Anthem of Our Dying Day

The rain dribbled down from the gutters splashing the blond haired Nobody, but he didn't really mind; water was his element, after all... "The sky's crying for them..." Demyx observed quietly.

"How very poetic, Number IX, so very like you." Demyx jumped at the unseen voice and whirled around... Not a lot of Nobodies would come out in this weather except for...

"Oh. Hey, Xaldin." Demyx greeted less enthusiastically than usual, which Xaldin didn't find at all surprising considering what had just been revealed to them... All but one of the members posted at Castle Oblivion had met their end... "It's going to be so different now that they're all gone. What's gonna' happen to all of Vexen's experiments in the basement? Lexaeus' equipment? Marluxia's greenhouse? Zexion's books?"

"I'm sure the Superior will find good uses for them." Xaldin stated calmly and concisely, the wind blowing the rain away from him.

"And what about us? There's only a little more than half of us left..." Demyx mused somberly... "Our Organization's falling apart..."

"I too, fear that this Organization is to be sundered…" Xaldin replied solemnly, "But I will remain loyal to it and fight until the end."

Demyx looked at the Lancer, at his fierce warlike expression, his confident stance. This man was a warrior. Demyx wasn't. He was an entertainer, he always had been… "I'll do my best too."

"Then all is as it should be. Come, there is much work to be done." Xaldin beckoned, turning away and heading back towards the castle.

"When we get our hearts back, do you think we'll cry over them?" Demyx had remarked idly, kind of as a parting thought.

"I will." Xaldin replied, continuing to move onwards toward the castle, "But for now we have to achieve that goal."

"I will too." Demyx nodded and followed the warrior, "And I'll fight 'til my dying day so I can cry again."