think I must reveal my secret to you." Danny says as he changes back to human mode, surprising Ben and Max.

Meanwhile, at Lao Shi's shop, Jake, Trixie and Spud arrive to talk about Haley and Susan.

"Young dragon, what's the reason for such a hurry?" Lao Shi asks.

"This." Jake answers as he shows the ransom note. His friends and his grandpa are visibly shocked.

Lao Shi mumbles something in some language. "This is what I feared the most. That potion the Huntsgirl poured on you not only prevents you from using your powers but also enabled the Huntsclan to locate you."

"Oh, when I get them, I will..." Jake says until he's interrupted by Fu Dog.

"Easy down, kid." The six-hundred-year-old Sharpei says. "You're in no condition to do anything. Perhaps you could get some help from Danny Phantom or that Ben guy you met the other day."

"Fu, there's no time for this." Jake says in desperation. "They won't simply knock on our door."

At this very moment, the Tennyson van parks in front of Lao Shi's store.

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